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September–Early October Recap


Yes, I know, September feels like SO long ago, at least it does to us… But lots of fun things happened in that wonderful month.

On the 26th, we hosted a wedding reception in OKC for John-Clay and Sarah.
We spent many weeks before hand planning and cooking!


Mrs. Pate was such a blessing and helped us decorate and ironed ALL the table cloths!


The Ferraro family came down and helped us get everything ready on Saturday.


I frosted lots of mini cupcakes and brownies!


I thought this picture was funny! :)


Everyone ate, then we played a couple of games, one was the “shoe game”,
the dads spoke, then J&S shared their story!


-Beginning of October-

Because of our Granddad’s health, we were not able to take our annual family camping trip, so instead, we spent a weekend all together
at our house playing games, eating “camping” food, and even went out to the farm
for a wiener roast and “around the campfire songs”… break out the ukuleles
and…well…you’ll just have to try and imagine!





We even had a bean-bag toss tournament one afternoon!


Since we were all together, and it wasn’t raining, we took family pictures.
We will update our “meet the family” page here pretty soon with the real ones,
but for now here’s a little glimpse!


Until next time!

Philippians 4:8 – Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”

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Harold Dean Clay 1934-2015


10 days ago today, our Granddad (mom’s dad) passed away. The last few days, weeks, and months have been filled with spending lots of time with him, playing games, caring for basic needs, late nights, and just BEING there…so if you’re wondering why we’ve been so blog-absent recently, that’s our good reason. =)

Granddad 80thHaroldIMG_1649
Our dear Granny was his main care-giver and has been the love of his life for over 61 years! I was inspired as I watched her pour herself whole-heartedly into caring for him right up until his final breath on October the 10th.

These were a few of his favorite things…

…working hard on his farm in Tulsa.

Caleb Andrew Burnett, GranddadMaggie, Granddad, Johnny, Carinna
…bee keeping.

Caleb Andrew Burnett, Granddad
…hunting…especially in Colorado.

KG9VG7iv-7BbNt5kED0xleYAyyxsgCFkr5qCEMC25DECaleb Andrew Burnett, Granddad
…fixing things… =) The saying goes “Jack of all trades, master of none”, but I feel like that has to be rephrased for Granddad and those who knew him would agree I think – “Jack of all trades, master of ALL!”Christmas Parade with Granddad
…his classic Model T. This picture was taken at a Christmas parade, he invited us to come up to Tulsa and ride with him.

Mt. Scott, Cheryl and DadGranny, Hannah, GranddadMt. Scott, Charity and GDbenjamin and grandad_0947granny, mag, gd
…and his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. He was not a very affectionate kind of guy but demonstrated his love more by serving us. If he even had a hint that someone needed something he was ON-IT! If someone was looking for a car, or was stumped on their sewing project, or wanted to make a hay bale blind…the list goes on and on.

photo 1

…and I can’t leave out his love of the domino game 42 =)

photo 2
I personally was never very close to Granddad…until this past year when I started helping take care of him. Although it was tough to watch him as he digressed, struggled to breath, and suffer, I would not trade the time spent and precious memories made with him for anything in the world.

photo 3

photo 4
During his last few weeks, our family, including our aunts, uncles and cousins traded in and out caring for him and keeping him company…until he passed a week ago Saturday. He finished well, died peacefully, and of course we already miss his presence with us.

G-dad making malts!

…so today happens to be his birthday, and we are going to celebrate tonight by eating one of his specialties – homemade malts. =)

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Part Three – John-Clay and Sarah’s Wedding


Before joining everyone at the reception, the wedding party went back
to the park to have pictures taken…

L to R – Elena F., Abbie, Hannah, Maria F., Grace F., Bethany F., Anna F., Sarah,
John-Clay, Caleb, Benjamin, Josiah F., Dustin, Alex L., Wayne Fagala,
Benjamin F. and Joel F.

While these two love-birds were smiling/kissing/looking at one another…
the wedding party was having fun passing the time by 
jammin’ with Joel on the ukulele and singing! That boy can PLAY!

The location for the reception was beautiful!


Everyone ate a delicious meal of Smoked BBQ pork sandwiches!

Caleb(best man) and Anna (maid of honor) started off the speeches and then several of the wedding party and some family and friends also spoke and shared stories.

J-C and Sarah’s reactions in these pictures are so fun!

Anna F. and a friend of their family made and decorated the wedding cakes

Instead of the traditional “bride throws the bouquet”
thing and all the single girls awkwardly get out there to try and catch it… : ) 
they made up a big bouquet out of the extra flowers and presented it to the
couple who had been married the longest…

…Sarah’s grandparents have been married for 55 years!

Signing the marriage license.

We had a great time visiting with friends!i-8Dwm7c8-X3

And off they went!

That was the last we saw of them for three weeks…their honeymoon destination was the beautiful mountains and cabins of Colorado!

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