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::January recap::


One more year and Mom will have all “adult” children!…First things first, Benjamin turned 17 this last month! Happy Birthday Benjamin! You bring laughter and thoughtfulness wherever you are! We are so grateful you are in our family!

For his birthday dessert mom made him a Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake…Boy howdy, that was some GOOD stuff!

Benjamin has a weakness (maybe it’s a strength) for fried chicken…and Maggie definitely makes the best around! 

Does this not make your mouth water just looking at it?! It was scrumptious!

Carinna and Dad smoked some homemade summer sausage again this year!
It sure is yummy! 

Look who got to go to an OKC Thunder game!

Eric is growing so fast, and his personality is showing more and more. Carinna has been helping Dustin and Hannah flip a house they bought. She comes home tired and just a little dirty. But you can’t beat good ‘ole hard work! : )

We sure love that Granny lives so close!
Granny will beat you in most games…but at least you get an ice cream bar. ; )

Abbie and Maggie do a whole lot of this when they’re home!

It’s hard to get quality time with people when everyone is going different places and doing different things…so, sometimes to spend time with them you just have to go along. : D Like, Abbie went with Hannah and Evan to Hannah’s midwifery appointment for a check up on the baby boy who is due in one month!…

…Carinna went thrift store shopping with Mom!…20170130_172222

…and Maggie went with Carinna to do some animal chores for some friends. Sometimes in a big family the best place to catch up with someone and talk about  life is in a vehicle!
It happens ALL the time around here…
"I thought so and so were back?  They are, but they’re still out in the car talking.” : D

Abbie and Benjamin started a tradition several years back…if it snows enough they build a funny snowman. You can find their other one’s here and here. : D : D
Even though Abbie had tons of homework, she still made time to go have some fun with Benjamin. : )

I think spring is a little early this year y’all!

There’s almost always a warm front that comes in in January, and I didn’t hear anyone complaining about the 70-80° weather!
One week we had 0° with snow, several days later it was 80° with short sleeves! : D

More time in the car…on the way to a wedding up by the panhandle of Oklahoma.

The sunset was gorgeous on the way back!!!

“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.” Isaiah 26:3 

Sometimes in the busyness of life it takes a whole lot of intentional actions to keep your mind stayed on Him and trust God! But if you will, you will have perfect peace in the middle of all the chaos.
And that pretty much sums up the Burnett’s first month of the year!

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A Little Bit of This and That


Hello friends! Yep, we are still alive and living life!

Here’s a little update of our past month or so…it’s pretty random so just hang in there.


We celebrated Grandpa’s 82nd birthday! Even though his memory is failing, he is still a sweet, grateful, kind man! We have been blessed to have him living with us for the past year and a half!


Mom’s gorgeous flower beds…


We celebrated Mother’s day with our whole family! Abbie put together a wonderful meal and decorated the table with fresh flowers from our gardens!



Maggie with some of her little kids at daycare taking advantage of the hot weather!


Carinna took the kids she tutors fishing at one of their ponds and taught them how to filet fish! Fish-fry here we come!!


photo 4 copy 4

Abbie’s co-workers threw her a very special going away party!

photo 1

This might be kind of confusing …a friend of a friend was competing in a qualifying round of a show we used to watch with Granddad called American Ninja Warrior and it was being filmed in front of the OKC capitol…so Caleb, Maggie, Abbie, and Benjamin got some free, hard to get tickets to attend! They had tons of fun and almost froze cause it was super windy!

photo 2photo 3

photo 5photo 4

Yes, it’s May, and that means tornadoes for Oklahoma! This was a normal “watch the weather cause there are severe storms across Oklahoma” kind of day! None of these pictures captured the actual tornadoes but they were impressive and very destructive! The worst we got was our electricity out for several hours. Many others didn’t fair so well.

photo 3-2


Isaiah 43 – “But now thus saith the Lord that created thee, O Jacob, and he that formed thee, O Israel, Fear not: for I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name; thou art mine. When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee. For I am the Lord thy God, the Holy One of Israel, thy Saviour…”

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Christmas in Oklahoma City!


Our day was off to a good start with our hometown Stratford Bulldogs winning the Class A State Championship football game! If you were to read the newspapers or hear talk around town, you’d know that this has been a special group of guys and their coaches. They have been very outspoken about their faith, importance of family, and sportsmanship and they have given glory to God all throughout the season…they’re also undefeated!

So we proudly cheered on our home team that was made up of friends, distant relatives, guys we go to church with, and neighbors… They won 67-28! GO DAWGS!!


Abbie came too, but she stayed in the van to do some studying…more on that in a later post.

The Bulldogs praying for a player from the opposing team who got hurt.  FullSizeRender copy

Afterwards, we met up with some of our cousins who live in downtown OKC. They served us a delicious spread of fancy cheeses, sausages, crackers and pickles!

photo 1 copy 2

They had a really fun chalkboard wall so Maggie, Carinna, and Benjamin left some artwork for them to remember us by! ;)


We walked down to the Devon ice rink and went skating… well, as much as you can skate in 65 degree weather with the ice melting! But hey, it’s skating…and Christmas time, and fun with cousins…you just can’t beat that!

photo 2 copy 220151212_19144120151212_191555

The Devon tower has this ginormous red ornament and several “little” ones that look like they fell right out of the sky and landed in one piece! They are really pretty, sparkly and festive!

photo 1FullSizeRender(3)FullSizeRender(2)2015-12-12 23.29.50photo 3 copy 220151212_20073520151212_195840

Thanks Cori and Justin for the amazing evening in downtown OKC!20151212_200816

Meanwhile, at home, I think Dad and Mom felt a little left out of the OKC fun…so they invited JC&Sarah, Dustin&Hannah and Sam (Dustin’s friend who was visiting from TX) over for pizza and games! And they sent us this picture!


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Rutina, routinemäßig, sleur, mara kwa mara…


No. This is not a spam blog post! I just tried to make what could be a boring title… interesting :)

Spanish, German, Dutch and Swahili.
In English it’s known as routine, typical, ordinary everyday life.
Hang in there, this post really has no order to it, it’s just happenings from
April and May. Enjoy!

These are newly hatched baby birds from a robin family who made a little nest in one of our peach trees!  

Our garden in early May…

…and late MayDSC_0806-2

We just got our first batch of green beans picked and canned! DSC_0231

For those of you who don’t know, we’ve had SO much rain this past month!
We’ve hardly had any sunshine for more than a couple hours, that’s why the okra is so severely stunted! It thrives in hot weather. 
We decided… we know God won’t flood the earth again, but he might try Oklahoma and Texas!
No, we didn’t fill the rain gauge up with the water hose, this is from just a couple days of rain!!

Great fun comes with our little pond in the back yard!

Our flower beds have looked beautiful this year thanks to Mom’s wonderful touch!DSC_0835

With the month of May came rain, but also with rain came severe storms that brought tornadoes with them. We only had to go to the cellar once, but other parts of Oklahoma didn’t fair so well!DSC_0150

This is Heidi in January… and Heidi this May. She has changed a lot and is so full of energy, but she is very sweet too! Carinna has been doing lots of training with her.
DSC_0235 1_DSC_0823

The nursing home that Abbie works at celebrated National Nursing Home Week by having a different theme each day like “hillbilly day”, the ‘70’s’ (you should have seen Abbie’s hippie style!!) and Hawaiian day! This is the only picture she approved for the blog. :)
photo 1(2)

The love birds.
What else can I say. They’re in love! And diligently working on wedding plans.jc-sarah-12 DSC_0377DSC_0351

Carinna and I took Grandpa out fishing and we caught a fish nearly every time we cast out (big or small) and came home with 9 keepers! That’s fun fishing. DSC_0610

If you want to see some beautiful Oklahoma country and have a blast doing it, come on down! We’ve been having so much fun taking Granddad’s Model T out on gorgeous Sunday evenings and discovering “new” territory and routes to take. The fun has included… trying to drive it only on paved roads (hard to do around here), taking a 40 mi. drive round trip, Dad treating us to ice-cream, taking our little neighbor buddies on a ride and realizing how absolutely gorgeous Oklahoma is! Just sayin’.photo 2 copy 2photo 2-2photo 2

Did I say we’ve had LOTS of rain?!
No, we didn’t take the Model T over that!! (although we probably could have made it).   :)photo 5-2

It’s not often Dad sits in the back seat, he’s either driving or riding shotgun, but somehow this past trip when Carinna was driving, that’s where he landed!
He got the full experience of the wind in the back seat!photo 2aphoto 2bphoto 5bphoto 3

The apiary
Our bees are doing well. We have 20 hives… at the moment, I say that because one hive just swarmed and we have a couple of hives that are kind of struggling.
But it looks like the honey flow will be really good this year!photo 4 copy 2photo 4 copyphoto 4photo 3-2photo 5

He is so fun! This little guy bring so much joy to our lives! He’s not walking yet but he’s  getting braver! He’ll “give hugs”, blow kisses, sign “please” “more” and “thank you”, he’ll say “bah” and wave when ever someone leaves, and he’s got this adorable growl that comes from way deep in his throat! His birthday is coming up so we’ll post more about him later!


Col 1:9-11
“For this cause we also, since the day we heard it, do not cease to pray for you, and to desire that ye might be filled with the knowledge of his will in all wisdom and
spiritual understanding; That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God; Strengthened with all might, according to his glorious power, unto all patience and longsuffering with joyfulness.”

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Spring is here…


…and all of God’s AMAZING creation with it!

Thought we’d share a taste of the beauty,
with those of you who are still hibernating. ;D

This is an Eastern redbud, and is our state tree.

To free up space in the garden, we planted
onions and lettuce in buckets this year.

The tulips have just started blooming. God’s handiwork, is awesome!


My Aunt gave Grandpa three chickens and a small chicken tractor,
they’ve been a really fun addition!

The bees have been hard at work on all the new blooms.

After Hannah got married, Charity took charge of the garden. 
We’re all indebted to the hard work she does every year
to get it started, and keep it going! Thanks Charity!

Planting potatoes. Ahhh…what a good feeling.

The peach trees have bloomed, they’re SO pretty.
I mean, who wouldn’t want some pink fluff in their back yard?

Charity and Maggie had the opportunity to take
a friend’s graduation pictures in one of the local peach orchards.

When the peach trees are in full bloom, against the golden evening sun,
with the green grass, and warm weather,
it is just, so…magnificent, striking, stunning…words just DON’T do it justice…

…and neither do pictures…
I guess you’ll just have to come down and see them for yourself sometime.

It is interesting to see how different the blooms are,
and the different timing of each tree.
Some of the blooms are light and fluffy, and some…

…well, not so much.

Around here if you have nice weather, pretty flowers, and green grass,
you’re also going to have tornadoes looming around. 
Hey, the clouds sure can be pretty though, and the rain is nice. : )

This was the other evening as the sun was setting. Just beautiful.

Psalms 69:34 
“Let the heaven and earth praise HIM, the seas,
and every thing that moveth therein.”

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