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Bringin’ home the bacon…


…and venison, and rabbit, and duck, and coyote… Smile

“Where are you huntin’ in the morning?” I don’t know how many times I heard this question during the 3 weeks of gun season. Smile Huntin’ is quite a hot topic around our house during deer season! Hannah even bought a hunting license and is hunting this year. That makes 8 out of the 10 in our family, hunters. Smile

We didn’t know we had wild hogs on the land! Thankfully Caleb ridded us of this one. He even had it butchered, and it is mighty tasty! Smile

maggie's buck

Maggie harvested her first deer, after shooting this coyote like 7 minutes right before the buck walked through. She shot it straight through the heart. Nice one, Mag! She also shot a doe this year.

We got Peter Wabbit and the Ugly Duckling :)

Gotta love walking through the pasture with your sister hauling your shotguns and supper. SmileSmileSmile If you drown the duck in BBQ sauce, they DO make a really great meal!

Rise and shine girls =)

Oooo, look who got to come duck hunting with us. Winking smile Dustin was a life-saver when we had to get the ducks out of the pond. I think we’ll have to keep him around. =)

4 deer, 1 hog, 1 coyote, 1 rabbit, 13 ducks…Wonder what we’ll get next. Smile

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Dustin & Hannah =D


Wow, FINALLY the day has arrived that I can write down the incredible things that God has been doing in my life the last few months. The ways of the LORD are perfect, and He is such a faithful Shepherd!

This summer, the LORD opened the door for me to enter a relationship with a young man from Minnesota named Dustin Dornink. John-Clay was a roommate with him at a discipleship retreat 3 years ago (Journey to the Heart).

J-C & Dustin, July 2009. When J-C showed us this picture from his trip, that’s the first time I knew that Dustin even existed. : )

I met Dustin’s sister, Melody, in the fall of the same year on a young ladies’ Journey to the Heart. I kept in touch with her, and she became one of my closest friends.Dorninks come

The LORD continued to cross our paths over the next couple years (do a search for “Dornink” on our blog, and you will find some of those). My respect for Dustin and admiration for his walk with God steadily grew. I knew John-Clay had a lot of appreciation for him, which says a lot to me, and I could see that he was serious about living for Christ. But really, I didn’t think anything would go further than him being a brother in the Lord.

Last September (2011), Dustin and Melody attended the Journey Reunion that our family hosted up in Michigan. He was there specifically to seek the Lord for direction in the area of marriage (I didn’t know that, of course). He hadn’t had any special interest in me up to that point, but during that weekend, God began to lay me on his heart.
JR Group Picture
Journey Reunion 2011

Nearly two months later at the end of October, Dustin came through our place on his way to Texas. To visit John-Clay, of course…so I thought. Over that visit as discussions and talks came up among the family, I saw in even a bigger way that Dustin was a man who was truly sold out for Christ and loved Him above anything else. Wow, this guy is amazing! There was a twinge of disappointment in my heart as I thought, “I would want somebody like HIM to be interested in me…I wonder why he’s not…what’s wrong with me?” Little did I know…

About 10 days later, Dustin approached my dad about pursuing a relationship with me and for the next six months, my dad spent time corresponding with Dustin and mentoring him. I knew nothing about what was going on, which was good. God was doing a lot of work in my own heart during that time with growing in surrender, trusting Him, knowing my security in Jesus, and purifying my heart.

Dad took me out to eat on May 16th for our extremely belated birthday date to tell me about Dustin’s interest. I was excited about spending time with Dad, but didn’t have anything particular on my heart to talk about, because we had been talking a lot in the previous weeks – he already knew where my heart was, what interests I had (including Dustin), and what God had been doing in my life. Boy, did he give us something to talk about!! Wow, I was shocked to hear that Dustin was actually interested and so honored that he would consider me for a potential wife.

As I prayed, the Lord gave me peace to move forward into a relationship with Dustin, trusting Him to show us His will. The next weeks and months since May have been filled with emails, Skype calls, traveling to see each other, hours and hours of talking, seeking the LORD earnestly, growing closer to Him and each other, getting counsel, and spending much time in prayer.

My Minnesota visit #1

Hannah and Dustin Skyping
First Skype call

Hannah's birthday
Dustin surprised me by coming down for my birthday and brought be a beautiful bouquet of pink flowers!

Pizza time
My birthday pizza party (Mom and Dad were in Guatemala)

Hiking on our family’s camping trip


Pictures from the roof project that we didn’t post before…
roof job


One step at a time, He gave me faith and peace to walk this very new and unknown path. Over and over again, we could see His hand in our relationship, building and orchestrating it in His own way. Truly in His favor and blessing is life! Without Him, even “good things” lose purpose and meaning, but when He IS the foundation and builder, there is absolutely no better place to be!

Hannah and Dustin

Ten days ago at sunset on November 26th, Dustin Dornink asked me to marry him, and I was thrilled to say YES!!! =D What a moment! He completely surprised me with the proposal – I couldn’t believe it was actually happening. Does this mean I get to marry you??
Right after we got engaged <3

Dustin picked out the ring all on his own, and I absolutely LOVE it.


Friends, when God does something, He does it WELL. I praise Him with all my heart – none of this would be what it is without Him, our Maker and Redeemer. We look forward to what He has in the coming days, and pray that He would be exalted in everything! Please be in prayer for us as we continue to seek Him and Lord-willing, plan to be married this spring/summer.

“…strengthen, O God, that which Thou hast wrought for us.” Psalm 68:28

I appreciate each one of you and pray that wherever God has you right now, His steadfast love will be the center of your joy and the foundation of your trust! Keep running well for the King. He is worthy.

Dustin’s Girl, Winking smile


“O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt His name together.” Psalm 34:3


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