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Aaaalrighty folks, time for an update!! June has been super fun and busy, and July is going to be even busier, but, let’s not get ahead of ourselves! Smile

We are about to go peach crazy around here!

Normally the peaches have some kind of problem from either.. wind, hail, frost, heat, drought or bugs, but this year we’ve got to experience a new problem…
too much rain!!
See the lovely peach below?
Well, this year the majority of the peaches from the peach orchards have this fungus (brown rot) that rots the peach from the outside, to the inside.. and eventually the whole peach.
It makes for a very, um, interesting experience!
On average, a good, solid, WHOLE peach gives us about 1/2 cup. 
Overall, we’d cut up about 700 peaches for 80 quarts.
But, since half of the peaches are half rotten.. it is taking a little longer.

Like I said, we’re about to go peach crazy! But we’re having fun, right gang?!

But it will all be worth it when we see people enjoying our homemade peach ice cream at the Peach Festival!

peaches (2)

Cutting up peaches!

peaches (1)

Playing 42 with Granny and Granddad. We love having them live so close!


Granny giving some of her great-grandkids a fun ride!


J-C & Sarah’s wedding is coming up fast!
We girls and mom went shopping for dresses.

Here we’re looking through patterns, and patterns, and more patterns.
(And laughing at the ridiculous styles that some people come up with
nowadays! Open-mouthed smile)

fabric shopping (2)fabric shopping (3)fabric shopping (1)

*baby swallows on the porch*baby swallows


fishing (1)fishing (1)
Some of us kids have been fishing some!       This is Abbie’s keeper one day!

fishing (2)

Our garden is coming along! 
It’s a little stunted, but it’s producing very well!



This little guy celebrated his 1st birthday!!

evan 1st bday

He REALLY enjoyed his chocolate cake!!



We were blessed to be able to attend the 100th anniversary of Broadway Baptist Church in Sand Springs Oklahoma!

Here’s a little history, Dad and Mom got married in ‘81.
Dad was the youth minister at Broadway from ‘80 to ‘83.
It was neat to meet the people that they impacted during their time there!! So many people were thrilled to see them!

broadway babtist (5)


The church had a “museum” area set up with old pictures and such.
It was really fun to see pictures that we’d never seen before of Dad and Mom!

Aren’t they cute!?

broadway babtist (7)

This is Mom in the hand bell choir! She’s standing 4th from the left.
She played good too!

broadway babtist (1)

broadway babtist (2)

This was my favorite that we found!!
This is Dad singing Bicycle Built For Two for Mom at a Valentine’s event!

broadway babtist (6)

Catching up with old friends!broadway babtist (3)

John-Clay & Sarah came too!

broadway babtist (4)

Speaking of these lovebirds.. they are going to be Mr. and Mrs. in approximately 1,272 hours! We’re so excited!!

The couples when we all gathered for Father’s Day.Open-mouthed smile

cute couples (1)

What’s the matter Evan, can’t you eat when you have aunts and uncles tickling and pestering you?! We love this little dude!

evan laughing

Going for a Sunday drive in our favorite old car!

model T

We see such gorgeous scenery while we’re chugging around in the Model T!

Since John-Clay is getting hitched and moving out of the du-plex that he and Caleb shared, the boys, Dad, Carinna and I got to move some furniture this past weekend.
Fun times!

moving (2)

J-C and Caleb treated us to pizza after all the moving was done!
moving (1)moving (3)

We are thoroughly enjoying the zinnias that are lining the border of our garden!
And gracing our table! =)



“And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

Phil. 4:7

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Christmas at the B’s


Christmas at Grandpa’s house.

On Christmas eve our whole family and every member of our extended family gathered at Grandpa’s house to celebrate together. This was the first time in 8 years we had ALL been together.

A fun game of Balderdash.

Grandkids and grandpa
All the cousins with Grandpa. =)

JOhnny, Janis, Grandpa, Jolena, Jimmy
This year was different and hard without Grandma being with us for the first time. We missed her! But the Lord is so faithful to gave grace through it all.

Christmas Eve Candlelight service

dee, Maggie, Abbie

We had a nice evening at church with lots of music and a thought provoking devotional by Dad.

Celebrating at Granny and Granddad’s house!

great grandchildren nativity 
With Benjamin being the youngest grandkid, it is so fun to have lots of great-grandkids coming now! There are now enough of them to re-enact the birth of Jesus!

Tracy and Hannah, both pregnant
Hannah and our cousin Tracy are due within one week of each other. Lots of baby-talk going around. =)

Benjamin, JC, Caleb

Abbie, Hannah, Charity

Johnny and Oliver

Dad loves babies and is getting warmed up to be a grandpa. =D

Twins, Maggie and Natalie, Carinna, and Nick
Twins with the twins. =)

We are definitely enjoying our new game of Rapid Recall that D&H got us for Christmas!

Charity and NatalieAbbie, Natalie, Nick
Lovin’ on the little people. =)carols

Clay crew
Grateful for all of our family!dsc00453(rev 0)

Joey, Benjamin
Benj. should win the “most valuable player” award! The great-grands LOVE to play/wrestle/tackle all over him, he is a great sport! =)

Happy new year! May the Lord bless each of you. Give all to Jesus, hold nothing back, He is the only One worth living for!

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Christmas in Review :)


Hannah’s piano studio, recital.

Caroling is a fun Christmas tradition. Sometimes I think we are just as blessed (if not more) by it, than the people we sing to. =)

Hannah did a great job organizing our annual church’s Christmas pageant.

Celebrating at Granny’s house: This year our aunt had the fabulous idea to have a dessert bakeoff! Several of us girls enjoyed searching for and making a special recipe. J-C was privileged to be one of the four judges. I’m surprised they were still able to eat lunch after tasting all those desserts. =)

Look who won the bake-off!! Charity beat everyone with her “ Cup of Hot Chocolate Cupcakes”. Way to go sis!

Christmas at Grandpa and Grandma’s house: As Dad mentioned in our Christmas letter post, Grandma has cancer. Right now she is in the middle of getting radiation treatments 5 days a week, but I’m so grateful she’s feeling so much stronger.

…two love birds…

An exciting newer event for our church has been a formal candle-light service on Christmas Eve. It was a very enjoyable evening filled with lovely carols.

We broke a record in the Burnett house-hold this year…we were home all day on Christmas! …I could…get used to it! =) AND…much to my delight, God sent us snow on Christmas DAY! …I could definitely get used to that!!!

Love spending time with the big bros. =)

…two more love birds… =)

Mom whipped up another one of her famous Christmas teas for us. The food was excellent and fellowship priceless.

I just felt SO blessed this year to have my whole family under one roof (a new one at that =), and grateful because we know Jesus and have Hope.

We serve one amazing GOD who, created the universe, breathed the stars into being, holds us together, and gives us each breath we take. Yet, even though He does all these amazing things, He chose to humble himself, reveal God’s love to us, offer up His own life to bear our sins on the cross and free us from sin and a life consumed with ourselves (which doesn’t satisfy), and give us purpose-filled abundant life. I encourage you to take some time, and if you are saved, think about where you’d be and what your life would be like without God’s amazing love and grace…then take some time and give thanks to Him for Who He is and what He’s given. To God be the glory great things He hath done!

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Revival Time!


Sunday was the beginning of a 4-day revival at our grandparents’ church. Our family is leading the music (congregational singing, specials, offertories) for all the services, and we would appreciate your prayers!

Our best singing happens while doing dishes or driving down the road with the windows rolled down, so being on stage with microphones and the whole deal is a different experience for us. :)

Here are some pictures from Sunday morning and Monday evening…

“I Will Praise Him”

“I Love You, Lord” medley

“Spirit of the Living God, Fall Fresh on Me”

It’s been a good stretch for us to actually put together something that is more prepared and polished instead of throwing stuff together last minute. Most of our pieces are either bluegrass style (guitar, ukulele, mandolin, and fiddle) or all of us girls singing a cappella. We’re having fun!!

Pray that we will be in unity and not forget Who this is all about. We are also praying that our neighbors we invited will come and hear the Gospel. May He be lifted up and draw many to Himself!

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Christmas at our house


photo by Charity

Christmas is definitely one of my favorite times of year! We have some really fun traditions, I love being with family, plus I get to bake … A LOT! :) No, really, I think you’ll be able to see why it’s so special to me after you look at all these pictures – enjoy!

Silver Dollar City


The twins and I got to accompany some friends to Branson earlier this month. There’s a lot I could say, but to sum it all up, we had a VERY good time! A big highlight was that we unexpectedly all got free tickets to Silver Dollar City-it was so pretty all decorated up for Christmas, and the roller-coasters were terrifying  great!


Caroling at the Senior Citizen Center

When we got back home, most of our family got to sing and play for the sweet folks down at the Senior Citizen Center here in town.

Caroling at the Senior Citizen Center

Wrapping up goodies

Tradition: We always go Christmas caroling to our neighbors, and around town. (including the local police station and sometimes to random folks we’ve never met =) Our list is getting bigger. It seems to be a real blessing to others, but sometimes I think we are the ones who feel the most blessed by it.

As I said earlier, we did LOTS of Christmas baking. =)

"We wish you a merry Christmas"

Christmas caroling.


Tradition: For several years now, mom has put together a themed Christmas tea for just our family. This year the theme was ornaments. She did an AMAZING job with spazzy decorations and lots of good food – we all really enjoyed it!


After the tea, Dad read from a Christmas devotional, then we opened stockings and presents. With both the older boys working, and well, I guess some us girls have taken plenty of trips this year, it makes me appreciate even more when we can all be together – I love my family.

Benjamin and Caleb 

Candlelight service

For the first time, our little church group held a Christmas Eve candlelight service, complete with beautiful carols and formal dresses. It was lovely.

Luke 2  

We were encouraged to memorize Luke 2:1-20, this was a blessing to me.


Tradition: Daddy writes up our annual Christmas letter. We sent out 106 copies this year! :)

We had a special time celebrating at Grandma’s house on Christmas day after church. We are so blessed to have godly grandparents who live close and love the Lord.

Christmas Day duck hunting

A few of us did some duck hunting, we got…one. :) (Carinna didn’t hunt, she brought our dog to retrieve the ducks, and Dad carried a rifle hoping we’d spook a doe.)

Some special things we do at Grandma’s on Christmas is: Eat Grandpa’s amazing chex-mix and open stockings.

Grandpa and Charity


We taught and learned some new games this time. It was fun and we had some pretty good laughs! =)


On the 26th, we drove up north a little ways to welcome the Paine family to Oklahoma. They are moving here from Chicago. We had a great time fellowshipping, playing volley- ball, and playing games. We are glad they live “close” and are definitely looking forward to the next time we can get together with them!


On the 27th we celebrated with mom’s side of the family at Granny’s house.

Yay! We remembered to sing carols this year! :)

It’s pretty fun, there are 5 great-grandkids now, which means there are little people around again! =)


The winners of a game with their prizes. :)


Twins holding twins. Carinna has Nickolas Patrick and Maggie has Natalie Shae.


Special traditions at Granny’s are: Eating her delicious homemade cinnamon rolls and playing white elephant.

“ And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto YOU is born this day in the city of David a Savior which is Christ the Lord.” Luke 2:10-11

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