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I was looking for another challenge a few years back. I wanted to draw something with lots of wrinkles. I looked around for pictures and chose this one because
of how sad, lonely, and without hope she looked.

complete IMG_1563

So many people smile when in front of a camera, or in front of other people…sometimes I wonder how many people are just putting on a front.
I know some can truly have joy in their trial, because they have hope!
But, so many don’t have the hope of eternal life! Of salvation in Christ Jesus! 
They have no purpose to live for greater than themselves and the pleasures of
the world. That’s where we each start. 

When I look at this picture it reminds me how God created the world perfect,
and how the consequences of our sin affect each and every one of us, aging, hurt, loneliness, pain, heartache, sadness, hopelessness…I’m reminded how Jesus took the wrath of the Father for our sin on Himself, of the price that He paid to ransom us, his enemies. How He became sin for us, so that we might have restored fellowship with God. There is hope, rest, peace, purpose…in CHRIST JESUS. It reminds me, go tell others the good news of the gospel!

I drew it with charcoal and graphite.
Here are some pictures I took of the progression.
1 DSC_07492 DSC_05013 DSC_02124 IMG_12315 IMG_14726 IMG_15417 IMG_1560

Ephesians 2:12-14 
“That at that time ye were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope, and without God in the world: But now in Christ Jesus ye who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of Christ. For he is our peace, who hath made both one, and hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us;”

Matthew 11:28
“Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”


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Peach Festival



On Friday, we spent all afternoon getting all the ice-cream bases mixed up and putting “Think Jesus” stickers on cups. LOTS of prep goes into the festival, Mom does so much planning and calculating to make sure everything turns out just right!


Saturday morning we finished setting up the booth and started selling at 8:00. Lots of folks love to talk to Dad about the “poppin’ johnny”. It sure draws a crowd!


This little guy got to hang out for awhile!


Our never ending line of faithful ice-cream lovers!


At one point during the day we had our whole family out there helping! Babies and all! We are so happy we can still have everyone here to make this all happen.


Carinna did some amazing artwork for our sign this year! Give her some chalk and a board and yep, she’s good!


Keeping with tradition, we all went to the rodeo Saturday evening! You can’t beat small town rodeo!


Festival always brings wonderful time with friends!!


Not much keeps us from making homemade ice-cream!

Our 11th year was a success! We sold 102 gallons and sold out before 2:00.
I guess we’ll be making even more next year!

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It’s Peach Festival Time!


carinna peaches

In just less than 2 weeks it’s the 40th annual Stratford Peach Festival! This event is hosted by the Stratford Little League Foundation and features fun activities for the entire family. Starting off with a 5k fun run/walk and free pancake breakfast, followed by live local entertainment, local food and several retail vendors, the Peach Idol singing contest, and much much more! 

Time:   Saturday, July 16 (9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.)

                        Location:   Stratford City Park
                                          8th St. and Hyden
                                          Stratford, OK 74872

                           Pricing:   FREE!!!


We will be making homemade peach and vanilla ice-cream again. We usually sell out by 1:00 so come early!!

2015-07-18 12.43.18photo 4 copyIMG_1373

When you come, you should stop by McGee’s café and enjoy an amazing hamburger!


Also, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings at 8:00 will be the 81st annual Stratford Round Up Club IPRA-ACRA Rodeo!

DSC_0044IMG_2077DSC_4154Sequence 040

We hope to see you all there!! It’s going to be a great day!

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Share a Little Love…Spread a Little Sunshine!


Back when we were all young kids (such a long time ago), our family used to visit elderly relatives, sing, and play instruments at nursing homes! We have some very special memories of doing that together and some rather interesting ones! :)

But we are grateful that our parents took us and gave us the opportunity to minister, even though it wasn’t always “fun”! It taught us lots of things…but mainly it taught us how to love and communicate with the elderly and gave us a heart of compassion for the lonely and neglected!

Most residents at a nursing home seldom have visitors and are sad, neglected, and forgotten.
So, for Valentines we recruited some little friends of ours to come help us
make cards and little “love bug” creations! (Some of them look more like monsters,
but they do make you smile!) Then we took them to the nursing home that Abbie works at as a CNA/CMA. We had some very sweet pictures of the residents receiving
their cards and hugs, but for safety reasons, we are not allowed to post any of them.DSC_0402DSC_0384DSC_0390DSC_0392DSC_0398DSC_0404DSC_0407DSC_0414DSC_0348DSC_0419DSC_0347DSC_0350DSC_0422DSC_0353

Creativity was really flowing and, wow, there were some very interesting creations.
: )


The cards and bugs were made with…

-Colored pipe cleaners
-Variety of Pom-Poms (glitter ones are great)
-Googly eyes
-Chocolates for the base
-Heart shaped decorations (also can use as the base)
-Hot glue gun
-Something to cut the pipe cleaners with
-Card stock

…Lots of love went into making these cards! One of the little girls kept saying, “I’m going to make someone happy.” “I’m going to make somebody smile!” 
And she sure did! DSC_0435

If you’re feeling a little single this Valentine’s Day…don’t think about yourself.
Look for someone who needs to know that JESUS loves them! And do something special for them. Bring a smile to someone’s face!


Instead of wishing to receive, look for ways to give.
You’ll be surprised how much love you will receive in return!



By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have
love one to another.”  -John 13:35

“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve.”
–Mark 10:45


photo 1

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Project #1
A Christmas tradition of ours is to each draw a sibling’s name and give them something at Christmas.
Well, 3 1/2 years ago I started carving a gun rack to give to Caleb.
I didn’t have it done at Christmas, so I just showed him the little progress I had done and told him what I was planning on doing. : )


Let me back up a little…The reason I decided to carve a relief in the first place is… …Granddad designed and made a holder and a mallet for me to use to carve a relief.

(A relief carving is basically carving a picture into a solid panel of wood…if you want a more detailed explanation Wikipedia does a great job)

Here’s the holder without a carving in it…it adjusts for different sizes by moving the brass pin to different holes, then you make the step looking piece of wood as tight as you can, then tighten it up the rest of the way with the shim.
DSC_0143 -1

It works like a dandy! Granddad cleverly came up with the whole design
and surprised me with it when I went up to their house one time.
So of course I had to try carving something with it!
It is essential to have some kind of way to hold your carving still when carving a relief.DSC_0147 -1

Okay, so back to the carving…I had found a picture of a buck I thought would work and traced it onto the wood. Then slowly took away the wood around the deer.
I penciled in some of the shadows/details on the deer off-and-on while carving to help me see where more wood needed removed. 
I really had no idea what I was doing. But slowly it started taking shape…
and I mean slowly. After 2 1/2 years of inconsistently working on it,
I made a goal for 2015 to work on it twice a month…I didn’t always make that goal, and sometimes I exceeded it, but I sure worked on it a whole lot more than before!

I was originally planning on him putting a rifle on it… but the rifle was really
heavy and completely covered the carving, so we scratched that idea
and made it to hold two of his pistols.

I painted the deer with acrylics to enhance it, then carved the mounts for the guns.FullSizeRender

I decided to experiment with a torching technique instead of staining it…it was definitely an experiment! It didn’t turn out quite like I wanted it to, but that’s because I messed up. I used Granddad’s cutting torch to burn the wood… DSC_0166-1

…then I sanded the charred wood off. When the wood burns a certain amount
it ends up being brown instead of gray when sanded.
I wasn’t trying for such a brown look but I burned a spot more than I wanted too
and it didn’t look right, so I had to burn the rest to make it match. : )DSC_0200

I cleaned up the soot off the carving.
Then I finished it all off with a couple coats of Tung oil.

Of course there’s lots of hidden mistakes…but hey, 3 1/2 years later it’s DONE!

Project #2 Is Charity’s project. Charity and Granny started a quilt a couple years ago but with Granny and Granddad moving down here and with Granddad’s health declining, it had to be put on hold for awhile. But last week they got it out again and finished it up! The top is done! All that’s left is to take it to a quilter! :) 

Project #3 was making skull mounts out of Caleb’s bucks he shot this year.
Benjamin wanted to learn how to do it and he sure helped a lot!
They take a little time to do, but I think it is all worth it when they’re on the wall.
If you want a step by step on how to make one, here’s a post Maggie wrote last year.

Project #4 was Maggie’s project. She crocheted a bear for Evan when he was born…
…so for the newest baby Dornink she crocheted a frog!
To give you some perspective it is about 10 inches long. Ain’t he cute!?
photo 3

Hopefully, the next post will be the arrival of baby Dornink!
…that is if he’ll hurry up and get here! He was due January 3rd!

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