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Family Pictures Sneak Peak


We took our annual family pictures this November. So here is a little sneak peak before we post our Christmas newsletter.

These prep pictures always seem so awkward. Blank stares, hair being fixed, nephews to make happy, diapers to be filled, etc.DSC_0089
These are some proud grandparents! It was quite the ordeal to get the little guys to look and smile at the camera. Lots of weird faces and strange sounds. I think that it was more entertaining to the adults then it was to them.
I love my family! A LOT!

Taking pictures went well…until it came to the brothers. I think we were harder to get to be serious than trying to get the nephews to smile at the camera.

As the term goes, “boys will be boys”. I think we fulfilled that pretty well.
At the end, I think we only got one good picture, but had a lot of laughs! I will say that I appreciate my brothers more than they probably know. They have impacted my life tremendously for Eternity! Love ya bros!DSC_0368

“A merry heart doeth good like medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.”
Proverbs 17:22

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A Few Wedding Pictures


Here are some “sneak peak” pictures that John-Clay and Sarah’s photographer posted!

We can hardly wait to see the rest!


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Spring is here…


…and all of God’s AMAZING creation with it!

Thought we’d share a taste of the beauty,
with those of you who are still hibernating. ;D

This is an Eastern redbud, and is our state tree.

To free up space in the garden, we planted
onions and lettuce in buckets this year.

The tulips have just started blooming. God’s handiwork, is awesome!


My Aunt gave Grandpa three chickens and a small chicken tractor,
they’ve been a really fun addition!

The bees have been hard at work on all the new blooms.

After Hannah got married, Charity took charge of the garden. 
We’re all indebted to the hard work she does every year
to get it started, and keep it going! Thanks Charity!

Planting potatoes. Ahhh…what a good feeling.

The peach trees have bloomed, they’re SO pretty.
I mean, who wouldn’t want some pink fluff in their back yard?

Charity and Maggie had the opportunity to take
a friend’s graduation pictures in one of the local peach orchards.

When the peach trees are in full bloom, against the golden evening sun,
with the green grass, and warm weather,
it is just, so…magnificent, striking, stunning…words just DON’T do it justice…

…and neither do pictures…
I guess you’ll just have to come down and see them for yourself sometime.

It is interesting to see how different the blooms are,
and the different timing of each tree.
Some of the blooms are light and fluffy, and some…

…well, not so much.

Around here if you have nice weather, pretty flowers, and green grass,
you’re also going to have tornadoes looming around. 
Hey, the clouds sure can be pretty though, and the rain is nice. : )

This was the other evening as the sun was setting. Just beautiful.

Psalms 69:34 
“Let the heaven and earth praise HIM, the seas,
and every thing that moveth therein.”

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My Hobby


For some time I have been interested in film making. I have started doing some stop-motion animation. The politically correct definition  is a cinematic process, or technique used to makes static objects appear as if they were moving. This technique is commonly used in clay-mation and puppet-based or in my case Lego animation. In simpler terms my “actors” do not “act”, I have to move the figure take a picture, move the figure take a picture, move the figure take a picture, etc………….. I am currently working on the script for a short detective style stop-motion film called “The Finger Print”. Playing at 15 frames per second (for every second of film I need 15 pictures),  I will need to manually take 10,800 pictures for this 12 min movie.

This is one of my first videos I made.


I still have a lot of room to improve.

Around Christmas time I decided to build a camera slider. A camera slider is a device that allows you to make smooth and easy moving shots. Mine is about three feet long. My shopping list for this project included one piece of electrical conduit (the pipe), three electrical outlet boxes, and some felt strips._DSC0003



This is the video I made with it at Christmas. Disclaimer, the slider is homemade so it isn’t as smooth as I’d like, but it is better than nothing!






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Labor Day Weekend


To start the weekend off, on Saturday we were so blessed to be apart of a friend’s wedding.
Earlier in the week, we helped them bake 530 cupcakes!! We helped with the food for the wedding making sure everything stayed filled up and popcorn kept popping.

Abbie and Maggie, along with some dear friends of ours, played music for the wedding. Abbie played her ukulele and Maggie played the Mandolin! The evening of the wedding was just gorgeous! IMG_0008
They had fireworks during their first dance, that was pretty neat!

I was in charge of the photo booth and had a great time snapping pictures of everyone as they “signed the guest book” by getting their picture taken!

On Monday we had a party at our house! We took “labor day” seriously getting ready for everyone to come! We got some much needed clean up done!

Granny and Mary Ella were “neck and neck” the whole croquet game!

Dad grilled up the burgers for everyone! Yum.

And lots of homemade peach ice-cream! 1..2..3.. 4 bowls of ice-cream!?!?!

Once it got too dark to play volleyball we moved inside and played games! Rapid Recall, 2 different “story games”, Spoons and Nertz. =D We had fun.

2 Thessalonians 3:10 – … If any would not work, neither should he eat.

Proverbs 14:23 – In all labor there is profit, But mere talk leads only to poverty.

What did ya’ll do for Labor Day?

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