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Part 2 – Birthdays!


Alrighty folks! =) This next idea we snatched was from a couples’ Valentine dinner that Dad and Mom attended. Each couple filled one of these little papers out for their spouse. We liked the idea so much we adapted it to fit our family for each persons’ birthday!

So all the kiddos at home, minus the birthday person of course, collaborate together to fill out the following “statements” and read them aloud to the special someone at their birthday celebration.Cheryl 55DSC_0379maggie and carinna

Here are the statements below, I’ll fill out several of these, and tell you whose they were. =)

You make us laugh: (Abbie)
When you are so focused on something you end up embarrassing  yourself…
With your new favorite words (at least for the first week)

You inspire us by your:

We appreciate: (Caleb)
Your heart to help other in need
Your love of the outdoors

You encourage us by: (Benj)
Your sweet surprising “I love you” presents

We admire your: (John-Clay)
Passion for Truth.

You are super good at/with: (Charity)
Being dependable
Living up to your name

Without you: (Carinna)
We’d have a tick-infested, spoiled-rotten, disobedient and lazy mutt! =)

You make us smile when you:

We couldn’t do without your: (Maggie)
Happiness and cheerfulness =)

One of the things we like best about you: (Mom)
The way you take care of people in need.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 10.06.56 AMBenjamin turns 14


Our family has been really encouraged by this and hope yours will be too! =)

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Birthday Week @ the B’s House


No, it’s not actually someone’s birthday today (well okay it is, just not in our family =), we just thought we’d share a fun tradition that we kids started within the last couple years at our house, just in case you think it would be a fun idea to start doing at YOUR HOUSE! You can add to, change it up, exactly copy, or completely forget you even read this post, whatever suits your fancy. =)

Here’s how it works. For each birthday (we’ll just use Benj as an example for this post), so say it’s the week of Benjamin’s birthday, each of us girls will pick a day in that week to try and help Benj feel very loved and special.

These are some ideas of what we do…most of all keep in mind to be creative, go all out, leave the bday boy reminded of how loved he is and how much you appreciate him. =)

…do their chores for the day/week.

Write a special note and put it in a fun spot for them to find.

Okay, pull out your pencil and paper you need to take notes on this one. BUY THEIR FAVORITE SNACKS!!! =)

Embellish anything with cuteness. 

Place a new Nemo in their fish-tank. =)

Hand-make something special, whether it’s a carving, jewelry, painting…

Think of the things they like best and bless them with a surprise present!

Hannah's birthday
Place fresh flowers in a random spot, bake their favorite treat…

Hannah's birthday
Okay another place to take notes here: for the party lovers and even the not party lovers, use LOTS OF BALLOONS AND STREAMERS to decorate!!! =)

photo 5photo
Take them out to eat or out for coffee or out for ice-cream or out for -  you get the idea. =)

This year, I decided to try and take each of my sibs (at home) out to a special place for some one-on-one time because I don’t get to spend as much time with them at home since I work part-time.

photo 3
Benj and I went to the Chickasaw Cultural Center, it was pretty fun!

photo 4
For Charity’s birthday, she and I took a very fun train ride down to Ardmore, it was so enjoyable, we’ll probably do it again sometime!

So there are some ideas for ya, if you found this post enjoyable or helpful, let us know and we’ll try to do a PART 2 to share another exciting birthday tradition we started last year! =)

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Riddle answer…


What do they all have in common?
The relationship and engagement of John-Clay and Sarah Ferraro!

John-Clay and Sarah got engaged last week!
They have gotten to know each other during the last year by working on video projects for a missions ministry that Sarah was involved in/family visits. This past month has been filled with lots of Skype calls and trips to Illinois for John-Clay!
Last week Sarah got to come down and spend several days with us…
…Well, kinda, J-C was the main focus of her trip! Winking smile

He popped the question last Saturday and what do ya know, she said YES!!

We are really looking forward to a Burnett-Ferraro wedding this summer!

We are so excited for them! And they are BEYOND happy!

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Solve the riddle…



What do:

Dry mouth
Memory loss
Road trips
New songs
Vibrating phones
Gold and silver
Neck cramps
Loss of appetite
and Peanut Butter and Jelly
all have in common?

Go ahead, leave your answer in the comments section and come back soon for the answer!

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Mother Dearest



Our Mom has been a Mother for over 28 years now! A lot has changed over that many years, and now she finds herself with 3 grown adults out of the house, and 5 hoodlums left in her house. =) She has successfully homeschooled and graduated 7 children, with one still hard at his studies.

Her role has changed a bit from changing diapers, picking out our church clothes on Sat night, and fixing our hair on Sunday morning. =) We’d like to share a few of the things we appreciate about mom in the season we’re in right now…

Benj- Her willingness to listen to us even in her busy life

Carinna- That she is there (not all moms are!) and is available…And I appreciate the support she gives to Dad and the rest of us.

Maggie- Keeping our house in order and her willingness to laugh and have a great time amidst the crazy happenings around here!  =)

Charity- I love the times the two of us get to go places together like running errands, shopping, and just being able to talk! She is one of my best friends!

Abbie- Her willingness to ask questions and then listen…and listen some more. =) 


We love you mom!!!

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