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End of Summer…


Happy Fall, Ya’ll!!!

Here’s the last of the pictures from our summer…Enjoy!


We were blessed to attend the Family Connections event in OKC! And also to have the team come to our house for supper, games, fellowship, and fun stories from living in Mongolia!


It’s always super fun to meet new families! We met this family through the blog and they drove all the way from Kansas!



Carinna has fun coming up with new things to do with “her kids”. You can’t go wrong with making flubber…unless you play with it in the kitchen and get it everywhere!


Dad and Mom took a Saturday go to an Amish auction together.


Carinna, has been working hard brush hogging and getting things ready for deer season. She loves it!


Our friend Barrie from Alaska came to visit for several days and helped Maggie and Carinna clear out shooting lanes at the deer stands.


We helped out with a project at Abbie’s school gathering items to take down to the flood victims in Louisiana.



We’ve had so much fun getting to babysit these 2 little guys quite a bit lately!


And loving every minute with little Eric!



“If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God. Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth. For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.”

-  Colossians 3:1-3  –

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I Love this Time of Year … =)


It’s a rare but welcome happening to get all these ladies in the kitchen at once cookin’ up yummy stuff. =)

Carinna wanted us to take a crazy picture to capture how we really felt and how we were actually acting. =) =) =) …which you could say happened to involve goofy and festive moods. =)

As you can very well imagine, we’ve enjoyed having this little toot and his momma around our house for a few days while Dustin was away at a wedding…

Among the goodies were mint cookies, the infamous puppy chow, honey chai roasted almonds, bear claw cookies, chocolate covered Oreos, toffee cookies …

Granny was also whipping up some deliciousness at her place, so we hopped the back fence and helped make divinity, fudge, and cinnamon rolls… ya know, the good old fashioned candy that takes an expert…like Granny. =)


Christmas really snuck up on me this year because I was so consumed with my CMA class. The afternoon I finished, Charity went to town with me so I could do some last minute shopping. We had a very fun and successful trip together. =)

The past two nights we’ve made our annual Christmas caroling venture to friends, family and neighbors. We added a few extra stops this year including the generous couple who let us pick up peaches under their trees for free to use for the peach festival. =) I’m really not sure who enjoys it more, us or them – it’s a special tradition.

DSC_0944photo 2
Take time to enjoy all the special moments together, don’t take them for granted. Merry Christmas!

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October Recap – Lot’s of fun memories!


No, it can’t be. October is gone. Done. Over. History. Wow!

Here’s a little glimpse into our lives during the month of pumpkins, chai tea, jackets, beginning of Thunder basketball season, hunting season… AKA October. 

This is Benjamin with a squirrel that he…I want to say accidentally hit with a rock…but he was trying to hit it, he just didn’t mean to hit her square on the nose and knock her senseless! But she did recover and continued to drive our dog crazy!


Dad, Mom and Grandpa attended our cousin’s wedding.IMG_3094

Hunting season is looking good! Caleb has shot 2 deer and this is Benj’s first deer of the season! It was a doe…till he got up close to it then…oh…um…it has antlers! IMG_6938FullSizeRender

Lots of venison for the freezer!


Maggie and Mom got to go to the last pre-season OKC Thunder game. It was a first for Maggie and I think it’s safe to say she LOVED it!


Like last year, some of us drove to Arkansas for the annual craft shows there. But we didn’t just craft shop…we hit as many thrift stores as we could too! And boy did we find bargains! We were so happy Hannah and Evan got to come along for the fun.


Maggie has been working part time at a daycare for the past 2 months and just loves her little kids! And yep, they like her just a little bit too!


Our uncle had a “get together” at his house…We played lots of volleyball, rode 4-wheelers, roasted wieners, ate s’mores, held babies, played basketball, watched the OSU game…


Some of us went to OKC for a Protect Life and Marriage rally. It was really good!


And this little guy just continues to grow up so fast! If you get a chance, you’ve got to ask him his animal sounds! Especially a deer, frog, snake and monkey! :)



Phil 2:13-15

“For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure. Do all things without murmurings and disputings: That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world…”

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Definitions of Random


a: lacking a definite plan, purpose, or pattern
b : made, done, or chosen at random
c : this post (haha)
Please buckle your seat belts. You’re about to get a fast blur of our very busy
life from the past couple of months.

Let’s start with a trip that Carinna took the beginning of June!

Carinna traveled up to MN with Dustin and Hannah for
Michelle’s Dornink’s graduation party.

Making an enormous graduation sign, playing games, and uplifting conversation
are a few of her highlights.

Michelle and Carinna302 - Copy

Okay, so, when I say traveling with Dustin and Hannah, that means some quality time  (12 hours of it to be exact!) in the back seat with this lil dude!


                 Father’s Day                              God blessed us with lots of delicious
                                                             peaches from our trees!

 DSC_0056carinna peaches


For a whole week, Charity and I had the privilege of cooking up at Eagle Springs for the folks going through  Operation Impact. It was a blessed time for us!

Popcorn anyone?
One night we got to participate in a Survival Scavenger Hunt!
It was super fun!!

Charity’s teamIMG_2647
My team2015-07-08 20.57.43

Then, as you know, we had the exciting chaos of Peach Festival.

Next, Carinna and I went up with Dustin and Hannah a week early for Dillon’s (Dustin’s brother) wedding.

Dillon's weddin' 073

Jammin’ around… fun times!!!!!

Dillon's weddin' 099
Played lots of games, including LOTS of volleyball which was a big hit for us!!Dillon's weddin' 169

Making lasagna for rehearsal dinner.

Dillon's weddin' 106

I got the job of decorating the arch, it was so much fun!Dillon's weddin' 145

Chillin’ out, observing the rehearsal
Dillon's weddin' 191

Wedding time! Dad, Abbie, and Benjamin came up the day before the wedding!photo 5

At the reception, Abbie helped serve, and Carinna helped in the kitchen.
Benj. and I got to be the “runners” and keep the food, water, and punch filled!photo 2 copy

We celebrated Granny, Dad, and Mom’s birthdays!

Carinna and I celebrated our birthday over at Granddad and Granny’s house!


Being a twin is the best!!!!!!


Abbie took Carinna and I to Frontier City and White Water Bay as a birthday present!!!! We had SUCH A BLAST!!!!!!!

In case you ever go to Frontier City, Diamondback is the best ride there!
photo 1

Oh, the adrenaline rush!!!! =D photo 3aIMG_0008
We didn’t realize that White Water Bay was a whole separate park!
I don’t think we’d go there again, but we did have fun getting wet!!!!

I haven’t had so much fun in a really long time!!! It was an absolute blast!

See Evan’s shoes?! He’s walking like crazy now!
In just a few short weeks, he has turned into a toddler!
(SmileAnd he’s just getting cuter and cuter! Smile)


We are super excited that these two lovebirds get married in just
one week and five days!!!!!!! And needless to say, they are excited too!!

jc and sarah

I hope that wasn’t too much information at one time, but I think as of right now, you are fairly caught up with some of the happenings in our life!


Colossians 3:23-24

And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;
 Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ.”

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This and That…



Aaaalrighty folks, time for an update!! June has been super fun and busy, and July is going to be even busier, but, let’s not get ahead of ourselves! Smile

We are about to go peach crazy around here!

Normally the peaches have some kind of problem from either.. wind, hail, frost, heat, drought or bugs, but this year we’ve got to experience a new problem…
too much rain!!
See the lovely peach below?
Well, this year the majority of the peaches from the peach orchards have this fungus (brown rot) that rots the peach from the outside, to the inside.. and eventually the whole peach.
It makes for a very, um, interesting experience!
On average, a good, solid, WHOLE peach gives us about 1/2 cup. 
Overall, we’d cut up about 700 peaches for 80 quarts.
But, since half of the peaches are half rotten.. it is taking a little longer.

Like I said, we’re about to go peach crazy! But we’re having fun, right gang?!

But it will all be worth it when we see people enjoying our homemade peach ice cream at the Peach Festival!

peaches (2)

Cutting up peaches!

peaches (1)

Playing 42 with Granny and Granddad. We love having them live so close!


Granny giving some of her great-grandkids a fun ride!


J-C & Sarah’s wedding is coming up fast!
We girls and mom went shopping for dresses.

Here we’re looking through patterns, and patterns, and more patterns.
(And laughing at the ridiculous styles that some people come up with
nowadays! Open-mouthed smile)

fabric shopping (2)fabric shopping (3)fabric shopping (1)

*baby swallows on the porch*baby swallows


fishing (1)fishing (1)
Some of us kids have been fishing some!       This is Abbie’s keeper one day!

fishing (2)

Our garden is coming along! 
It’s a little stunted, but it’s producing very well!



This little guy celebrated his 1st birthday!!

evan 1st bday

He REALLY enjoyed his chocolate cake!!



We were blessed to be able to attend the 100th anniversary of Broadway Baptist Church in Sand Springs Oklahoma!

Here’s a little history, Dad and Mom got married in ‘81.
Dad was the youth minister at Broadway from ‘80 to ‘83.
It was neat to meet the people that they impacted during their time there!! So many people were thrilled to see them!

broadway babtist (5)


The church had a “museum” area set up with old pictures and such.
It was really fun to see pictures that we’d never seen before of Dad and Mom!

Aren’t they cute!?

broadway babtist (7)

This is Mom in the hand bell choir! She’s standing 4th from the left.
She played good too!

broadway babtist (1)

broadway babtist (2)

This was my favorite that we found!!
This is Dad singing Bicycle Built For Two for Mom at a Valentine’s event!

broadway babtist (6)

Catching up with old friends!broadway babtist (3)

John-Clay & Sarah came too!

broadway babtist (4)

Speaking of these lovebirds.. they are going to be Mr. and Mrs. in approximately 1,272 hours! We’re so excited!!

The couples when we all gathered for Father’s Day.Open-mouthed smile

cute couples (1)

What’s the matter Evan, can’t you eat when you have aunts and uncles tickling and pestering you?! We love this little dude!

evan laughing

Going for a Sunday drive in our favorite old car!

model T

We see such gorgeous scenery while we’re chugging around in the Model T!

Since John-Clay is getting hitched and moving out of the du-plex that he and Caleb shared, the boys, Dad, Carinna and I got to move some furniture this past weekend.
Fun times!

moving (2)

J-C and Caleb treated us to pizza after all the moving was done!
moving (1)moving (3)

We are thoroughly enjoying the zinnias that are lining the border of our garden!
And gracing our table! =)



“And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

Phil. 4:7

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