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Merry Christmas!!!


We started off our Christmas celebrations early last Sat. with our family tea.
Mom’s theme this year for the tea (or rather party) was mittens.
There wasn’t an abundant supply of mitten themed decorations in the stores – so mom really got her creativity going!

Everybody pitched in and helped with the decorations and all the cooking that had to be done. It was a busy day, but we made lots of memories! =)

Dad helped G-pa make his traditional chex-mix…this stuff is amazing!


The guys traced and cut mittens out of felt.
As you can imagine, it turned into more of a competition! DSC_0132_thumb2
Charity and Abbie making cookies
Evan enjoying his “real” food!

taking a breakDSC_0145_thumb3

Frying “Bang-bang Shrimp” =)


And everyone needs a break now-and-then to snuggle with the nephew..

..or in this case, the grandson. Winking smile

Some of the final results…



And some of the food includes…
Almond-Joy Bites

Dill Pickle Dip

Nutella Cream Puffs

Sugar Cookies

Bang-Bang Shrimp

and Kielbasa Sausage and Pineapple coated with Chili Sauce.
As I said, that is only a few of the yummy finger foods that we had!


Afterwards, some of us raced down to Main St. to watch our town’s Christmas parade, then we sang some carols, and opened gifts.

Never a dull moment.

To conclude the evening, we all traded around to play our family’s favorite games!!

Charity and Mom playing Baseball.DSC_0379_thumb2
Caleb and Benj. playing Acquire

A group playing Dominion
And last but not least.. Bohnanza. Otherwise known as “the bean game”!
Benjamin got it for Christmas. (woop woop!)
Dustin and Hannah taught it to us when we went up in September. We love it!


Sunday we celebrated Christmas with Granddad and Granny.
It was quite different being able to just hop the fence instead of driving 2 hours up to Tulsa.



cousin Daniel with Abbie

some intense games of…

and 42.

We had to get a picture of the two 6-month-old cousins and their mammas.

And speaking of babies, they got passed around a lot! =)


Games + gifts + food + fellowship = lots of fun!





Here’s a few pictures of our church’s annual Christmas Eve candlelight service…



This last Friday, we celebrated Christmas with the Burnett side of the family.

We don’t have very many pictures of that.

It was in the 60’s, so a few went outside to enjoy the weather, and it’s a good thing they did, yesterday it was snowing and sleeting.


Always plenty of desserts!

Guess what?! Games again!

We’ll that’s a look at some of the things we’ve been up too.
Hoping everyone had a Merry Christmas!

Luke 2:14
Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”

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Fall update


Okay ya’ll, time for a much needed update on what’s going on around here!
You probably thought we’d abandoned you for good.. but we are staying super busy!

Abbie is now officially a CNA, and she is working part-time at a nursing home nearby.


A couple weeks ago John-Clay and Abbie went down to TX for a video project that   J-C was in charge of. This fun group of folks spent all week videoing Andrew Pudewa so his sessions on writing will be up-to-date!set up
The set-up in the back.

One night they went to this amazing restaurant, you know
the moan-and-groan-and-can-hardly-walk-after-you’re-done-eating type of restaurant.
It was obviously good enough that it made it on the blog.
A rare occurrence. If ever.
So, if you need some great BBQ.. look ‘em up.


And speaking of great food… Thanksgiving always has LOTS of it! Winking smile

We had a fun time eating, playing games, and great fellowship with the relatives that came to our house this year for Thanksgiving!

Now to the thing that, for a few of us, has taken up the majority of our time…
(and money) =Phunting
Hunting… Oh. Yeah!

A little bored, Benj?

benj's doe
During Youth Season, Benj shot this nice doe.
This is his first deer, and also his first year to hunt (besides being nice and sitting with someone so that they can hunt).

mags buck
The first day that I was able to hunt rifle season, I shot this guy within 45 minutes of being out, and within 15 minutes of it being light enough to see!
Yeah, I kinda got a big break!

mags buckmags buck

After we had gutted my buck, Benj decided to stay out and hunt the same spot, hoping to catch a deer coming to check out the guts.

We got the call while skinning and quartering up my buck that Benj had shot this fella’…
benjs buckbenjs buck
His first buck!!

Aaaand 3 days later Carinna shot this doe.

carinna's doe

With four deer harvested, there is a lot of meat to cut up and package for the freezer!
And hunting season is far from over! We are praising the Lord for His provision!
cutting up meat

cutting up meat
Yum… look at those beautiful butterfly steaks.
Well, okay.. they don’t exactly  look beautiful.. or yummy yet, but use your imagination.
Chicken fried steak coming right up! Now you can say yum.cutting up meat
When you spend hours, upon hours, cutting up raw meat.. and Christmas songs are playing.. and you’re hungry.. and/or a little tired… weird moods are just going to happen.

cutting up meat
There’s still work to be done.. I have jerky marinating, and we have burger to grind up, most of which, Carinna will make into some AMAZING summer sausage!

We are also super busy with grandpa’s estate sale that will be going on this weekend. 
Grandpa has been living with us for about two months.
It’s great having him live with us, not without it’s challenges.. but we are so grateful for him and the blessing he is to our family!!!!


Dustin, Hannah, and this cute little guy are on their way to move back down here!!
Smile We are SO excited!  (that’s an understatement!) Smile



“When the LORD turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream. 
Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The LORD hath done great things for them.
The LORD hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.”


Praise the Lord, for He has done great things for us indeed!!

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