Celebrating 60 years


February 2nd Granddad and Granny celebrated 60 years of marriage! What an example to us grandkids and generations to come!DSC_0912

Carinna went up to Granddad and Granny’s for 3 1/2 weeks to help them start getting ready to move down here. God has really shown His hand of blessing as they prepare to sell out and move down here by us. About 3 weeks after they decided to move, they had a buyer for their house and 40 acres. They had looked at and decided to buy a house that wasn’t originally for sale down by us… and the owner decided to let them buy it (come the middle of May), and it is adjoined to our yard!_DSC0391DSC_0752

Sunday morning, February 2, twenty-seven aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. showed up at Granddad and Granny’s church to honor their marriage! We took up a whole section of the church. =)
Granny teaches a Sunday school class, her lessons are inspiring and full of the truth from God’s Word, we enjoy getting to sit in when we are there!

Some of us granddaughters singing God Leads Us Along during the service

A big bouquet from some of the grandsons. Smile


Lots of competitive and hilarious games. =D

Bringing back very loud old memories of playing Pit in the patio! It was just as loud as it used to be when we were younger…if not louder!
42- probably the “most played” game at Granddad and Granny’s house!

Carinna and I stayed for an extra week after everyone left, to help out with packing.

Granny and I sorting and packing papers/maps/notes/ etc.! =)

This calf is a couple of days old-and SO cute!
  I’ve had lots of wonderful memories, learning experiences, and laughs. And I look forward to making new ones when they are down here by us… but I’m just going to warn you, the next part of this post is a bit sappy, long, and full pictures.. sorry, I got to reminiscing…I’ve learned so much here on this farm.

Learning to chop and split wood…

A big open pasture is a great place to go when you want some quiet and a place to think.

_DSC0824DSC_0915_DSC0808at grannys and zoo
I learned not be afraid of hard work, and I’ve learned what it is like to have a blast while working hard…

at grannys and zoo
I learned that when I’m afraid to do something, the best way to get over being afraid, is to do the very thing that I’m afraid of.

_DSC0475dsc_1336(rev 0)
I’ve seen some of the prettiest sunrises, sunsets, and foggy mornings here..

I’ve got to do things here that I would never have the chance to do anywhere else….like vaccinate and pull calves, shoot skunks and pregnancy check cows.DSC_0658DSC_0809
There’s not a feeling quite like holding a slippery, wet, brand-new, calf, and then watch it wobble and stumble around the pasture the next day- the poor things are so awkward.

baby calves are SO cute!

At Granny'sAt Granny'sat G and G's
Horses can be beautiful,extremely jealous,ornery, hilarious, and VERY stubborn!

This is where we got interested in doing bees.

Lots of target practice and skeet shooting. Granddad’s gun motto is “A gun is always loaded, no matter what.”

I’ll miss………
fishing                                                     bird hunting

climbing through barbed wire fences..

and baling, loading, stacking,and hauling hay (a shower has never felt so good!)_DSC0325
Anyways.. I’m going to miss this place a lot. But I’m excited to see what God has planned for this new season of our lives.

Speaking of new seasons.. the people building the addition for grandpa just started working this week! Our laundry room/pantry and back porch is being torn out and going to be rebuilt with the addition. It’s fun to finally start seeing some progress!DSC_0651DSC_0995
Before                                                          Demolition begins!!!


Tearing out!

And speaking of tearing out and re-doing..last August dad was planning to re-do one of our bathrooms during a 2 week break from work. Well…things got pretty really complicated and all that got done was tearing out and re-doing foundation under the bathroom floor. But thanks to Dustin and Benj., we now have a very new, lovely-and most important-working bathroom. It only needs a few finishing touches!
Here are some before and after’s.

The horrendous pink shower being ripped outDSC_1009
Our new shower. isn’t it beautiful?
Before                                                 …almost done!

Thanks for all your hard work guys!

Yes, this was sorta awkward.DSC_1011
Well, I guess that’s all folks!

May Jesus be your fulfillment this week!

“And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” – Phil 4:19

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  1.  Vanessa

    Thank you so much for the update and the many pictures! I really enjoyed them all. I hope the move goes well for all and it will be exciting having them so close by. It is great that you have the memories made there. You can always cherish those. The bathroom looks great! Looks like a lot of hard work was put into it. Thanks again for the update! God Bless

  2.  Aunt Lou

    What great pictures! Did you really get to shoot a skunk?!!? Again, GREAT pictures!!!

  3.  maggie burnett

    @Aunt Lou. Carinna and I helped gdad trap the skunks in the barn then went with him out in the pasture and let him go. Gdad did the shooting… but let me tell ya, I’ve never smelled something so terrible!!!!

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