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Spring Break


Happy spring!!!



Be prepared for LOTS of pictures from this past week!

Last Monday, most of the family went up to my Granny and Granddad’s house till Wednesday, then everyone went home except Carinna, Benjamin and I. We hauled lots of hay, hauled and split wood, and had a fantastic time!


2nd cousin

 2nd cousin
The cutest 2nd cousins EVER!!


Because of the fire-ban, we roasted our wieners in the fireplace.


cousin cooking chilli
    Cousin makin’ chili for the hot dogs. 


We ate four 9×13 pans of different desserts, plus root beer floats and ice-cream!!!!!!

Abbie at the top 

This is Abbie at the top of the windmill. (We’ve done this many, many times!)

playing fun games

Fun fellowship and games!!

the bull 


  The big… and the little.


Benjamin petting Penny.

 mandy and maggie

kisses (wink) 

Charity, Carinna, and I have all “tamed/claimed” a cow from my Granddad’s herd. This is “mine” – I call her Mandy. Isn’t she pretty? I love her to death. I’m not really touching her with my mouth, it’s just the angle, though I do kiss her. (just not on her nose/mouth =)

Mandy's brother cute! 

The most adorable calves in the world! The left picture is of is Mandy’s little brother.


Nesting at the fullest.
(The calf in the background is Mandy’s)

 feed time

    You have to watch your back when you’ve got a bucket of feed!


There was a small fire in one of the pastures, but the fire was burning against the wind, Praise the Lord!

 no fire

We are so thankful for the firefighters coming so quickly, and the fire was put out with little work!




This is a called a bad hair day!

We had such a fun time on our spring break, hope ya’ll did to!


Happy spring everyone!!!

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Fun at the Zoo


We had fun getting to go to the Oklahoma City zoo with some friends of ours the Elliotts, Chathams, and Gloria Fagala!

dsc_0193 copy

Some of the kids

dsc_0167 copy

I think these little red pandas are so cute.


dsc_0284 copy 

Brenna C., Emma E., and Maggie


 dsc_0123 copy


 dsc_0306 copy

Carinna, Gloria F., and Maggie



We had fun getting this buck to charge at us!


dsc_0309 copy

The girls


dsc_0159 copy


dsc_0316 copy 

The guys


dsc_0348 copy


dsc_0294 copy


“You are worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power;
For You created all things, and by Your will they exist and were created.”
Revelation 4:11

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Drawing lessons



Several months ago, Mom bought a DVD on how to draw realistic portraits at Drawing Portraits from Photographs. Since then, Charity, Maggie, and I have gone through the entire DVD and these are the portraits that we have drawn.

The computer doesn’t do justice to how the portraits really look.


Maggie’s subject was Mom when she was 1 years old. Maggie enjoyed going through the lessons and I think she did a wonderful job on her portrait.



Charity’s subject was herself when she was 1 1/2 years old. Charity hasn’t done a whole lot of drawing recently so we were delighted that she went through the DVD with us! I think she did an excellent job!



My subject was a recent picture of Hannah. I enjoyed the DVD a lot!



We used some heavy sketch paper to draw the pictures, but are looking forward to using some smoother paper which will help with the graininess.

If you are interested in drawing portraits, we highly recommend this DVD!

~Carinna Burnett

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