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What in the World Are We Up To?


That’s probably what you’re wondering these days seeing how 3 weeks between posts is becoming a regular occurrence! Here goes for an update on the Burnett clan…

After several of us kids traveled like crazy this summer, I guess Mom and Dad decided it was their turn to take off for a change.

First, Mom went with her mom and two sisters to the Northeast on their own autumn foliage tour last month. It was BEAUTIFUL.

VermontBragg Farm SugarhouseNorthfield, VTPortland Headlight, MECheryl
Mom has tons more beautiful pictures and stories about their wonderful trip. If you leave her a comment, maybe she’ll be convinced to write a post!

After just one day at home, Mom took off again, with Dad this time, on a business trip to Guatemala! They saw and experienced so many interesting things…

Headed to retreat center from golf course
Santiago (Peter), across the lakeVolcano of Fire
…including a puffing volcano. :-/
Ruina Convento de Capuchinas 1500-1600
Awww, now aren’t they cute together. Smile (You’ll want to see more pictures of this trip, too.)

Of course, with Mom and Dad gone, we kids had to make sure we had a good time and didn’t miss them too bad. ;) Things can get interesting sometimes…

Playing “Lunch Bucket Joe” with some friends after playing volleyball!

CharityBenjaminHannah's 24th birthday party
We decided that since we had the week to ourselves, we should do something specific to work on our sibling relationships. Our sibling project for the week was to draw each others’ names every day and make an effort to show that sibling love and make them feel special. All kinds of fun surprises were going around…special snacks, chores mysteriously getting done, fun little gifts, extra time spent one-on-one, and meaningful notes found on pillows. Very worthwhile project!

John-Clay is currently finishing up a 2-month shoot on a film set. Check out the Beyond the Mask website to see more pictures of the exciting project. J-C is running second camera and enjoying the challenge that comes with that. He is exhausted by now, though, so pray for strength for him to finish the shoot well. We can’t wait to see him!!

‘Tis the season!
For deer hunting, that is. Two have been harvested, so far, but I’ll let Maggie tell you that exciting story herself.

Well, I’m off to prep and pack now for the Burnetts’ annual family camping trip this weekend!! For those of you who might remember our unforgettable trip from last year, we are hoping not to top that trip in terms of weather experience, but we are sure to have a super fun family time. Smile

Until next time (sooner than 3 weeks, I hope) – may you and your family be blessed with unity and steadfast hope in the LORD!

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It’s her special day!!! =)




Hannah bday




Favorite verse

Psalm 16:11

“Thou wilt show me the path of life: in Thy presence is fullness of joy; at Thy right hand there are pleasures forevermore.”

Happy happy birthday Hannah! We all love you so much! =)

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