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10 Days Till the Wedding Everyone!!!


The past several weeks have been very busy, but so much fun!

How shall we decorate?Abbie working on the wedding slideshow

Lots of our friends here in Stratford attended a wedding shower for Hannah, she was overwhelmed and humbled by everyone’s generosity! DSC_0018DSC_0038
Last week, 3 of the Dornink girls made the long trip down from MN so we could get their bridesmaids dresses made. Mom sewed almost non-stop to get them done before they had to leave and she did! YAY!

While they were here we worked together to get some projects marked off the “wedding to do” list. We made 6 batches of chocolate chip cookie dough and rolled  it all into 1/8 tsp. balls. We only ate a little!

We also got all the scrapbooking stuff out and made lots of cute name labels and fun topping labels for the reception…
A few of the labels we made
Melody did a wonderful job making the guest book pages. They turned out so nice!

We practiced on hair. Lots of curls, hair spray, and bobby pins!

And OF COURSE we played games and had some good one-on-one talks!

And then we had to party because we got so much accomplished during the week! Homemade oreo ice-cream!!!
Dianna and Hannah

Yeah, they’re excited too!
The soon to be "Mr. and Mrs Dustin Dornink!"

We can’t wait to see all the rest of you Dorninks next week! Hurry on down =D

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Family Vacation at the Cabin


Since we only have a couple weeks left before the wedding, we wanted to go some place or do something together as a family one last time before Hannah gets married. So here’s a little recap of our weekend at a cabin of some very dear friends of ours!

We arrived late Friday night after going to Hannah’s first wedding shower and the guys had picked up our favorite Papa John’s pizza to start off the weekend!

The game of “42”

We played LOTS of ping-pong! Round Robin was hilarious. 10 people running around the table, slipping, and dodging balls and paddles… =D

It was a very windy and bumpy ride on the “ranger”.

The dune buggies were so. much. fun.

The calm and responsible drivers =)

The crazy drivers

Look out, ya’ll, here we come.

Root beer floats. Gone.

Singing was so much fun because the house had really good acoustics! =)

Worked a puzzle.

As you can see, our group got smaller as the night got later/earlier (if ya know what I mean). We came up with some pretty hilarious jokes about 2:45 in the morning…I wouldn’t trade that night for all the quilts in Afghan-istan, or all the moms in Papua New Guinea, or all the hymns in Singapore…LOL!!! We went on and on and on. Good memories. =)


Cherish every moment you have with your family, work on building your relationships, and make memories!  I love my family so much. We are so blessed!

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