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Ferraro Family


Don’t you just love good Christian fellowship?! A couple weeks ago, our friends, the Ferraros came down from Illinois to visit us for several days. We thoroughly enjoyed their time spent at our house! =)

They arrived on Friday, and on Saturday, a pile of us went out to the farm and “used up a little ammo”. =)


Of course we had lots of conversations and also played tons of games – including, Occupation Telephone, which is sure to get many laughs!




Thanks to Granddad, the Ferraros were able to have a tour of our little town in the model T. =) It’s a classic!


Benj enjoyed lots of time with Joel and Benny F. They spent hours and hours playing baseball together. =)




…and you know if you come to the Burnett’s house, chances are, it may just happen to involve a bowl or two of homemade peach ice-cream. =)




Sunday evening we pulled instruments out of the cases, warmed up our voices and had one hum-dinger of a hymn sing (and a few random selections =). This was my highlight of their visit!!!



“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.” Col. 3:16

Ya’ll come! =)

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Birthday+Painting+Craft shopping= FALL!


I know, Hannah’s birthday was a month ago, but here are some pictures of their surprise visit down here!! I think our faces were priceless as they just walked in the front door! *absolute shock* But totally the best surprise ever! We had a great weekend with them!
A big ‘ol scoop of molassas/peanut butter/and chocolate chips served as her birthday cake!



Okay. These are some rather embarrassing pictures. But I guess I’ll post them anyway.
When we first moved into our house, our girls’ bedroom was painted a fresh coat of beautiful pinkish-mauve. maggie, carinna
After 8 yrs of that wonderful color we refreshed our room with a lovely yellow and textured blue with daisies to accent! Cute! For 9 yrs.

redo girl's roommag car  009

Now ladies and gentlemen… the latest refresh…

The painting crew. We’re good. But don’t look too close to the walls, you might just see some writing that went on between primer and paint! =D
Silver walls with dark fuchsia bedspreads. I guess when I’m almost thirty it’ll be time to update again!  

It has been tradition for YEARS for Mom and Granny and our aunts to go craft shopping together in AR every year. Well this year some of us granddaughters got to join in and get the experience for ourselves!
IMG_3080photo 1photo 2 copy

Super fun to run in to friends from 23yrs ago!
photo 2

We got to watch a guy paint these pictures using spray paint! Pretty impressive!
photo 3 copyphoto 3photo 5 photo 610450083_10152348791431493_189880903737694365_o10450083_10152348791446493_848703956476068535_ophoto 8

pumpkin everything, hayrides, bright leaves, sweaters, hot chocolate, scarves, candy corn, boots, football and apple cider.
What would you add to the list?

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