Happy Birthday, Pops!!


Random Facts about Daddy!

His spiritual gift is a servant

He LOVES to spend time with family

Dad was a youth minister at one point (now he has his own youth group, us! =)

He is amazing at jumping on opportunities to point others to Christ

Bee-keeping is one of his hobbies

He is a faithful man

Back in the good old days he used to do puppet shows

He’s played ukulele since he was a boy

Dad has a “thing” for frozen raw chocolate chip cookie dough

“Grandpa” is his newest favorite title =)

He is very loving and unselfish

He likes to have fun! =)

Character/personality traits: Humble, loving, servant-hearted, self-less, approachable, adventurous, steady, goofy.

Happy birthday Dad (a day late)!!!  We are SO grateful for you. It is clearly evident that Jesus lives in you and through you. He is using you to point and draw others to himself. We love you to the moon and back! =)

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3 Comments to “Happy Birthday, Pops!!”

  1.  The Mayo Family

    Happy birthday, Mr. Burnett!
    Hope and pray that you had a wonderful day filled with lots of love, happiness, joy and memories that will last a lifetime!
    God bless you in the year ahead!
    The Mayo Family

    we just had a conversation about frozen cookie dough (chocolate chip) last night….we have decided it is almost as good as
    ice-cream for some! *wink* :)

  2.  Bill Gifford

    Johnny, your loving, self-hearted, selfless presence still affects my life to this day! I still reap the harvest from moments spent with you. You are my Hero and I love you! Thank you for the Man of God who always loves, always prays, and is always devoted to God’s will and His kingdom! I love you and hope you have the Most Awesome Birthday!

  3.  Michelle Winstone

    Happy Birthday Johnny !!! Sorry, it’s a little late but best wishes for another great year.
    Love, Kevin and Michelle

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