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Crunch…Crunch… BANG!


The crisp fall mornings really get us itchin’ to go deer hunting!! You can just feel it, and smell it in the air. Carinna worked hard to get two places cleared for food plots! This is a view from one of the tree stands.

We’ve been checking the trail cameras and getting some really interesting and exciting pictures!
We’ve got two crazy deer with only half racks! Each on the opposite side. It’s strange.

Well, hello there! Hope you’re still around in a couple years. =)

=D =D =D

Oh, we also get people once in a while too =D

This was Carinna’s last year to hunt during youth season so she really wanted to get something. And much to her delight she got a doe! Maggie would be hunting too, but she’s laid up on the couch with mono! =(

Cutting up lots of meat!DSC_0195DSC_0194

For the first time we attempted making summer sausage! Carinna did a wonderful job! It. Is. DELICIOUS! She’s a pro. but the recipe’s top secret, sorry. You’ll just have to come visit us so you can taste some. =D

It’s complete with a cracker, mustard, cheese and pickles! She also made some amazing jerky. We change the flavors up a little every year and this is some of the best!

While this is just the beginning of deer season, Abbie and Carinna are just now getting over the poison ivy they got while picking possum grapes! Poor girls, they’ve been miserable.

Here’s some random pictures of Carinna and I posing for some B-Roll John-Clay was filming for a documentary. Sometimes, it’s hard to be serious. =)Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 12.29.11 AMScreen Shot 2013-10-15 at 12.29.30 AM
Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 12.25.24 AM

Happy fall ya’ll! =)

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Possum Grape Hunting :)


What are possum grapes? You didn’t think I heard you ask did you? =) Possum grapes are little bitty grapes, about the size of a possum’s eye, well at least that’s what I’ve always been told! Don’t worry, that’s the only thing they have in common with possums…well except for the fact that you can also find them alongside the country roads. =) 
See all those “trees” along that fence line on the left? That, is prime possum grape territory!

So, last Saturday, Carinna and I combed the county roads west of town, looking for these delicious grapes. Let’s just say they’re not the easiest accessible grapes you’ve ever picked, but definitely make for a GREAT adventure!

Curly hair + possum grape vines = disaster! =) Rule number 1#, WEAR A HAT!!!

Our Grandpa planted possum grapes along part of his fence line, so we climbed around and rescued some on his property as well.

See the grapes way up in the top? A few years ago we had a ladder on top of our van, trying to reach those silly grapes, but since Carinna and I were by ourselves, we decided to do it the old fashioned way, and just climb trees and ladders. =)

do you spy someone? 
Can you find someone in purple up in that tree? After getting myself very tangled up in this tree (I was so stuck, my hair was caught in three places and I couldn’t hang on very well any longer, but I couldn’t move because my hair was so tangled), so after I finally got out of that mess, I climbed up the ladder, bypassing all the vines and branches, climbed from the ladder to an open spot on the trunk of the tree and picked, almost to my hearts content! There was a boat load of grapes up there!!! By then, after 6 hours of hunting grapes and no lunch, we came home with our 2 brown sacks of grapes. =)

I think we will get almost 4 batches of jelly out of these!!!

Hannah whipped up some possum grape dumplins that we ate with homemade ice-cream that night. YUM.

We now suffer from poison ivy, soreness, broken legs, loss of hair, purple fingers, snake bites, a few scratches, …, but one bite of possum grape dumplins, and all misery is forgotten. =)

Ya’ll come see us and maybe we’ll feed ya a peanut butter and possum grape jelly sandwich! =)

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Happy Birthday, Hannah!


Random Facts about Hannah-

She has officially been Mrs. Dustin Dornink for 6 months, minus one day!!!

Family at Hill's Farm

She loves old books


One of her favorite snacks is chex-mix and buttermilk =)


She busted her chin open climbing on monkey bars when she was little, and had to get 5 stiches.

She loves good ol’ comfort foods
Grandma 76, and Hannah
Because of a certain someone, she now likes riding motorcycles Winking smiledscn0106
She duck hunts
Abbie and Hannah 
She was born in Arkansas
HannahHannah and Dustin 

She is an EXCELLENT cook!

Character traits:
Teachable, sweet, wise, steady, faithful, a good listener, servant-hearted, and meek.

May the Lord Jesus continue to perfect His love in, and through you. We all love you so much and are so grateful for your godly example that points us to Christ. Happy 25th Birthday!!!

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