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Somebody is turning…


…12 years old today! Benj already started his morning with fruit loops and chocolate chip pancakes and is looking forward to a GREAT day! :) Enjoy the pictures and imagine what it would be like to be the youngest in a family of ten. =D And don’t forget to check out his “fun facts” at the end!

Playing “the violin” just like his older sisters. :)

Definitely ALL boy.

Such a gentleman - and still is!

Always up for something sweet ;) 

Entertainer expert...


Shoot them skeet, Benj! 

Fishing at Lake Okmulgee


Benjamin’s Fun Facts:

What is your favorite snack? Donuts

What is one characteristic of God He has most made known to you this year? Comfort

Name five things on your happy list: Food, family, rodeo, Legos, and friends

What is one thing you are really looking forward to the most this next year? My voice changing

If you could vacation anywhere you’ve never been…for a week, where would it be? Africa

Happy 12th birthday, Benjamin!! What a joy it is to see God shaping you into a godly young man. He has great plans in store for you, and we pray that you will seek Him more than ever before this next year of your life! Love you lots, buddy. :)

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January Life at the B’s


Nineteen days since our last blog post???? Please kindly ignore that fact. Actually, it doesn’t seem like we have had much of anything to post about – just normal life. :) So enjoy this random conglomeration of an update!

During Christmas and New Year’s, Dad re-did our kitchen floor using vinyl tiles.

Before (can you tell where our chairs have been? :)Kitchen floor redo


I’m so proud of my dad. Almost 15 years ago, he began remodeling this house that wasn’t even live-able. You wouldn’t be able to tell that if you walked in today! He has poured so much time, energy, and money into making it a HOME for us. Matter of fact, our house turned 100 years old in 2011! (We thought about having a celebration, but never got around to it. ;) Sure, there is always something more to fix and lots of “character” to the old place, but hey – that’s the fun of living in an old house, right? ;)

Delish with milk and coffee
More of Abbie’s delectable delights – homemade strawberry, butter cream, & chocolate donuts…YUM. Strawberry was the best. :)

Uncle Chris and Aunt Janis were at Grandma’s over the weekend, and we really enjoyed spending time with them!
Scrabble is a tradition with Uncle Chris
J-C and I competing with the Scrabble expert (aka: Uncle Chris).

Conclusion: I need to study more vocabulary words. :)

Aunt Janis, me, Carinna, Abbie, & Charity waiting a turn for one of our favorite Okie things to do…shoot guns. ;)

Charity and Carinna

Well, that’s all the randomness for now. Lord-willing, it WON’T be 19 days before we post again! :-/ God’s got some things stirring in my heart that I hope to write about soon.

Until then, keep loving Jesus!!

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Huntin’ in 2011


Three deer were harvested this year. Caleb killed two deer, a doe and a 93 pound, eight point buck, and I (Carinna) killed a 95 pound, eight point buck. My first buck! The difference was the size of the rack.: ) Unfortunately we didn’t get a picture of Caleb’s deer. Benjamin got a squirrel at my Grandparents on Thanksgiving. He’s pretty proud of it. We smoked it with the ham, and it was really good!

Carinna's first buck Benjamin's squirrel

Although deer season is over, duck season is in full swing.

Six ducks    Three ducks

Christmas duck.

As you can tell we like to hunt, and it makes for some good eatin’!

Happy New Year!

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