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Harold Dean Clay 1934-2015


10 days ago today, our Granddad (mom’s dad) passed away. The last few days, weeks, and months have been filled with spending lots of time with him, playing games, caring for basic needs, late nights, and just BEING there…so if you’re wondering why we’ve been so blog-absent recently, that’s our good reason. =)

Granddad 80thHaroldIMG_1649
Our dear Granny was his main care-giver and has been the love of his life for over 61 years! I was inspired as I watched her pour herself whole-heartedly into caring for him right up until his final breath on October the 10th.

These were a few of his favorite things…

…working hard on his farm in Tulsa.

Caleb Andrew Burnett, GranddadMaggie, Granddad, Johnny, Carinna
…bee keeping.

Caleb Andrew Burnett, Granddad
…hunting…especially in Colorado.

KG9VG7iv-7BbNt5kED0xleYAyyxsgCFkr5qCEMC25DECaleb Andrew Burnett, Granddad
…fixing things… =) The saying goes “Jack of all trades, master of none”, but I feel like that has to be rephrased for Granddad and those who knew him would agree I think – “Jack of all trades, master of ALL!”Christmas Parade with Granddad
…his classic Model T. This picture was taken at a Christmas parade, he invited us to come up to Tulsa and ride with him.

Mt. Scott, Cheryl and DadGranny, Hannah, GranddadMt. Scott, Charity and GDbenjamin and grandad_0947granny, mag, gd
…and his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. He was not a very affectionate kind of guy but demonstrated his love more by serving us. If he even had a hint that someone needed something he was ON-IT! If someone was looking for a car, or was stumped on their sewing project, or wanted to make a hay bale blind…the list goes on and on.

photo 1

…and I can’t leave out his love of the domino game 42 =)

photo 2
I personally was never very close to Granddad…until this past year when I started helping take care of him. Although it was tough to watch him as he digressed, struggled to breath, and suffer, I would not trade the time spent and precious memories made with him for anything in the world.

photo 3

photo 4
During his last few weeks, our family, including our aunts, uncles and cousins traded in and out caring for him and keeping him company…until he passed a week ago Saturday. He finished well, died peacefully, and of course we already miss his presence with us.

G-dad making malts!

…so today happens to be his birthday, and we are going to celebrate tonight by eating one of his specialties – homemade malts. =)

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Thinking of Grandma…


It’s hard to believe that it’s coming up on a year (Sept. 24th) since Grandma went to heaven. If you remember from last year, Grandma was working on making each of the granddaughters a butterfly quilt…using hankies as the butterflies. DSC_0074
We have some precious memories of us all working together to stich on the butterflies in the months before she died…

She passed away before the project was completed, but thanks to our Aunt Jackie, who took the initiative to get them all put together and finished, the quilts were all completed and presented to us at our family reunion in June.



What a special treasure!!!

We will hang Grandma’s own butterfly quilt in Grandpa’s new bedroom. He will be moving in, in just a couple of weeks!

We are thinking of, and missing her a lot, and as we approach the day she died, I am reminded of the words that she left us with – and that is what I’ll leave you with today:

STAY FAITHFUL! (full of faith)

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“Stay Faithful”


Those were Grandma’s words to us the night before she died. A lot of her family were gathered together in her room. She woke up and began to tell us that “the circle is not unbroken yet, but it will be in a couple days. I want to see each of you there (heaven) – STAY FAITHFUL!” She even had her finger out pointing to us and saying again, stay faithful. Wow, impacting words that we will never forget.

She completed her race of life in her home, September 24, 2013 at about 12:30 a.m., one week ago tonight. She finished well, looking unto Jesus the Author and Finisher of her faith!

Sunday, September 22nd. We attempted to sing some hymns to her but kept breaking down in tears, especially when we sang about heaven, knowing she would be going there soon.

Aunt Janis flew in from NC Sunday night. We are grateful she was able to come and have one more day with gma before she died.

In the last post, Charity explained that gma was making each of her 8 granddaughters and her great-granddaughter a butterfly quilt. Aunt Jackie has taken the initiative to finish the quilts, and will present them to us when they are completed! =) Here are the 9 quilts all lined up and pinned onto the hall wall. I’m sure lots of tears will be shed on these treasured quilts.

Is this what you call a quilting bee?!

Johnny (dad), Jimmy, Grandma, Grandpa, Janis, and Jolena. This was taken about a month ago.

Earlier this month, we celebrated Gma’s older sister, Aunt Anna’s, 80th birthday. This ended up being the last time gma came to our house.

Christmas 2012

Before we started the quilts, we spent a lot of time working puzzles with gma.

We sure will miss Grandma. Some of our favorite things about her were the way she would cock her head and smile, holding her precious hands during prayer, her big bear hugs, and hearing her pray. We were blessed to live close and spend so much time with her this past year during her sickness. It is a relief to know she isn’t bearing pain any longer! But she will be greatly missed.

This past week has been very thought provoking. It’s so easy to get caught up in the here-and-now, life on earth, trivial things. But when you see someone die, no more breath, their spirit gone from their body, still and cold laying on the bed, and realize they have now entered eternal life – forever, it get’s ya to thinking more about eternity. It’s for real and we need to live like it! As Christians we are just pilgrims passing through, this world is NOT our home, we should be telling others about Jesus while we do have breath!

Pray for us, that the Spirit of Truth will guide our hearts during this time of grieving. That we will cleave to Him who will never change, even if everything around us does. Pray that we will run to Him for comfort and trust Him. Thanks.

As Grandma said: “Stay Faithful!”

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