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Jesus Christ


It’s always good to reflect and remember…especially the Cross and Resurrection of our Lord and Savior. I am reading through the end of all the gospels this week – the story of our redemption by God is so amazing and is an increasing treasure to my heart. You can’t ever think about the Gospel too much. It is our HOPE!

I encourage you to watch this short video to refresh your view of what the Gospel is all about. It’s worth every minute. May your eyes be turned upon Jesus and your heart filled with humble praise to our worthy Rescuer Who Lives!


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Abbie Grace




Abbie's cinnamon rolls

Duck Huntin'   

         A spires for excellence

B uilds up others

B ig party girl!    

                    I ntentionally pursues the Lord

                               E  ntertained by anything awkward :P


Happy 19th birthday, Abbie, from all of us!! We are so grateful for who you are and the very special blessing you are to each of us. May Jesus continue to reveal Himself to you in life-changing ways as you run after Him with all your heart! Love ya!!!

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Birthday time! :)



Charity Charity


C aring

H ates anything awkward

A vailable

R eady for outdoor adventures

I rresistible smile

T alks with God

Y ummy cookie maker

View Charity's Birthday

Happy 17th birthday from all of us, Charity!! We treasure you as part of our family, and you are an amazing “middle sister”. :) May your walk with Jesus this next year be the best you’ve ever experienced as He builds you up into a mighty woman of God. We love you!!!

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Big News for a Small Town



On Tuesday, as we were enjoying our afternoon, the town’s fire alarm sounded, and we started to smell something strange. Carinna went outside and announced that there was a fire!!!!! We went outside to see lots of black smoke. This building is about 2 blocks south of our house.


Burn Ban In Effect For Garvin County

Burn ban in effect for Garvin county.

Big Red

This gives me a greater appreciation for fire men! Thanks, guys.

Big Red

The little red fire engine.  :)


Some spectators across the street at the Barber shop. Oh, see that man in the suit – he is our great uncle’s niece’s husband, aka the funeral home director. Oh, and see the man in the overalls – he is our great aunt’s ex-husband’s cousin, aka the barber. I told you this was a small town. :)


This is looking back up the street towards our house. Major smoke!



This is the view from our yard.


The firemen had to tear down that metal, so they could spray inside and put it out.

2nd Fire

Then today, as we were enjoying our morning, the alarm went off again, and Hannah came in and said it looked like another building was on fire! This one is about 2 blocks from our house too, and on the other side of the block from the first fire! Wow!

2nd Fire

2nd Fire

This is was a little BBQ place.


On a lighter note, here is our cute dog. :)

On a serious note, we are in a record-breaking drought, which has been causing wild fires. Please pray with us for rain!

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