What Do You Do When…


…you and Benjamin are the only kids at home???

You build a snowman of course! =)















We’ll save the best picture for last. Winking smile Before we get to that, here are a few pictures from the good ol days.

Dad and 2 of his siblings. He is the one right in front of the snowman.
This was back when we lived in Arkansas. =)

8 ft snowman
This is the biggest snowman we’ve ever built, it was about 8 foot tall! =)

So CUTE!!! =) Yeah, he’s grown up a little since then.

Ok, now back to 2014, wait for it…!!!
Ya’ll have a great day!!! =D =D =D

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3 Comments to “What Do You Do When…”

  1.  Fleshman Family

    Inspiring! :-)

  2.  Dornink Family

    Wow, only you two would of done that!!! You guys are classic!!!!!

  3.  Vanessa

    That is so funny!! Ya’ll two are very creative! I loved all of the photo’s, thank you so much for sharing! The last one was most certainly the best. God Bless.

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