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Doing the Impossible


In Alert Cadet program at the Big Sandy conference, we get a prize if we memorize four Bible verses, the Alert Cadet motto, and the Alert Cadet Covenant. On the first day, I got the Alert Cadet Covenant, Alert Cadet motto, and the theme verse done. The second day, I started the second verse, but didn’t get it done. That night, before the last day, David Gibbs spoke about doing the impossible. I was thinking about the remaining three verses that I would like to memorize. I am not very good at memorizing. So I was discouraged, because I really wanted the prize. So I prayed to God that He would do the impossible by helping me memorize the rest of the verses in time. The next day before lunch, I got all three verses done and received the prize – a first aid kit. I was pumped, and I kept telling people, “ Did you hear how I got my verses done?” I would encourage you, if you think that you have something that seems impossible, ask God to do the impossible.

Matthew 19:26 “But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; But with God all things are possible.”



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Big Sandy 2012!


We had the wonderful opportunity to go to the annual ATI conference in Big Sandy again this year! Our 8th time. This is one of the biggest highlights of our year. It’s kind of a booster for us, and it’s a very encouraging, refreshing week…getting to hear amazing speakers, singing in choir, playing in orchestra, catching up with friends, the Chinese restaurant (tradition), ALERT cadets, and we were all so excited that Caleb got to come down for the last two days! =)


Abbie and Hannah played O, the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus. It was beautiful! 

Maggie taught Children’s Institute this year for the first time and really enjoyed it!

Hannah was on the COMMIT staff team again. All the COMMIT girls did a presentation at the end for the first time ever (I think) – they sang Be Thou My Vision

Benjamin was in ALERT cadets and thoroughly enjoyed it…as usual. How could you not enjoy huge water balloon slingshots and rappelling? ;)

I sang in the student choir. :)

Abbie played in the orchestra.

Somehow, we ended up without any pictures of Carinna, but she was there too! Due to being sick on Monday, she wasn’t able to teach CI with Maggie, but attended student sessions and choir instead. Caleb came down on Thursday evening to join us. John-Clay was in CO at the World Changers’ Summit. Mom and Dad worked the Character First! booth and attended sessions.

Probably the message that stood out to us the most was given by David Gibbs who preached on doing the impossible. God doesn’t just call us to do “great things” – He has given us the power by His Spirit to do impossible things! It’s so easy to put God in our human box and forget that He is so ABLE to do beyond what we ask or think. It starts with us asking Him to do the impossible.

Praise the Lord for such a blessed time together as a family!

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