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Happy Birthday Caleb!


A few random facts about Caleb…

His favorite meal is Chicken fried steak and mashed potatoesCaleb

He was born in Arkansas

Caleb and Charity

He likes volleyball and running

He plays guitar


He is an avid hunter – deer, ducks, geese, quail, grouse, hogs, turtles, snakes…

He enjoys cheering on Oklahoma’s Thunder basketball team!

He’s our family comedian! =)


Personality traits…
Funny, hard worker, straight to the point, seeks God, flexible, loyal, protective, generous, and competitive.

Happy Birthday Caleb! May God richly bless you as you continue seeking Him with all your heart! We love you so much!

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Summertime =)


Happy Wednesday ya’ll! Here’s a brief update of our summer…enjoy. =)

Texas trip

This past weekend our family went down to Texas so Dad could teach a family seminar in Denton. He is a great public speaker, and we love to hear him teach! Since we were all along for the ride, he had us do a little pickin’-and-a-grinnin’. =)

Texas trip

Maggie and I playing some back-ground music before the session.

Texas SeminarTexas Seminar

Something I really appreciate about Dad is that he practices at home, what he teaches to others.


The Lord has ABUNDANTLY blessed our zucchini plants this year! Charity has done a lot of work in the garden this season, she took over Hannah’s place as family gardener.

Several of us have enjoyed spending time with the newlyweds while helping them fix up their house. Hannah is immensely enjoying married life. To put it in her own words: “I LOOOVVVVVEEEE…being married to him!!!” =)

We are so blessed to live close to Grandma and Grandpa and spend lots of time with them! We will treasure the memories we are making.

Babysitting keeps me on my toes, it’s great! =)

Well there you have it, a re-cap of the B’s summer.

May the Lord abundantly bless each one of you with a greater knowledge of God’s love for you, and may this spur-on your love for Him.

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Happy 27th Birthday, John-Clay!!!


John-Clay at Niagara Falls
-Random facts about John-Clay-
He was born in Russellville, AR photo
One of his heroes is Dietrich Bonheoffer
Caleb, Benjamin, John-Clay
He loves working on films 1072567_10151609735278110_271238381_o
He’s double jointed
His favorite car is a mini cooper
1167239_641158849228694_441354452_o copy 
He loves to teach
You may not know this, but John-Clay’s name is a mix of our Dad’s first name, Mom’s maiden name, and his middle name is Grandpa’s middle name!

Character traits:
Creative, sensitive, wise, animated, a teacher, adventurous, man of God, deep thinker.

Happy Birthday, John-Clay!!! We can’t wait for you to get back so we can celebrate with you! May the Lord richly bless this next year of your life as you faithfully serve him and grow to be more like him! We all love you very much! <3

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