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Back yard Bible club report



Usually our theme for Bible club is based off of a character quality, this year we switched it up and it was based on the Gospel and sharing it with others.


Carinna and I taught the children a song in both English and in Spanish! It’s pretty cute to hear a bunch of Okie kids trying to roll their R’s like Mexicans do. ;)


I started off the first morning laying a foundation by sharing the Gospel with the children. Using several objects, I tried to illustrate how big and holy our God is, how each person is sinful and will be guilty before God on judgment day, God owes us nothing, yet ‘demonstrated his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us’ Rom. 5:8. Does this make every person saved because God took the punishment we deserve? No, we must repent and believe in Jesus….


Charity told the story of Stephen in the Bible, who was bold to share his faith, even if that meant being stoned to death.


Maggie read a captivating, 3-part story about a young girl named Ti-Fam, who was from Haiti.


DAY 2:


Charity and Maggie were our Scripture memory team for the week. The children learned Romans 5:8 and Romans 1:16.


The first two days, Charity introduced the children to missionaries that our family knows.



On the second day, I talked about eternity. We imagined that this rope was eternity and goes on forever and ever. The red part on the end of the rope represents the few years we spend here on earth. Each of us will die and spend eternity in heaven or hell.

The challenge was to know where you will spend eternity and not waste the few short years you have here on earth, but use them to tell others about the gospel who may have never heard about Jesus.


Benjamin and Maggie scripted a skit on boldness. “Benjamin” was out with his friends and felt prompted to tell one of them about Jesus. He chickened out and found out later that the same friend had died in a car accident. At his friend’s funeral God gave him the opportunity to share the gospel with his other friend…


Benjamin did an excellent job sharing the gospel with 3 eggs! :) The first egg didn’t believe there was a God and when he died (exited the plane), he went splat on the ground and ‘went to hell’. Egg number two, believed there is a God, but he thinks he can get to heaven by his good works, looking good on the outside, he also went splat. The third egg knew that he could not save himself and unless he put on the parachute (salvation) and believed in it to save him, he would also go splat. He put it on and was saved.


Day 3:


On the last day, we had a missionary friend come speak to the kids live! She showed them pictures and told stories of the work she does in Belize.


Our granny told us about a really cool object lesson that she did in VBS this year and it fit perfectly with our Bible club theme.  I sent one of the children to the porch so they couldn’t hear what we were doing. While they were gone, I told the kids I had free candy in my bag for everyone. Now they knew and believed what I said, and they came and got some.

I explained that we can KNOW about Jesus and believe that He came, but if we don’t repent and believe, it doesn’t do much good.

Then, as an analogy to witnessing, I reminded them that the girl who was on the porch didn’t have a clue that I had free candy for everyone, how was she going to find out? Obviously we needed to tell her! Just like some people have never heard the good news of the gospel and we need to tell them.



Here, Carinna is telling the story of a boy who lived in Africa, when he learned the gospel he was very passionate about going back to his village to tell his family.


We divided into groups and made bracelets that the children can use as a witnessing tool. Each bracelet has 5 beads, 

yellow – representing God who is Light and who has no darkness (sin) at all…

black – representing our sin against God…

red – representing the blood of Jesus…

white – representing what happens when Jesus cleanses us from all sin if we repent and believe in Him…

green – representing growing in Christ after salvation…


Parent presentation:


On Thursday night, we had a cook-out and got to say our verses and sing the songs for the parents who came.


“And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15

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