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Moving Out


Sooo…after 25 years of living all together as a family, John-Clay and Caleb have made the first move out! For quite some time, they have been looking around for a place more convenient for Caleb’s travel commute, and one that would provide them with a chance to start spreading their own roots. A duplex about 45 minutes away was God’s provision for them. It’s an exciting transition for sure, although the pain of change is sometimes hard – mostly because it will just never be the same again like it always was…
But hey, if you’re going to get to the next season in life, you have to start sometime, somewhere, somehow! :)

Moving is never a small task, even if you don’t have a ton of stuff to move. The guys have been coming home at least on the weekend – whether to see us or to get a home-cooked meal, I’m not sure. ;)

I spy a Pendragon poster...

The house still had a strong smoke smell from previous renters, so Abbie, Charity, and Maggie went up for about 5 hours one Saturday and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned…scrubbed ALL the woodwork (including all the cabinets!) inside AND out, vacuumed, mopped, organized, cleaned the bathroom, put up curtains,…they cleaned from top to bottom, literally! Needless to say, the guys were super blessed by their huge help!

Cleaning out from top to bottom!

Ab was determined to get that whole cabinet scrubbed out…

Enjoy the spiders, Ab.

The duplex is actually really cute nice. ;) Us girls would have no problem coming up with all kinds of ideas for decorating and making it homey.

By the way, we just returned from the Big Sandy ATI conference – it was amazing!! We’ll look forward to sharing about that soon. J-C just got back from an amazing weekend at the World Changers’ Summit, so all of us girls and Benj (the new man of the house!) are going up to hang out at the guys’ place tonight to catch up on everything with each other. It’s going to be a blast. :)

And yes, we are bringing them supper. ;)

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Abbie’s 20th Birthday!!!


Abbie and Matthew at CI



Abigail and Abbie


Abbie and Caleb


Abbie’s  Fun Facts:

What is your favorite snack? popcorn and honey nut chex mix

What is one characteristic of God He has most made known to you this year? His self-less love

Name five things on your happy list: Hugs, a white Christmas, when our family is ALL together, riding barefoot on the tail-gate of a pick-up truck, sunflowers

What is one thing you are really looking forward to the most this next year? Going on trips :)

If you could vacation anywhere you’ve never been…for a week, where would it be? Alaska?

Happy happy birthday, Abbie! May the Lord abundantly bless you this next year with many exciting adventures and opportunities to share His love with others. What a joy it is to have you in our family! We love you so much!!! <3

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Charity’s 18th Birthday!




Beautiful smile.

Charity’s Fun Facts:

What is your favorite snack? Cheez-its or chocolate chips-peanut butter-and molasses-all mixed up!

What is one characteristic of God He has most made known to you this year? "…He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him."

Name five things on your happy list:  Gerber daisies, sunshine, family, volleyball, small town country life.

What is one thing you are really looking forward to the most this next year? The unexpected opportunities that will come

If you could vacation anywhere you’ve never been…for a week, where would it be?  Alaska or way up in the Colorado mountains

Charity! You are such a special part of our family. We love you so much and can’t wait to see what God is going to do in your life in the coming year! He has amazing plans for your life. :) May He fill you with His fullness as you come to know His incredible love more and more. Happy birthday from your fam!!! =D

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Tea Time


Pretty decorations

I am always looking for a way to cook up a bunch of party food,

and thought a Spring tea sounded fun…after lots of planning and

tons of baking, this was the beautiful result. :)

Spring time :)

All together :)

My beautiful family. :)

These were some of my favorites!

Picnic Stuffed Eggs                   Asparagus Ham Roll-ups

Can't have a tea without Cream Puffs!

French Vanilla Cream Puffs       Flavorful Sausage Balls

Makein' a list checkin' it twice

I really enjoy planning everything to cook, but I do have trouble

narrowing down all my options, and probably end up with too much

food, as you can tell. :)

Aren’t these flowers cute?! Carinna helped with them – I thought

they turned out very fun. :)

Charity was very sweet, and willingly assisted me all day! …well, I guess she WAS a little unsure about peeling the shrimp. ;)

Carinna is making lemon curd, and Mom is working on the decorations. She also spent a lot of time and effort on making the little “signs” you see in each of the dishes. I definitely couldn’t have put all this together without all the help I had!

Chicken Salad Crescents

Sugar Cookie Fruit Pizza           Fried Shoestring Carrots

The strawberry scones are a personal recipe, and we served them

with Lemon Curd.


Maggie made the shoestring carrots (I think she enjoyed it?) and several pitched in and did dishes.

Cheez-it Toffee

Lemon Tea Cakes                     Bunny Bait

Skewered Shrimp

Cheesy Corn Bites                   Jalapeno Popper Dip

Eat up!

Yogurt-Covered Raspberries were from Sam’s Club. ;)

If you think we were having fun here, (which we were!) you should’ve seen us afterward playing games for family fun! It wasn’t the games that were so fun, but all the laughing in between that had nothing to do with what we were playing…thanks, Caleb. ;) We sure can have a good time. :D

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Don’t Waste Your Life!


After 19 (almost 20) years, I’m FINALLY beginning to realize that life is not about me! God didn’t give me life so I could just breath up the air, take up the space, and waste up the time. We are created to bring HIM glory, and it’s a little hard for Him to get the glory if we’re in the way! I have been so used to wanting MY needs met, putting MY priorities at the top of the list, and using others for MY benefit. God has been teaching me to look outward and work on blessing others, learning to serve them, and invest in the people God has placed in my life RIGHT NOW.

None of us know how long we will live, and I would hate to get to the end of my life whether it’s short or long, and regret that I didn’t cherish and enjoy the precious moments God gave me. I don’t want to just push-through and do the next thing, but I want to intentionally put my whole heart into whatever opportunity I’m given. Whether that is preparing another meal, babysitting children, writing a blog post ;), learning go-cart mechanics from my 12 yr. old brother, spending time in prayer and the Word, folding laundry…the list goes on and on.

“…-every experience can be purposeful, meaningful, and significant…It doesn’t happen by adopting a self-focused, short-term, pleasure-seeking attitude, but by learning how to cherish and value the opportunities God gives us in each day.” -The Lost Art of True Beauty -by Leslie Ludy

Wherever you are, be all there” Jim Elliott

“Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God” 1 Cor. 10:31

John-Clay recently showed me this short video on Eternity, by Frances Chan, that really tied in to what God has been stirring in my heart the past couple of months.

[youtube] [/youtube]


“Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.” 1 Tim. 6:12

‘Redeem the time, because the days are evil,’  don’t waste your life!

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