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‘Tis the Season


Our family LOVES this time of the year!

Happy Fall Ya'll!

Just want you to know, this picture doesn’t do justice to our legendary pile of leaves. It was HUGE! ;)

Benjamin Maggie

Charity will demonstrate one way to do it…





"This is how you jump correctly"

A few neighbor kids came over and joined us in the raking and jumping party!

Thanksgivin` Yum!

We are blessed. Thank You, Lord.


Almost all of the cousins made it to Thanksgiving at Grandma’s! We were only missing two in this picture. Food, games, food, sleep, hunting, food, games, egg nog, food….

crazy cousins

Is there any such thing as cousins who aren’t CrAzY?

Charity and Abbie

Charity and Abbie making pear sauce out of Highway 59 pears. :) This stuff is really yummy!

Cousin Mat, Abbie, Caleb

Ducks! (Pre-jerky)


Carinna’s “button buck” – we eat a lot of venison around here.

Abbie, Hannah, Charity

Anybody else like to switch out their wardrobes when the weather changes?? It’s always a much-anticipated event for us girls.

Hannah Abbie

Down came the fall decor and up went the Christmas tree, the day after Thanksgiving! By the way, the tree isn’t bent. I was tipping the top section over so I could wire the bow on. :)

Look forward to more Christmas happenings…it’s a full, fun, and blessed time of year for the Burnetts!

Dad in the leaves

The End.


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My Asia Trip – Part 3


Read the first two reports here: Part 1 and Part 2.

As soon as the ATI conference ended on Nov. 6, we drove a couple hours north to Kuala Lumpur (KL), the capital of Malaysia.

Mary and I stayed together with the Peh family who were wonderful hosts! They have 5 children who range in age from 10 to 20. We had SO much fun together, and really encouraged each other in the Lord. I was especially challenged by the passion with which they live for eternity!


Tracey Peh

 Hannah's Asia trip

Marie and Evangelina ("Van")

Marie and Van

Be careful, though – they aren’t all as sweet as they look. :) And don’t believe everything they tell you about "cat’s eye tea", either.

 Making biscuits

Can imagine having never heard of biscuits and gravy?? I had a blast whipping up a bit of southern cuisine for them…

Baking biscuits

…which I really enjoyed eating. :)

Playing violin with Eunice

Eunice Peh has such a passionate, sincere heart for God. She and I talked into the early morning hours one night and had one of the most powerful times of prayer together that I have ever experienced!

After arriving in KL, we had two short days to rest and prepare before the mother/daughter conference started on the 9th.

Planning again

Making major alterations to the schedule


Around 100 moms and daughters attended, which was more than we expected! God did a mighty work in these two truth-packed days. I shared a testimony about the new victory I was experiencing over fear and lies, and then Michelle and Caitlin went more in-depth about how to overcome Satan’s lies (i.e. I am worthless, I am a failure, I am all alone, I am ugly, I can never measure up, etc.). The Holy Spirit began moving hearts, and with tears the moms and girls wrote down lies that they had been believing and literally threw them in the trash! "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John 8:32

The next day, we sensed the Lord rearranging the topics on our schedule. As we followed His leading, we saw Him show up again in a powerful way as Mary passionately shared about "wasting our lives at the feet of Jesus" like Mary of Bethany (John 12)! I realized in a greater way that it doesn’t matter how much we share, challenge, or plead with the girls – all is in vain unless the Lord moves their hearts by His power alone. I believe many victories were won in their lives!

Public transport

Other adventures in KL included riding public transportation and shopping at the night market where there are lots of creepy vendors who stare at you while you’re shopping, just waiting for you to look interested in their merchandise!

Pig's ear restaurant 

Another taste of local cuisine…including pig’s ear. It tasted really good, actually. I prefer it to the pig intestine and stomach that I tried another time. :)

Indian food

Indian food was my favorite! This dish, roti prata, was so delicious.


It seemed like there was always another exotic fruit to try. This one, called dragonfruit, was very good and had such a brilliant color!

Hannah with chopsticks

Some were quite impressed with my chopstick skills….thanks to all the Chinese meals we fix at home. ;)

Mary, Eunice, me, Tracey

After a super blessed time with the Pehs in KL, we said goodbye and took a short flight back to Singapore, where we reflected on what God had done and spent time with believers there.

 Curry soup

Me, Caitlin, Michelle, and Charissa enjoying curry soup (with NO fishballs!) at the mall on our last day in Asia.

"Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The LORD hath done great things for them. The LORD hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad. " Ps. 126:2-3

Flying back

Wow, it is good to be back home!! So many things are still stirring in my heart – lessons I learned, new ways God revealed Himself to me, zeal that has been rekindled – I pray that the Lord will root it all deep in my heart that I might grow in His grace.

I can’t say how much your prayers meant and what a difference they made. Thank you!! May you continue to lay up treasures in Heaven as you follow our Lord in this moment of time.

To God be the glory!


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My Asia Trip – Part 2


Read Part 1 here!

After being in Asia for nearly a week, we were very ready to get to work! The COMMIT team’s job was to run the girls’ program during the ATI family conference. Normally, we work with girls from ages 12-15, but this time we had 6-15 year olds! As you can imagine, we encountered a host of obstacles with attention spans, how we presented our sessions (6 yr. olds learn different than 15 yr. olds!), handling behavior issues, and so on. It was more like an all-girl C.I. with only 7 small group leaders and 2 assistants for 90 girls! Although it was definitely chaotic at times, the Lord gave grace and creativity for each step. Most importantly, we shared many vital truths with them such as delighting in the special ways God made you, knowing how much He loves you, becoming good friends with your siblings, what true salvation means, and more.

One of my jobs was to lead the girls in memorizing 1 John 4:16-19. On the last day, they quoted the passage with hand motions for all the parents and did GREAT! I know that even if they forget who we are or the lessons we taught, the Word they have hidden in their hearts will not be in vain.

Angel and others 

I was also in charge of coordinating the special interest groups where the girls got to do something hands-on…


Card-making was very popular. I came home with several cards and pictures the girls made for me. :)

Doing hair

The hair-do group – what girl doesn’t like to get her hair done??


Drawing – there were quite a few little artists!


Knitting was a big hit! We also had groups for games, drama, and choir.

Large group

Large group session

Coloring foolish board

One afternoon, we took all the girls to the park where the boys’ program was going on. We got to play lots of outdoor games and learn valuable lessons from each one.


Wild monkeys live in the park and come around whenever they smell anything like food. So guess what happened when we pulled out bunches of bananas for snack? The monkeys surrounded the pavilion. Girls began screaming. We told them to just gather in the middle and sit down. They screamed some more. We told them to hurry and eat their bananas so the monkeys would go away. Little girls began stuffing bananas in their mouths and the chaos continued. Made for some hysterical memories. ;)

Bus ride

These girls and I sang song after song on the bus ride back…a special highlight for sure!

Angel and I

She was my favorite. :)

Team leaders

Our amazing leadership team!! Each one played a vital part in sowing seeds in the hearts of these young girls. Eternity will tell the fruit that God will bring forth!

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My Asia Trip – Part 1


Hi! I’m back home. :) Thank you so very much for holding me up in prayer during my time in southeast Asia. I stand amazed at all that God did and hope to give you a glimpse of His mighty work!

October 27 – the COMMIT team (Mr. and Mrs. Reed, Michelle, Caitlin, Mary, and myself) met up in California and traveled overseas together.

3 at SF airport

Me, Caitlin, and Mary, ready to board the plane in San Francisco! The longest leg of the trip was the 14-hour flight to Hong Kong. It wasn’t too bad, but I can’t say I’m a big fan of airplane food. :-S

Once there, we spent several days in Singapore recovering from jetlag, touring the botanical gardens, shopping in Chinatown, and preparing for the first conference to be held the next week.

Bedroom view

View from my bedroom window

Orchid gardens



Shopping in Chinatown

Drinking coconut

FRESH coconut juice

Hannah's Asia trip

Thomas and Pamela Teh were the coordinators of our entire trip. They took such good care of us! God is using their godly influence to disciple many Asian families.

View from bridge

Singapore is a very successful, clean, organized country – in some ways it seemed a lot like America.

Breakfast with Charissa

Charissa (daughter of our host family), Caitlin, and I enjoying breakfast at a "hawker center"…sort of like an outdoor food court.


Michelle, Mary, and Caitlin – after doing so much planning via email, it was good to finally sit down together and work through lots of details in person!


On November 1, we took this bus from Singapore to Malacca, Malaysia where the ATI family conference would be held – about a 5-hour drive.

Wrong side of road

It took a little time to get used to driving on the left side of the road!


Alan, a local from the area, took our team on a historic tour of Malacca in this little van.

Fortress view

The view from the top of the fortress was incredible!

Me and cowboy hat

This was the closest thing to home I could find :)

Emma and durian

I had heard lots of things about the legendary fruit of durian. Finally, I got a chance to try it for myself. Imagine a combination of slimy gooey-ness, a taste like onions and something kind of rotten, and a very unpleasant smell…and you have durian. I did manage to swallow it, but my first bite was my last bite!

Eating durian

Alan wasn’t worried that we didn’t like his favorite fruit – he had no problem finishing it off for us. :)

Alan's meal

He treated us to his favorite local restaurant where we had coffee that would put Starbucks out of business! So delicious.

Islamic museum

It was certainly different to see such a large Muslim presence. Hearing the Muslim prayer calls from the mosques made it very real! May the Lord send forth laborers into this harvest that so needs the Light of Christ.

Muslim school kids

Muslim school kids touring the historic buildings

At this point in the trip, a lot of fears that I thought I had dealt with before began resurfacing in my heart. Speaking, teaching, and leading are comfort-zone stretchers for me, and the other girls on our core team seemed to have it all together. I felt like the "weakling" and was frustrated that I was still battling fear in this area. Fear always stems from a lie, and the main untruth I was believing was that it was about ME… and whether I was good at speaking, whether I had an outgoing personality, whether I could come up with good ideas for our lessons, whether it all came as naturally for me as it did for the other girls, etc.. All of this became very overwhelming, and combined with the drastic changes of experiencing so many new things in a new country, I had a major meltdown!! Michelle listened as I sobbed my way through everything, and gently shared God’s TRUTH with me. After that, I began to listen….not to people’s opinions or Satan’s deceitful whispers, but to the LORD’S voice as He spoke His truth to my heart! I praise Him for another breakthrough in my journey to walking fearlessly in all that He calls me to do.

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Eph. 5:20



fall leaves

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