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Youngest and Oldest


The family was standing around the kitchen one evening getting ready to eat when someone asked if Carinna was taller than Hannah. (They were standing next to one another.) Dad went and got the level and said, “Yup! Look at the bubble. About half an inch!” Carinna has now passed Hannah in height! Wow! The youngest daughter is now the tallest daughter.  

Notice the bubble in the level.

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Blessed to have and be a Dad


I wouldn’t trade it for all the tea in China (and my wife really likes tea!); the privilege of being a father. It is a privilege indeed for you must be born a male, must have a consenting wife, and must have the blessing of the Sovereign God—our Heavenly Father. It is not something you can demand or make happen on your own.

Yet while many can be a father, it is an even greater privilege to have a dad. And what a dad I have, James Byford Burnett. He is in the later years of his life (God says if we get our three score and ten, we are doing well) as he is seventy-seven but still has the spunk to capture eight baby possums that recently invaded his garage, be at church every Sunday, walk the fence to check for water gaps, and invest love in his family.

I remember trips to the park, crawling up in his lap for a story, fishing, duck hunting, fence building, laying sod on a new pond dam, hearing him read the Bible to the family, watching him help a homeless person, him getting us a dog, beekeeping, him enduring my attempts to be a drummer, patience teaching me to drive, encouragement when I wanted to run track, faithfulness to the wife of his youth, wise counsel, and leading me to faith in Jesus.

The amazing thing is my dad’s dad died when my dad was only seven years old so he did not have a long time example of how to be a dad. Dad’s brother, Uncle Hack, was like a dad to him in many ways (that is who I am named after, John Haskell Burnett, II), and dad looked diligently to his Heavenly Father for the example he missed in his life.

So I have realized, there is no way I can be the father and dad I need to be alone. My Heavenly Father has allowed the precious wife of my youth to bless me with eight wonderful, God-fearing, forgiving children. I am a rich man indeed from my Heavenly Father, to my earthly father, to a self-sacrificing wife, to eight children who affectionately call me…Dad. I wouldn’t trade if for all the tea in China.

I hope any dads out there who read this have a blessed Father’s Day.

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The story of how the Mr. Ferdinand came to live with the Burnetts.


There was once a 14 year old girl who got carving tools for Christmas just like she wanted. After taking them back and pitching in some money, she got some better quality tools, and proceeded to buy some basswood.  She looked up instructional videos online and started carving. First, she carved some axes. Then she tried a little man, who turned out more like a children’s Bible story character than a simple Santa Claus.
With that success behind her, she was ready for her next project, another little fellow. After several mistakes, and hours and hours of trying to get everything just so, he was finally complete.


Mr. Ferdinand 

 Mr. FerdinandMr. FerdinandMr. Ferdinand  


She thought he’d look better with color, so she painted his coat, shoes, and eyes black, his hair and pants brown, his vest green, and his shirt ivory. He had so much more personality after she was done that her older sister said, “ You should name him!” She went around asking suggestions and finally decided on a name . . . . Mr. Ferdinand.

And that’s the story of how Mr. Ferdinand came to live with the Burnetts.

 Mr. Ferdinand painted

Mr. Ferdinand paintedMr. Ferdinand paintedMr. Ferdinand painted


This is the Bible character I told you about in the story.

Bible character Bible character

Did you know that God has His own carving project? ;) …

“For whom He did foreknow, He also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of His Son…”

Romans 8:29

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A Fun Girls Trip to Houston!


On Friday morning, Mom, Hannah, Charity, and I left to attend a wedding in Houston…and of course have some fun on the way! =) It was very special to have some Mommy/daughter time, I am so blessed!

Palm Tree

It was a pretty odd sight to these Okies, to see so many palm trees everywhere down there!


Charity, holdin’ down the back seat.


 Lunch time!

Lunch time at a rest stop.

Lunch time!


I LOVED the view of downtown Dallas. It looked so clean and professional!



 Very Cool!

Friday evening, after we unloaded our stuff at Pop and Nana’s house (they are our good friends’, grandparents), we drove down to Galveston, and saw these really cool buildings.

Moody Mansion 
Moody Mansion.

A Catholic Church 
A Catholic building.


Waiting for our supper 

We ate at a fun restaurant called “Fish Tales.” 

Yummy seafood :) 

They served delicious seafood! =) We got to sit outside on the 2nd floor balcony, overlooking the beach. You can barely see it in the back ground.

Sisters! =) 

After supper, we walked across the street to the beach, picked up seashells, and got our feet wet. :)



“How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God! how great is the sum of them!  If I should count them, they are more in number than the sand: when I awake, I am still with thee.” Psalm 139:17-18



Abbie and Hannah


Mom just stayed on the sand. :)

Bluebell Icecream =) 
When we got back to Houston, Pop and Nana treated us to Bluebell ice-cream. OH YUM!

Hannah, Mom, and Nana 
A late night of Scrabble.

Robert and Kendalyn Staddon 
The wedding on Saturday was beautiful, and very God-honoring! It is so fun to see the joy that comes, when you wait for God’s best! Thanks to Ben Gribaudo for the pictures!

A beautiful wedding!

We loved the rose petals! =) 
The kiss. ;)

Home sweet home!

Home again! I love to take trips! Hmmmmmm, where should we go next!?! =)

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The Revolving Door of Summer!


With all the comings and goings of the summer season in a big family, life surely is exciting!!

The crew that attended the Nashville conference last week (Abbie, Hannah, Caleb, and three friends) arrived home late on Saturday night. We had a w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l time serving in the various children’s programs throughout the week and saw God work in many ways. Here are a few pictures…

Nashville, here we come!!
Thanks to the guys for doing all the driving and praise the Lord for safety!…(not just because of the drivers.) ;)

One of the best things to do to keep from being bored in the car is to eat. :)
We made sure we were well stocked with snacks for road. ;)

Hannah speaking
I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to be able to share heart-to-heart with teenage girls about the life lessons God has taught me and give them hope in their struggles. It’s an amazing thing as I continue my journey of faith to be able to call back to them as a “big sister” and encourage them to keep pressing on in the Lord!

Would you like to sign up for CI?
The smiling registration team!

Abbie's team
Abbie and two other young ladies taught a group of 16 children for 3 days! She hopes to share more pictures with you soon. We met some really amazing friends that we hope to see again in the near future. :) :)

No sooner had we arrived home on Saturday night, when Dad and the twins took off for Hot Springs, AR on Sunday afternoon! The girls are accompanying him on a business trip and will have some free time together in between trainings. :) Benj also left to spend a night and day with friends in northwest Oklahoma.

Before the AR crew gets back on Wednesday, John-Clay will be flying out for a 4-week film trip! He’ll be meeting up with a team in Virginia, and then they will make their way through New York, Michigan, Colorado, Hollywood, Los Angeles, and probably more places, before arriving home in July. Please be in prayer for him – this is a great opportunity!

After we say “goodbye” to JC and “welcome home” to Dad and the twins, Mom, Charity, Abbie, and I will be driving down to Houston for the weekend to attend a special wedding! We are looking forward to spending quality mom & daughter time together and having LOTS of fun. :) Don’t worry, we’ll take pictures. ;)

So, that’s TWO weeks out of our summer, I’ll wait to fill you in on our other upcoming adventures as they get closer. Where are YOU traveling this summer?? Drop us a note if you want to stop by! We love company. :)

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