Evan Trust Dornink!
Born: June 19th at 8:52 p.m.
Stats: 7 lbs 15 oz and 21 in. long

Waiting, …and waiting, at the hospital. =)

We are super excited to announce the arrival of the newest little addition to our family! It’s been 14 years since we’ve had a baby around, and we are enjoying and soaking-in every moment with little Evan! =)

Yummy snacks help pass the time. =)

Dustin and Hannah had planned on having a home birth, but because of complications, they ended up at the hospital with an emergency C-section. Praise the Lord, Hannah is recovering and the baby is doing great!

This is one excited new Grandma!!! =)

The first glimpse of our new nephew/grandchild!!! SO CUTE. =)

Evan was just a few hours short of being born on Dustin’s birthday, what a great present! =)

We are so grateful for everyone’s prayers and for the Lord’s hand of mercy. He is the Giver of this precious new gift of life!

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4 Comments to “Introducing…!!!”

  1.  Juanita

    Praise God for answered prayers! Please, Hannah, don’t feel bad about having to have an emergency C-section. May you continue to recover well, and take it one day at a time with your little one

  2.  The Mayo Family

    Oh my goodness!
    Our hearts melted….what a joy!
    He is SO cute and we love all of his lil expressions…super sweet! <3
    What a gift from the Lord!
    Thankful that all is well and we will continue to pray for everyone!
    God bless y'all!
    Maggie for The Mayo family

  3.  Rachel

    Congratulations! He is so incredibly precious!

  4.  Sarah E

    Awww! SOOO excited to read this!! Congratulations Hannah!! <3 God bless and guide your path ahead as a mother! :)

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