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Road trip to TX!


If you didn’t know… We LOVE family road trips! The 5 of us kids that are still at home and Mom and Dad drove down to San Antonio, TX to attend the Annual Christian Worldview Film Festival. We have gone in the past but only to attend the ending ceremonies on Saturday. This year we were super excited to be able to go for the whole weekend!

Snacks are a must on our family trips!

There were 10 films/projects that John-Clay had the privilege of being apart of, 6 of which won awards and 3 got runner-up! He also taught 4 sessions at the filmmaker’s guild earlier in the week.
This is part of the “Polycarp” team.
Supper at the pizza place.

We really enjoyed hangin out with the Ferraro girls that came down and their cousin Eliya Hurt who played “Anna” in the movie “Polycarp”.
Somehow ice-cream always sounds so good late at night when everyone’s tired!!

It was so refreshing to get away for the weekend and enjoy time together as family! We get so spread out and busy that just passing in the house sometimes we realize we haven’t seen someone ALL day! So driving 7hrs squished in the car together is very fun!

Randy and Susan Putz were so gracious to let us stay at their house again this year. After the ending ceremonies they treated us to Coldstone Creamery ice-cream!
I told ya ice-cream always sounds good!

Us with “Mr. and Mrs. Polycarp”.                                                                  

Several of the Tulls joined us too! After meeting part of the Tull family and wanting very badly to meet the rest, we finally got to! d
Mrs. Henline, Mom, and Mrs. Putz                        Joe H. and John-Clay            

Some highlights of the trip were… Just going on a trip, getting to support John-Clay, getting to see Beyond the Mask for the first time, meeting lots of John-Clay’s filmmaker friends, sharing the same house with the Henlines, watching “Polycarp” on “the big” screen, and having the Ferraros stay at our house on their way home!

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Birthday+Painting+Craft shopping= FALL!


I know, Hannah’s birthday was a month ago, but here are some pictures of their surprise visit down here!! I think our faces were priceless as they just walked in the front door! *absolute shock* But totally the best surprise ever! We had a great weekend with them!
A big ‘ol scoop of molassas/peanut butter/and chocolate chips served as her birthday cake!



Okay. These are some rather embarrassing pictures. But I guess I’ll post them anyway.
When we first moved into our house, our girls’ bedroom was painted a fresh coat of beautiful pinkish-mauve. maggie, carinna
After 8 yrs of that wonderful color we refreshed our room with a lovely yellow and textured blue with daisies to accent! Cute! For 9 yrs.

redo girl's roommag car  009

Now ladies and gentlemen… the latest refresh…

The painting crew. We’re good. But don’t look too close to the walls, you might just see some writing that went on between primer and paint! =D
Silver walls with dark fuchsia bedspreads. I guess when I’m almost thirty it’ll be time to update again!  

It has been tradition for YEARS for Mom and Granny and our aunts to go craft shopping together in AR every year. Well this year some of us granddaughters got to join in and get the experience for ourselves!
IMG_3080photo 1photo 2 copy

Super fun to run in to friends from 23yrs ago!
photo 2

We got to watch a guy paint these pictures using spray paint! Pretty impressive!
photo 3 copyphoto 3photo 5 photo 610450083_10152348791431493_189880903737694365_o10450083_10152348791446493_848703956476068535_ophoto 8

pumpkin everything, hayrides, bright leaves, sweaters, hot chocolate, scarves, candy corn, boots, football and apple cider.
What would you add to the list?

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Trip Up North!


A trip with family, to see family! Oh yeah!
Our whole family (with the exception of Caleb who was working) piled in our van to drive a total of 32.5 hours over 6 days to visit friends in Illinois and Iowa, then to Minnesota to see Hannah and her family, then to see our next of kin, then back home!
First, our Aunt and Uncle were so sweet to let us crash at their house Monday night and leave early on Tuesday!

We visited the Ferraro family in Illinois and they served us a delicious lunch!

Then we drove to Iowa to spent two nights with the Bontrager family! We always come away so encouraged and refreshed!Charity and Maggie
We played some super fun games of Rapid Recall! Competitive.

We got a tour of their dairy farm for the first time! It was fun to see what life is like on their farm when they aren’t on the road singing!

We always like to sneak in a good game of volleyball when we can.

After an absolutely wonderful time with them…
Then we finally made it up to see this cute little guy!

We took advantage of the beautiful weather, soft grass, and our family being together and played a tournament of bean bag toss!

We played games, talked, ate homemade pizza, talked, snuggled Evan, you get the idea…just being family!!
always gotta play some 42

Grandparenting at it’s best!

Friday night we visited the Dorninks (aka-next of kin) and had a great time with them as usual! =D

We are so grateful for all the wonderful hospitality and encouraging fellowship!
We hope to see all these wonderful faces again soon!

Until next time…

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Need some encouraging fellowship…?


The ATI connections team is making their way around the U.S.

If you are needing encouragement or fellowship with other families, this is a great way to be able to connect with others in your area, get up to date with what’s happening at IBLP and be challenged with messages by Chris Hogan, Gary Fraley, the Wallers and Gabe Cleator!

Go check their schedule, see if they will be in your area, and put it on your calendar!


We highly recommend you go, you will be blessed!

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Labor Day Weekend


To start the weekend off, on Saturday we were so blessed to be apart of a friend’s wedding.
Earlier in the week, we helped them bake 530 cupcakes!! We helped with the food for the wedding making sure everything stayed filled up and popcorn kept popping.

Abbie and Maggie, along with some dear friends of ours, played music for the wedding. Abbie played her ukulele and Maggie played the Mandolin! The evening of the wedding was just gorgeous! IMG_0008
They had fireworks during their first dance, that was pretty neat!

I was in charge of the photo booth and had a great time snapping pictures of everyone as they “signed the guest book” by getting their picture taken!

On Monday we had a party at our house! We took “labor day” seriously getting ready for everyone to come! We got some much needed clean up done!

Granny and Mary Ella were “neck and neck” the whole croquet game!

Dad grilled up the burgers for everyone! Yum.

And lots of homemade peach ice-cream! 1..2..3.. 4 bowls of ice-cream!?!?!

Once it got too dark to play volleyball we moved inside and played games! Rapid Recall, 2 different “story games”, Spoons and Nertz. =D We had fun.

2 Thessalonians 3:10 – … If any would not work, neither should he eat.

Proverbs 14:23 – In all labor there is profit, But mere talk leads only to poverty.

What did ya’ll do for Labor Day?

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