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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!


All the Christmas decorations are up!
Now it’s the exciting time for.. recipe searching, shopping, party planning, secret packages arriving in the mail, eggnog, and a new genre of music! Yay for Christmas!!!!

Here’s some pictures of the day we set up for the Christmas season! DSC_0755

Dad is the hero at fixing the ever finicky strings of lights! He patiently fiddles around with them, replacing the little lights one at a time until the just the right bulb magically lights up the whole row, or sometimes he might just go to the store and buy a  whole new string! Winking smile

All the ornaments are very random but have special meaning. Old and new!DSC_0771DSC_0772DSC_0775DSC_0777DSC_0774

Look closely… =D


Caleb’s wonderful onion soufflé… It’s pretty much amazing!!


Charity- Nativity scene organizer!

Of all of our decorations, I think this is my favorite!DSC_0733

Sometimes the very loud Christmas music (which can officially be played the Saturday after Thanksgiving), dozens of tubs and boxes everywhere, the excitement of a new joyful season, and the dazzling lights, make for some… happy.. ?? .. people!!!DSC_0742DSC_0745

How beautiful!
DSC_0699DSC_0798 IMG_2052


Rifle season wasn’t all that exciting for us. For all of the hours and hours we spent in the woods, Benjamin was the only one that scored…  he got this nice doe!


Here are some pictures from a recent skeet shoot outing we had with one of our  awesome cousins.

He lets us drive his super epic truck around… which, of course, is SO much fun!


When the spring breaks on the clay pigeon thrower… you use a hand thrower!IMG_1792IMG_1796IMG_1794IMG_1802

The gangIMG_1798IMG_1799

We might have gotten a little happy with the tripod and timer.. haha!!

This month is always full of fun events, so hopefully we’ll be a little more faithful in our blogging.. Smile

Until then.. happy 16 days till Christmas!


"Without doubt the mightiest thought the mind can entertain is the thought of God."

– A. W. Tozer

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Definitions of Random


a: lacking a definite plan, purpose, or pattern
b : made, done, or chosen at random
c : this post (haha)
Please buckle your seat belts. You’re about to get a fast blur of our very busy
life from the past couple of months.

Let’s start with a trip that Carinna took the beginning of June!

Carinna traveled up to MN with Dustin and Hannah for
Michelle’s Dornink’s graduation party.

Making an enormous graduation sign, playing games, and uplifting conversation
are a few of her highlights.

Michelle and Carinna302 - Copy

Okay, so, when I say traveling with Dustin and Hannah, that means some quality time  (12 hours of it to be exact!) in the back seat with this lil dude!


                 Father’s Day                              God blessed us with lots of delicious
                                                             peaches from our trees!

 DSC_0056carinna peaches


For a whole week, Charity and I had the privilege of cooking up at Eagle Springs for the folks going through  Operation Impact. It was a blessed time for us!

Popcorn anyone?
One night we got to participate in a Survival Scavenger Hunt!
It was super fun!!

Charity’s teamIMG_2647
My team2015-07-08 20.57.43

Then, as you know, we had the exciting chaos of Peach Festival.

Next, Carinna and I went up with Dustin and Hannah a week early for Dillon’s (Dustin’s brother) wedding.

Dillon's weddin' 073

Jammin’ around… fun times!!!!!

Dillon's weddin' 099
Played lots of games, including LOTS of volleyball which was a big hit for us!!Dillon's weddin' 169

Making lasagna for rehearsal dinner.

Dillon's weddin' 106

I got the job of decorating the arch, it was so much fun!Dillon's weddin' 145

Chillin’ out, observing the rehearsal
Dillon's weddin' 191

Wedding time! Dad, Abbie, and Benjamin came up the day before the wedding!photo 5

At the reception, Abbie helped serve, and Carinna helped in the kitchen.
Benj. and I got to be the “runners” and keep the food, water, and punch filled!photo 2 copy

We celebrated Granny, Dad, and Mom’s birthdays!

Carinna and I celebrated our birthday over at Granddad and Granny’s house!


Being a twin is the best!!!!!!


Abbie took Carinna and I to Frontier City and White Water Bay as a birthday present!!!! We had SUCH A BLAST!!!!!!!

In case you ever go to Frontier City, Diamondback is the best ride there!
photo 1

Oh, the adrenaline rush!!!! =D photo 3aIMG_0008
We didn’t realize that White Water Bay was a whole separate park!
I don’t think we’d go there again, but we did have fun getting wet!!!!

I haven’t had so much fun in a really long time!!! It was an absolute blast!

See Evan’s shoes?! He’s walking like crazy now!
In just a few short weeks, he has turned into a toddler!
(SmileAnd he’s just getting cuter and cuter! Smile)


We are super excited that these two lovebirds get married in just
one week and five days!!!!!!! And needless to say, they are excited too!!

jc and sarah

I hope that wasn’t too much information at one time, but I think as of right now, you are fairly caught up with some of the happenings in our life!


Colossians 3:23-24

And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;
 Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ.”

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This and That…



Aaaalrighty folks, time for an update!! June has been super fun and busy, and July is going to be even busier, but, let’s not get ahead of ourselves! Smile

We are about to go peach crazy around here!

Normally the peaches have some kind of problem from either.. wind, hail, frost, heat, drought or bugs, but this year we’ve got to experience a new problem…
too much rain!!
See the lovely peach below?
Well, this year the majority of the peaches from the peach orchards have this fungus (brown rot) that rots the peach from the outside, to the inside.. and eventually the whole peach.
It makes for a very, um, interesting experience!
On average, a good, solid, WHOLE peach gives us about 1/2 cup. 
Overall, we’d cut up about 700 peaches for 80 quarts.
But, since half of the peaches are half rotten.. it is taking a little longer.

Like I said, we’re about to go peach crazy! But we’re having fun, right gang?!

But it will all be worth it when we see people enjoying our homemade peach ice cream at the Peach Festival!

peaches (2)

Cutting up peaches!

peaches (1)

Playing 42 with Granny and Granddad. We love having them live so close!


Granny giving some of her great-grandkids a fun ride!


J-C & Sarah’s wedding is coming up fast!
We girls and mom went shopping for dresses.

Here we’re looking through patterns, and patterns, and more patterns.
(And laughing at the ridiculous styles that some people come up with
nowadays! Open-mouthed smile)

fabric shopping (2)fabric shopping (3)fabric shopping (1)

*baby swallows on the porch*baby swallows


fishing (1)fishing (1)
Some of us kids have been fishing some!       This is Abbie’s keeper one day!

fishing (2)

Our garden is coming along! 
It’s a little stunted, but it’s producing very well!



This little guy celebrated his 1st birthday!!

evan 1st bday

He REALLY enjoyed his chocolate cake!!



We were blessed to be able to attend the 100th anniversary of Broadway Baptist Church in Sand Springs Oklahoma!

Here’s a little history, Dad and Mom got married in ‘81.
Dad was the youth minister at Broadway from ‘80 to ‘83.
It was neat to meet the people that they impacted during their time there!! So many people were thrilled to see them!

broadway babtist (5)


The church had a “museum” area set up with old pictures and such.
It was really fun to see pictures that we’d never seen before of Dad and Mom!

Aren’t they cute!?

broadway babtist (7)

This is Mom in the hand bell choir! She’s standing 4th from the left.
She played good too!

broadway babtist (1)

broadway babtist (2)

This was my favorite that we found!!
This is Dad singing Bicycle Built For Two for Mom at a Valentine’s event!

broadway babtist (6)

Catching up with old friends!broadway babtist (3)

John-Clay & Sarah came too!

broadway babtist (4)

Speaking of these lovebirds.. they are going to be Mr. and Mrs. in approximately 1,272 hours! We’re so excited!!

The couples when we all gathered for Father’s Day.Open-mouthed smile

cute couples (1)

What’s the matter Evan, can’t you eat when you have aunts and uncles tickling and pestering you?! We love this little dude!

evan laughing

Going for a Sunday drive in our favorite old car!

model T

We see such gorgeous scenery while we’re chugging around in the Model T!

Since John-Clay is getting hitched and moving out of the du-plex that he and Caleb shared, the boys, Dad, Carinna and I got to move some furniture this past weekend.
Fun times!

moving (2)

J-C and Caleb treated us to pizza after all the moving was done!
moving (1)moving (3)

We are thoroughly enjoying the zinnias that are lining the border of our garden!
And gracing our table! =)



“And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

Phil. 4:7

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Skull Mount


Okay folks, if you’re the squeamish type, then this post might not be
enjoyable to you, so.. just getting that out there! Winking smile

About a year ago, Carinna researched how to do a
European Mount (aka skull mount) on a buck that Caleb had shot.
After watching a few videos and reading people’s opinions on the subject,
she bought the supplies and wah-lah, the first skull mount
ever done by one of the Burnett kids! It turned out really nice!
Carinna and Caleb
To have a skull mount done by the “pros” costs around $120-$150 (more or less),
but doing it ourselves only costs about $5 – though it does take some time.

If you remember this last deer season, the Lord blessed us with several deer including this guy  that came by the tree where I was hunting.
Compared to other states (or even other parts of OK), he’s a not very big, but comparing him to the bucks that we normally see, he’s a one good lookin’ dude,
and I was super excited about trying a skull mount on him!Carinna's skull mount

So, just in case the following pictures are confusing,
let me clarify and say that some of the pictures are of the
skull mount that Carinna did, and some of them are mine. 
All of the pictures are after the skull is done,
or at least, right before the skull is done.

Having pictures through the entire process would have been much more helpful for you to understand how this is done, and I seriously thought about
taking step-by-step pictures while I was doing mine,
but somehow…it just didn’t happen.
(You squeamish people that decided to read this post, can thank me later.) 
Hopefully next time we’ll get pictures!!maggies skull mount

So, here’s my step-by-step list on How to do a Skull Mount.
I’m not sure how much sense it will make (or if it will at all),
unless you’re trying to do one yourself, but here it goes!
(Please pardon me if I accidently leave out any crucial parts to this process.
I’m not an expert, just recalling what I did. = )

*Shoot a buck. Preferably one that has an enormous rack.*
If it’s not enormous, but you are still impressed with the rack…please keep reading.

*After you have skinned the buck and what-not,
cut the head off, and cut the skin off of the head.*

Be sure when you cut the head off, you cut a few vertebras back into the neck, to avoid cutting the skull. Otherwise you’ll eliminate the part of the skull that is necessary if you wish to show it off by hanging it on the wall.

(It’s better to have more skull/spine than you need, because it’s easier to
take more bone off later, than-obviously-try adding any on!)

Also, cut as much meat off from the face as you can.
Hopefully you have a sharp knife. If you don’t, get one.
When you are cutting the meat off, make sure not to slash the bone
with your knife, it will show up on the skull more
than you would think it would when it’s done.

  maggies skull mount

*Cut off as much meat as possible*
This would be the time to cut out the eyes if you haven’t already done so.
The eyes were pretty difficult to get out, but you just have to keep at it…they pop out eventually. (they don’t exactly pop out, I’m just trying to keep up with
my part of the bargain of making people squeamish. =P)

This step is only necessary if you, (like me) put your deer head in the freezer for later because you didn’t have time to do a skull mount right away.

If you have a single electric burner ( like below),
you’ll want to use it outside, or in a shed.
single burner
If you don’t have one, and you enjoy living a happy life with your family (and you want to keep it that way) , you might think about getting one. Because. it. stinks!
I know my mom would NEVER allow the smell (nor the sight) of a half cooked, greasy, gamey meat aroma in the house… (the smell of the deer tongue we cooked one year was not enjoyed, much less the smell of this!)

You’ll also need a very large pot like the one below,
which will need to be big enough that when you fill it with water,
and stick the skull in, the water covers the entire skull.


*Place the pot on a burner outside or in a shed. Fill the pot with water, then squirt a little dawn dishwashing soap in the water to help cut the grease*

*Place the skull in the water*
If you can, try to keep the antlers out of the water.
I had to wire mine up so that the antlers were out of the water,
but the whole skull was submerged…
My antlers still sat in the water some, and if you look close at my skull mount,
you can see they darkened at the bottom.

This is what it should look like below. (It’s a stock photo.. by the way.)

stock photo

*Bring water to a slight simmer, and keep it there*
NEVER let the water boil or else the bones will separate.. and no more skull mount! Mine boiled for just a tiny bit, and some of the nose bones
really started getting loose.
But also, if the water is not hot enough it will take forever!

*Using some of the following; a dull knife ( like a butter knife.), a sharp knife, a brass brush,** long nosed pliers **, a toothbrush, wire, and whatever else seems like it will do the job, clean the meat off every couple of hours as the meat continues to cook and become tender.*

The process of cooking and cleaning will take ALL day if not longer! If it’s taking too long, and you can’t check it or mess with it for longer than 3 hours or so, (for ex. going to bed), just turn the burner off and start the next day.
I did that several times.

The water is going to get gunky, greasy and gross.
But don’t gag, gingerly get rid of all that grime!
You could garnish your yard by dumping this ghastly garbage on it,
but, oh goodness, this gal should quit gabbing, and make you grateful
by getting on with this… post.

*Ahem* (sorry it’s been a long day.)

But to be serious…
*The water will need changed at least once or twice, it gets really disgusting
( I dumped it in the ditch, I recommend you dump it
as far away from your house as possible.)
Also, you’ll need to make sure you keep the pot full of water
because it’s going to start evaporating.
You want the water to cover all of the skull as much as possible.*

As the meat loosens, some of it will come off by itself, but most of it
you’ll have to hand scrape. Just sit down and scrape, pull, and yank! 

*Another thing is that some of the teeth are likely to fall out,
save them to glue in later.*
Make sure that the teeth aren’t in the water when you dump it out!

The lower jaws will separate and come off, you can keep them if you want.
By looking at the teeth on the lower jaws you can see how old the buck is.
I ended up throwing mine away.

maggies skull mount
*Okay, see those thin little bones up in the nose? ( above )
Well, there will be cartilage/meat all wound around those bones..and  it’s a pain, because you don’t want to tear or break the bones, and they’re very fragile.
So, make sure to be careful, but thorough when getting the meat out of there!*

The brains are a whole ‘nother matter, they’re goopy, rubbery, and chunky, and you only have a little hole (see below) to try to scoop them out of. If you’re careful, you can bang the back of the skull on a padded but firm surface- like a towel folded on top of a cabinet-. This will help the brains to fall out by themselves.maggies skull mount

*Another biggie is to be super careful with the long nose bones, they brake very easily! Especially since they are a little loose from the hot water. *

Be very, very thorough in getting all of the meat, brains, and skin off!!
It will be very awkward, but a toothbrush will be necessary for getting all the meat and gunk off from around the teeth.
Hey, enjoy it.. how often do you get to brush a deer’s teeth! (Haha.)

maggies skull mount
*When you think you have all the meat cleaned off, go over it again, and again, and sure, why not, go over it again! It is super important to get it CLEAN!*

You can clean the antlers some if you want…just my personal preference, but I didn’t mind a little blood and dirt still on them.

maggies skull mount

When all the meat is cleaned off, get a large (preferably white) tub.

This is the one thing you will be sure and need to buy. (below)

We got ours from  SALLY– beauty and hair supply store.
Make sure and buy the crème, not the liquid.
I accidently got the liquid, not the crème, and I had to soak it in
paper towels and lay it on my skull.
It still worked, but Carinna’s was much easier with the crème.


*First get tape or little plastic bags (or both) and cover the bottom of your antlers.*

maggies skull mount
*Use a paint brush and thoroughly cover the skull with the crème. *use gloves*

Let it sit. Every couple of hours, do another coat. I would use this stuff very generously! If you think you need two bottles, get two bottles!

Carinna's skull mount

By the way, after you use the stuff on your deer skull,
and you see how white it makes it
(or, like me, you get some on your hands, and feel how much it burns,
and how it turns your skin white) 
you’ll wonder WHY in the world would people EVER
put this stuff on their hair!??!

Make sure you get this crème all over, under, and in the little places on your skull. Including the teeth that fell out.Carinna's skull mount

Once your bottle is gone, (or the skull is a white as you want it.) 
rinse the skull off and take the tape off of the antlers.
Now you can glue the deer’s teeth back in. I used super glue.

Then sit back and admire the beauty that you never thought would be,
in a perfectly white…skull.

And, for your sake, I hope you have room in your house –or that the main person who decorates the house… has the same tastes as you do =P.
Because, mine is now nicely wrapped up in the storage part of the attic.
And it won’t be hung up until either Carinna and I were to be the only girls in our room, or unless mother dear decided to decorate or lovely home with a cabin look (Never going to happen). =)

I don’t really mind too much because I’m afraid my pride would be all too grateful to whoever commented on it.
By the time it gets the opportunity to be hung up, and in it’s full glory,
it will be so long since I killed it.. it will seem like old news. Winking smile

maggies skull mount

I really enjoyed getting to learn how to do this project!
And I’m hoping I’ll get to try it out some more! =D




“Wherever you are- be all there.”

~Jim Elliott

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Merry Christmas!!!


We started off our Christmas celebrations early last Sat. with our family tea.
Mom’s theme this year for the tea (or rather party) was mittens.
There wasn’t an abundant supply of mitten themed decorations in the stores – so mom really got her creativity going!

Everybody pitched in and helped with the decorations and all the cooking that had to be done. It was a busy day, but we made lots of memories! =)

Dad helped G-pa make his traditional chex-mix…this stuff is amazing!


The guys traced and cut mittens out of felt.
As you can imagine, it turned into more of a competition! DSC_0132_thumb2
Charity and Abbie making cookies
Evan enjoying his “real” food!

taking a breakDSC_0145_thumb3

Frying “Bang-bang Shrimp” =)


And everyone needs a break now-and-then to snuggle with the nephew..

..or in this case, the grandson. Winking smile

Some of the final results…



And some of the food includes…
Almond-Joy Bites

Dill Pickle Dip

Nutella Cream Puffs

Sugar Cookies

Bang-Bang Shrimp

and Kielbasa Sausage and Pineapple coated with Chili Sauce.
As I said, that is only a few of the yummy finger foods that we had!


Afterwards, some of us raced down to Main St. to watch our town’s Christmas parade, then we sang some carols, and opened gifts.

Never a dull moment.

To conclude the evening, we all traded around to play our family’s favorite games!!

Charity and Mom playing Baseball.DSC_0379_thumb2
Caleb and Benj. playing Acquire

A group playing Dominion
And last but not least.. Bohnanza. Otherwise known as “the bean game”!
Benjamin got it for Christmas. (woop woop!)
Dustin and Hannah taught it to us when we went up in September. We love it!


Sunday we celebrated Christmas with Granddad and Granny.
It was quite different being able to just hop the fence instead of driving 2 hours up to Tulsa.



cousin Daniel with Abbie

some intense games of…

and 42.

We had to get a picture of the two 6-month-old cousins and their mammas.

And speaking of babies, they got passed around a lot! =)


Games + gifts + food + fellowship = lots of fun!





Here’s a few pictures of our church’s annual Christmas Eve candlelight service…



This last Friday, we celebrated Christmas with the Burnett side of the family.

We don’t have very many pictures of that.

It was in the 60’s, so a few went outside to enjoy the weather, and it’s a good thing they did, yesterday it was snowing and sleeting.


Always plenty of desserts!

Guess what?! Games again!

We’ll that’s a look at some of the things we’ve been up too.
Hoping everyone had a Merry Christmas!

Luke 2:14
Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”

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