Fellowship with friends


It’s only half way through January and we’ve already been blessed with lots of company stopping by! Bontragers and Burnetts
Our good friends the Bontrager family, from Iowa, came for a few days last week. They tour around the country and Canada performing music and singing. Their visit was like a breath of fresh air for us. We played lots of fun games and had encouraging conversations. =)

I never knew that the Bontragers were SO competitive! =) Of course that makes the games all the more interesting!

Bring on the RAPID RECALL!!!

Fun, late night games of Ticket to Ride and Settlers!

“What should we do with our final 17 minutes???” Play an intense game of Dutch Blitz of course!

Grandpa reading to little miss Rebecca.

We enjoyed going to two of their concerts while they were here in the area and hope they come back to see us soon! =)

We enjoyed a visit from our next of kin, Dillon.  We played volleyball, games and all sat around talking for 6 hours. =)

Hymn sings are always fun! A friend of Dustin’s who came down for the wedding last April, recently got married. He and his wife came by along with 3 of their brothers who are helping them move to TX.

Charity, Caleb, Maggie, Carinna, Benjamin, Abbie
Earlier this month we got some free tickets to an OSU basketball game. We made a fun night of it and went out for pizza beforehand then went and cheered on our team!

Benjamin, AbbieMaggie and CarinnaCheryl, JOhnny, Charity, Caleb

Pizza Hideaway

J-C stays pretty busy, but we love when he can sneak a trip down to our place!

The Lord bless and keep each of you. Ya’ll come and see us! =)

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4 Comments to “Fellowship with friends”

  1.  Dornink Family

    Wow you all have been keeping busy! Lot’s of games and good conversations great combination, sounds as if you had a great time! Hope to see your family soon!!

  2.  Maria H.

    What a blessing fellowship with other families is! It looks like you all are having a fun January so far. Yeah, I am not sure what it is up with January but our “social calender” has suddenly exploded as well.

    Really enjoy reading ya’lls updates!

  3.  Barrie G.

    Y’all always have such fun! Wish I lived closer so I can come visit more often!! :)

  4.  Allison B

    We had SO so much fun with ya’ll!!!! Lovely photos of some awesome memories.:)
    Allison for the whole Bontrager clan.:)

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