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A Summary of Our Summer



For Memorial Day Abbie, Carinna, Mom, and Granny took a trip down to Sterling to visit Granddad’s grave and put some flowers out.


Our garden has done pretty well this year…canning green beans is always
a group effort!


It’s been awhile since we’ve pickled green beans…and I’m not sure why we’ve waited so long! These things disappear in a blink!


I guess fishing with a storm approaching just makes it more exciting. Granddad used to say that it’s best to go fish in the rain ‘cause the fish will all be under the dock trying to stay dry! =D
photo 20527161900-01photo 3

Working bees makes for a very long hot day! We are grateful for the hard work these two put in to maintain our apiaries!

photo 2(2)-2photo 4


Maggie and Abbie took Benjamin to Frontier City for his birthday!


Visiting the Oklahoma History Museum. When they came home and told us about it, it made us all wish we could have gone!


Dad and Mom both celebrated birthdays in July!


This precious little guy was born in June just one week before his baby shower!


Maggie and Carinna celebrated their birthday with a 5 mile hike around the Sulphur park and springs!


For 2 weeks in August we had 7 kids in their 20’s! Maybe we can take this picture every ten years as we all get old…Can’t you just imagine us all in our 80’s for 2 weeks right before John-Clay turns 90! =D


We are so blessed to get to see these little guys a lot and we never get tired of them!! 


Abbie started LPN school and is already swamped with learning tons of new medical terms. She comes to the supper table from studying and tells us some of the most random strange terms and what they mean.


We were blessed with 43 gallons of honey this year!! One taste of this liquid gold and it makes all that hard work worth it!



James 1:17
Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.”


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Rutina, routinemäßig, sleur, mara kwa mara…


No. This is not a spam blog post! I just tried to make what could be a boring title… interesting :)

Spanish, German, Dutch and Swahili.
In English it’s known as routine, typical, ordinary everyday life.
Hang in there, this post really has no order to it, it’s just happenings from
April and May. Enjoy!

These are newly hatched baby birds from a robin family who made a little nest in one of our peach trees!  

Our garden in early May…

…and late MayDSC_0806-2

We just got our first batch of green beans picked and canned! DSC_0231

For those of you who don’t know, we’ve had SO much rain this past month!
We’ve hardly had any sunshine for more than a couple hours, that’s why the okra is so severely stunted! It thrives in hot weather. 
We decided… we know God won’t flood the earth again, but he might try Oklahoma and Texas!
No, we didn’t fill the rain gauge up with the water hose, this is from just a couple days of rain!!

Great fun comes with our little pond in the back yard!

Our flower beds have looked beautiful this year thanks to Mom’s wonderful touch!DSC_0835

With the month of May came rain, but also with rain came severe storms that brought tornadoes with them. We only had to go to the cellar once, but other parts of Oklahoma didn’t fair so well!DSC_0150

This is Heidi in January… and Heidi this May. She has changed a lot and is so full of energy, but she is very sweet too! Carinna has been doing lots of training with her.
DSC_0235 1_DSC_0823

The nursing home that Abbie works at celebrated National Nursing Home Week by having a different theme each day like “hillbilly day”, the ‘70’s’ (you should have seen Abbie’s hippie style!!) and Hawaiian day! This is the only picture she approved for the blog. :)
photo 1(2)

The love birds.
What else can I say. They’re in love! And diligently working on wedding plans.jc-sarah-12 DSC_0377DSC_0351

Carinna and I took Grandpa out fishing and we caught a fish nearly every time we cast out (big or small) and came home with 9 keepers! That’s fun fishing. DSC_0610

If you want to see some beautiful Oklahoma country and have a blast doing it, come on down! We’ve been having so much fun taking Granddad’s Model T out on gorgeous Sunday evenings and discovering “new” territory and routes to take. The fun has included… trying to drive it only on paved roads (hard to do around here), taking a 40 mi. drive round trip, Dad treating us to ice-cream, taking our little neighbor buddies on a ride and realizing how absolutely gorgeous Oklahoma is! Just sayin’.photo 2 copy 2photo 2-2photo 2

Did I say we’ve had LOTS of rain?!
No, we didn’t take the Model T over that!! (although we probably could have made it).   :)photo 5-2

It’s not often Dad sits in the back seat, he’s either driving or riding shotgun, but somehow this past trip when Carinna was driving, that’s where he landed!
He got the full experience of the wind in the back seat!photo 2aphoto 2bphoto 5bphoto 3

The apiary
Our bees are doing well. We have 20 hives… at the moment, I say that because one hive just swarmed and we have a couple of hives that are kind of struggling.
But it looks like the honey flow will be really good this year!photo 4 copy 2photo 4 copyphoto 4photo 3-2photo 5

He is so fun! This little guy bring so much joy to our lives! He’s not walking yet but he’s  getting braver! He’ll “give hugs”, blow kisses, sign “please” “more” and “thank you”, he’ll say “bah” and wave when ever someone leaves, and he’s got this adorable growl that comes from way deep in his throat! His birthday is coming up so we’ll post more about him later!


Col 1:9-11
“For this cause we also, since the day we heard it, do not cease to pray for you, and to desire that ye might be filled with the knowledge of his will in all wisdom and
spiritual understanding; That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God; Strengthened with all might, according to his glorious power, unto all patience and longsuffering with joyfulness.”

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Liquid gold…


A couple weekends ago we set up and extracted honey.
We used to make the trek up to Tulsa almost every time, so we could extract in Granddad’s big extractor (16 frame as opposed to our 4 frame)…it is really handy now that they’re just right next door. It makes it a whole lot simpler! For a more detailed post of the extraction process from a couple years ago go here.

All the boxes are loaded with frames of yummy, sweet, sticky, golden, smooth, delicious honey…is your mouth watering yet? ;D

Granddad graciously let us take over their garage for the extraction.

Grandpa came over and watched for awhile.

Abbie was babysitting that day, so she brought the girls over for a “field trip”.

Watching the extractor go round and round.

Dad showing how he uncaps the honey.

Working with my ♥twin♥

Inevitably there are always some bees left in the boxes…the bee swatters did their job well.

Granddad made this extractor out of icemakers! He actually made the whole set up, the extractor, bottling tank, and the uncapping tank, but this is the beauty. It makes the job a whole lot faster!

Charity took most of the pictures for us on Dad’s phone. We all had slightly sticky hands. :D

We currently have 20 hives. Spread out over 4 apiaries.

We had some honey the bees made that was very STRONG! It was kinda a little like molasses but weirder…we decided it was made from buckwheat. There’s a field of it a couple miles north of us. Hopefully it’ll make good cooking honey. I don’t have a picture of it but it is a whole lot darker and has a redder look to it.

Proverbs 24:13 
“My son, eat thou honey, because it is good; and the honeycomb,
which is sweet to thy taste:"

On a side note, we have been blessed with a fruitful garden! The early rains this year have helped tremendously!

The advantages of having a second story. ;D

Psalms 34:8 
“O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is
the man that trusteth in him."

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Happy Birthday, Pops!!


Random Facts about Daddy!

His spiritual gift is a servant

He LOVES to spend time with family

Dad was a youth minister at one point (now he has his own youth group, us! =)

He is amazing at jumping on opportunities to point others to Christ

Bee-keeping is one of his hobbies

He is a faithful man

Back in the good old days he used to do puppet shows

He’s played ukulele since he was a boy

Dad has a “thing” for frozen raw chocolate chip cookie dough

“Grandpa” is his newest favorite title =)

He is very loving and unselfish

He likes to have fun! =)

Character/personality traits: Humble, loving, servant-hearted, self-less, approachable, adventurous, steady, goofy.

Happy birthday Dad (a day late)!!!  We are SO grateful for you. It is clearly evident that Jesus lives in you and through you. He is using you to point and draw others to himself. We love you to the moon and back! =)

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Peach Festival 2013!


Last Saturday was the 37th annual Peach! This is our 8th year to sell homemade peach ice-cream, vanilla ice-cream, and peach tea at the festival. We’ve been getting ready for it for about a month, cutting up tons of peaches and freezing them, and then on Friday, Mom and I fixed up the 52 gallons of ice-cream mixings, we got all the Think Jesus stickers put on the cups, freezers washed, and peach tea made.

Caleb and Josh ran the 5k Saturday morning before the festival. Way to go, guys!!! =D

We got the booth set up and started the ice-cream cranking. The festival doesn’t officially start till 9:00 but we had folks asking for ice-cream at 7:20!


People come from all over for the festival and our homemade peach ice-cream! It’s really neat to hear where they’re from and how they heard about it. The line gets super long and because we just can’t keep up with everyone, they end up waiting for over 30 min. in the burnin hot sun for a cup of delicious cold peach ice-cream!

Maggie sold some honey we got this year that had a peachy flavor to it. It’s really good. She also won 1st place in the teen category of the baking contest with Peach Crisp Cookie bars!

We were so grateful to have Dustin and Caleb to serve up all the ice-cream!
We started serving at 8:00 and sold out by 1:00. Next year we’ll have to make 65 gallons. Winking smile

We got everything cleaned up and washed all the buckets and coolers, then we all crashed and slept for several hours! But of course we had to end the day with the 77th annual rodeo.



Bring on the bull riding!
The home town cowboys do it the best!

Hope to see ya’ll next year for the 2014 Peach Festival!

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