Possum grapes

by Carinna


Well, it’s that time of year again…When the possum grapes are ripe and
just begging to be picked.
They were more than abundant this year. I mean there were SO many grapes
on this one tree we didn’t even bother looking for more.
Granddad said, “In my short life I’ve never seen so many possum grapes in one place so thick and big!” Now that is saying something.

In case you don’t know what possum grapes are…you could look it up…

…or I could just be nice and just tell you. :D They are small, black, wild grapes. They grow in Oklahoma and Texas, and you can find them climbing up trees on the the side of the county roads, or along fence rows…etc. I’ve always been told the reason they’re called possum grapes is, they are about the size of a opossum’s eye. True or not. That’s the story. :D

This year Grandpa, Granddad, Charity, Maggie, Benjamin, and I
loaded up and hit the prime spot.
We put the ladder in the back of the trailer to help with the height factor.

The first of many bags.

Don’t we look so well balanced?
Truth is we were going, “Bump. Whoa!!!” snip “You’re shaking the trailer!” snip “Oops! Open the bag a little more.” snip-Shaking. “Whoa!” “If only my arms were longer”…snip-streeeetch-snip…"If this branch broke I’d be a goner!” snip “Almost”…snip “Whew! got ‘em.”

Once the picking escapade was done, we got a few reinforcements and started picking them off the vines. :)

Benj toughed out the poison ivy.
You really can’t tell but his arm was really swollen.

And no, Abbie wasn’t skipping out on all the fun. She was upstairs studying very hard for her CNA class she has been going through the past 2 weeks.

Next we washed, boiled, and pressed them.

Then turned the juice in to jelly. Overall we used around 30lbs. of sugar!

It took us an afternoon and the next morning.
We made 10 batches. Which equaled 50 pints.


Just one piece of homemade bread (or maybe two or three) with
this smothered on it, and it makes all the pain worth it!

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Happy Birthday, Hannah!

by Burnett Family


Hannah and Dustin and June BugHannah and Dustin and June Bugdsc_0312hannah

HannahHannahHannah making quilt with GRannyHannah's Baby ShowerHannah and AbbieDSC_0058DSC_0110

A book that has influenced Hannah is:

Tortured for Christ- Richard Wurmbrand


We love you so much, Hannah! Happy 26th Birthday!! (sorry it’s late!)

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Trip Up North!

by Charity


A trip with family, to see family! Oh yeah!
Our whole family (with the exception of Caleb who was working) piled in our van to drive a total of 32.5 hours over 6 days to visit friends in Illinois and Iowa, then to Minnesota to see Hannah and her family, then to see our next of kin, then back home!
First, our Aunt and Uncle were so sweet to let us crash at their house Monday night and leave early on Tuesday!

We visited the Ferraro family in Illinois and they served us a delicious lunch!

Then we drove to Iowa to spent two nights with the Bontrager family! We always come away so encouraged and refreshed!Charity and Maggie
We played some super fun games of Rapid Recall! Competitive.

We got a tour of their dairy farm for the first time! It was fun to see what life is like on their farm when they aren’t on the road singing!

We always like to sneak in a good game of volleyball when we can.

After an absolutely wonderful time with them…
Then we finally made it up to see this cute little guy!

We took advantage of the beautiful weather, soft grass, and our family being together and played a tournament of bean bag toss!

We played games, talked, ate homemade pizza, talked, snuggled Evan, you get the idea…just being family!!
always gotta play some 42

Grandparenting at it’s best!

Friday night we visited the Dorninks (aka-next of kin) and had a great time with them as usual! =D

We are so grateful for all the wonderful hospitality and encouraging fellowship!
We hope to see all these wonderful faces again soon!

Until next time…

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Need some encouraging fellowship…?

by Charity


The ATI connections team is making their way around the U.S.

If you are needing encouragement or fellowship with other families, this is a great way to be able to connect with others in your area, get up to date with what’s happening at IBLP and be challenged with messages by Chris Hogan, Gary Fraley, the Wallers and Gabe Cleator!

Go check their schedule, see if they will be in your area, and put it on your calendar!


We highly recommend you go, you will be blessed!

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Thinking of Grandma…

by Abbie


It’s hard to believe that it’s coming up on a year (Sept. 24th) since Grandma went to heaven. If you remember from last year, Grandma was working on making each of the granddaughters a butterfly quilt…using hankies as the butterflies. DSC_0074
We have some precious memories of us all working together to stich on the butterflies in the months before she died…

She passed away before the project was completed, but thanks to our Aunt Jackie, who took the initiative to get them all put together and finished, the quilts were all completed and presented to us at our family reunion in June.



What a special treasure!!!

We will hang Grandma’s own butterfly quilt in Grandpa’s new bedroom. He will be moving in, in just a couple of weeks!

We are thinking of, and missing her a lot, and as we approach the day she died, I am reminded of the words that she left us with – and that is what I’ll leave you with today:

STAY FAITHFUL! (full of faith)

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