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Happy Birthday Mother Dear!



Two of the biggest and most exciting happenings for mom this year are becoming a first time GRANDMA!!!


60th anniversary
…and having her parents move in next door to us! =)

CherylHannah's Baby Showerpeaches

She is an expert organizer and thoroughly thinks through what we need for trips, peach festival, and food prep…pretty amazing lady!

DSC_0330Charity and Mom


One of our highlights during our year is the annual Christmas Tea Mom puts on for us every December. =) She knows how to throw a party!

Johnny and Cheryl

A book that has influenced Mom this past year, and one that she would recommend is: “My Utmost For His Highest” by Oswald Chambers

Happy happy (one-day-late) birthday mom, we love you!!! =)

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Peach Festival


Peach Festival excitement started Thursday, with Granddad entering the Model T in the parade! Besides it being rainy and cold, (No, that was not a typo, I said COLD! It was 64°, people!! In July. In Oklahoma!! We don’t wear jackets in July. Never!
Talk. about. crazy!) we had a total blast!!! Even with the rain, and chilly weather, there was still a really good turn-out.


Some of the other fun floats in the parade.


T in parade
Chuggin’ down the highway, having so much fun!

Some of us girls attended the rodeo that night.
The mud, cold, and wet weather made for a very interesting, and entertaining rodeo!! =D

Friday is our preparation day. In the extreme.

Putting think Jesus stickers on cups.

Carinna making our sign
Ice-cream fixin’s._DSC0920


We also made peach tea, packed everything up, washed lots of freezers, and Friday evening we set up part of our booth.


Saturday is the big day! 
We sold our first cup of ice-cream at 8:15 a.m. (the festival doesn’t officially start till 9:00). By 9:00 we had sold 3 gallons already!

There were A TON more people this year than normal! Probably because the weather was absolutely gorgeous, and there were also 30 more booths than last year!
This year we mixed up 56 gallons of ice-cream. Last year we made 52. Most of the years previous to that, we made 40-42 gallons.
And we sell out at the same time –1:00-  every year! (Go figure.) dsc_0050
We are so thankful to the guys for dipping the ice-cream. Takes some muscle!

By 12:30 we had sold out of our 52 gallons. So, we went home and made more.
(Every year we say we aren’t going to go make more, and every year … we do.)
So, our total was 62 gallons this year!
And we could have sold a lot more!
We really missed having Benjamin here this year.
He’s down in TX, attending a program designed to challenge young men to grow physically and spiritually. He’ll have been gone a whole month! We are looking forward to him coming home!
Looooooooong lines, for most of the day!

Our Uncle enjoying a cup of ice-cream.

Next year will be our 10th year to sell ice-cream.
We’re working on convincing some of the practical people in our family, to go all out, and do 100 gallons! Or at least 80. Or 90.

Saturday night we all went to the rodeo! Oh yeah! We didn’t get very many pics of that.

I guess we were enjoying ourselves too much. Winking smile

We had a great, and very blessed time, and we pray that the Lord was honored and magnified!!!
Hope to see ya’ll next year!!

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Liquid gold…


A couple weekends ago we set up and extracted honey.
We used to make the trek up to Tulsa almost every time, so we could extract in Granddad’s big extractor (16 frame as opposed to our 4 frame)…it is really handy now that they’re just right next door. It makes it a whole lot simpler! For a more detailed post of the extraction process from a couple years ago go here.

All the boxes are loaded with frames of yummy, sweet, sticky, golden, smooth, delicious honey…is your mouth watering yet? ;D

Granddad graciously let us take over their garage for the extraction.

Grandpa came over and watched for awhile.

Abbie was babysitting that day, so she brought the girls over for a “field trip”.

Watching the extractor go round and round.

Dad showing how he uncaps the honey.

Working with my ♥twin♥

Inevitably there are always some bees left in the boxes…the bee swatters did their job well.

Granddad made this extractor out of icemakers! He actually made the whole set up, the extractor, bottling tank, and the uncapping tank, but this is the beauty. It makes the job a whole lot faster!

Charity took most of the pictures for us on Dad’s phone. We all had slightly sticky hands. :D

We currently have 20 hives. Spread out over 4 apiaries.

We had some honey the bees made that was very STRONG! It was kinda a little like molasses but weirder…we decided it was made from buckwheat. There’s a field of it a couple miles north of us. Hopefully it’ll make good cooking honey. I don’t have a picture of it but it is a whole lot darker and has a redder look to it.

Proverbs 24:13 
“My son, eat thou honey, because it is good; and the honeycomb,
which is sweet to thy taste:"

On a side note, we have been blessed with a fruitful garden! The early rains this year have helped tremendously!

The advantages of having a second story. ;D

Psalms 34:8 
“O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is
the man that trusteth in him."

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Happy Birthday, Pops!!


Random Facts about Daddy!

His spiritual gift is a servant

He LOVES to spend time with family

Dad was a youth minister at one point (now he has his own youth group, us! =)

He is amazing at jumping on opportunities to point others to Christ

Bee-keeping is one of his hobbies

He is a faithful man

Back in the good old days he used to do puppet shows

He’s played ukulele since he was a boy

Dad has a “thing” for frozen raw chocolate chip cookie dough

“Grandpa” is his newest favorite title =)

He is very loving and unselfish

He likes to have fun! =)

Character/personality traits: Humble, loving, servant-hearted, self-less, approachable, adventurous, steady, goofy.

Happy birthday Dad (a day late)!!!  We are SO grateful for you. It is clearly evident that Jesus lives in you and through you. He is using you to point and draw others to himself. We love you to the moon and back! =)

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Come join us for the…


38th annual Stratford Peach Festival!!!
Saturday, July 19th

”FREE” pancake breakfast – 7:00 am
Festival – 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
79th annual Rodeo – 8:00 pm

We will have our homemade ice-cream booth again this year but you’ll have to hurry, we usually run out of ice-cream by 1:00!

 Peach Festival
Our booth last year

We just finished cutting up the first out of 14 boxes! Yes…we bagged more than we ate…I think! They sure were good.
Looking forward to seeing ya’ll in 2 weeks! Come on down!

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