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Peach Festival



On Friday, we spent all afternoon getting all the ice-cream bases mixed up and putting “Think Jesus” stickers on cups. LOTS of prep goes into the festival, Mom does so much planning and calculating to make sure everything turns out just right!


Saturday morning we finished setting up the booth and started selling at 8:00. Lots of folks love to talk to Dad about the “poppin’ johnny”. It sure draws a crowd!


This little guy got to hang out for awhile!


Our never ending line of faithful ice-cream lovers!


At one point during the day we had our whole family out there helping! Babies and all! We are so happy we can still have everyone here to make this all happen.


Carinna did some amazing artwork for our sign this year! Give her some chalk and a board and yep, she’s good!


Keeping with tradition, we all went to the rodeo Saturday evening! You can’t beat small town rodeo!


Festival always brings wonderful time with friends!!


Not much keeps us from making homemade ice-cream!

Our 11th year was a success! We sold 102 gallons and sold out before 2:00.
I guess we’ll be making even more next year!

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It’s Peach Festival Time!


carinna peaches

In just less than 2 weeks it’s the 40th annual Stratford Peach Festival! This event is hosted by the Stratford Little League Foundation and features fun activities for the entire family. Starting off with a 5k fun run/walk and free pancake breakfast, followed by live local entertainment, local food and several retail vendors, the Peach Idol singing contest, and much much more! 

Time:   Saturday, July 16 (9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.)

                        Location:   Stratford City Park
                                          8th St. and Hyden
                                          Stratford, OK 74872

                           Pricing:   FREE!!!


We will be making homemade peach and vanilla ice-cream again. We usually sell out by 1:00 so come early!!

2015-07-18 12.43.18photo 4 copyIMG_1373

When you come, you should stop by McGee’s café and enjoy an amazing hamburger!


Also, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings at 8:00 will be the 81st annual Stratford Round Up Club IPRA-ACRA Rodeo!

DSC_0044IMG_2077DSC_4154Sequence 040

We hope to see you all there!! It’s going to be a great day!

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The Festival!


Before I tell you how the festival went, we had a couple days of fun before the real deal. First of all, our friends, the Nakatsus, who are from Arizona are responsible for making most of this happen! Mr. N owns a Poppin’ Johnny ice-cream maker and also restored an identical one and gave it to Dad!!

Well the question was how to get it all the way down here… So being the amazing family they are, they drove 15 hours and brought the ice-cream makers to help us at the Peach Festival!!! They were a huge blessing ALL weekend… mixing ice-cream, washing dishes, playing games, helping cook, and being moral support! =D

So here goes…


Thursday night was the rodeo parade so here’s our Model T riders. Don’t they look excited!

Thursday night was also the first night of the rodeo!


Friday was prep day. We got a system down and mixed up the base for 75 gallons of ice-cream! That included 37 dozen eggs and 112.5 cups of sugar!


2015-07-17 09.10.50DSC_0042

Friday night we all went to the best hamburger joint in town… McGee’s Café!


Saturday morning started bright and early and what a whirlwind day it was!


These folks are our dedicated ice-cream lovers!

IMG_1387photo 4 copy

These my friends are the 5 gallon Poppin’ Johnny ice-cream makers. DSC_4149

75 gallons made and sold. For the past 10 years we make more ice-cream than the year before. And each year we sell out by 1:00. It never fails.

So next year… who knows, maybe 100 or 125 gallons! 

Saturday night we had about 36 people at our house for supper and homemade ice-cream then we all went to the rodeo!

photo 2photo 4

-The End-

2015-07-18 12.43.18

This is the team!

Except me(Charity), I was driving back to the house and store getting things we left behind.


It was a great weekend! Come see us next year!

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Come join us for the…


38th annual Stratford Peach Festival!!!
Saturday, July 19th

”FREE” pancake breakfast – 7:00 am
Festival – 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
79th annual Rodeo – 8:00 pm

We will have our homemade ice-cream booth again this year but you’ll have to hurry, we usually run out of ice-cream by 1:00!

 Peach Festival
Our booth last year

We just finished cutting up the first out of 14 boxes! Yes…we bagged more than we ate…I think! They sure were good.
Looking forward to seeing ya’ll in 2 weeks! Come on down!

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Peach Festival 2013!


Last Saturday was the 37th annual Peach! This is our 8th year to sell homemade peach ice-cream, vanilla ice-cream, and peach tea at the festival. We’ve been getting ready for it for about a month, cutting up tons of peaches and freezing them, and then on Friday, Mom and I fixed up the 52 gallons of ice-cream mixings, we got all the Think Jesus stickers put on the cups, freezers washed, and peach tea made.

Caleb and Josh ran the 5k Saturday morning before the festival. Way to go, guys!!! =D

We got the booth set up and started the ice-cream cranking. The festival doesn’t officially start till 9:00 but we had folks asking for ice-cream at 7:20!


People come from all over for the festival and our homemade peach ice-cream! It’s really neat to hear where they’re from and how they heard about it. The line gets super long and because we just can’t keep up with everyone, they end up waiting for over 30 min. in the burnin hot sun for a cup of delicious cold peach ice-cream!

Maggie sold some honey we got this year that had a peachy flavor to it. It’s really good. She also won 1st place in the teen category of the baking contest with Peach Crisp Cookie bars!

We were so grateful to have Dustin and Caleb to serve up all the ice-cream!
We started serving at 8:00 and sold out by 1:00. Next year we’ll have to make 65 gallons. Winking smile

We got everything cleaned up and washed all the buckets and coolers, then we all crashed and slept for several hours! But of course we had to end the day with the 77th annual rodeo.



Bring on the bull riding!
The home town cowboys do it the best!

Hope to see ya’ll next year for the 2014 Peach Festival!

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