Random update in the life of the Burnett’s


It is exactly one week till spring…and boy does it feel like it!

The peach trees are just about to bloom!

Charity and I planted some onions and lettuce a couple weeks ago…

Benjamin and I transplanted three five year old peach trees several weeks ago. They were in the way of the new add on. Hopefully they’ll survive!

Some of the Dornink’s came down for a bit the end of February…

Playing Pit!!! It got super loud. :D

Hannah and Melody

Playing Baseball

Benjamin and Josiah

We went down to see my Great Aunt Frieda before she moved to Colorado the beginning of March.

Poor deprived Benjamin, all he has is a pair stilts for skis.
Very creative idea though!!!

And last but not least here’s how the add on is going…They broke ground!!!

Happy Spring Ya’ll!

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  1.  Vanessad

    Thank you so much for the update. Glad everything is going well. God Bless :)

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