Meet The Family


Burnett Family

La perte de poids

Johnny & Cheryl (Dad and Mom)

John-Clay, Sarah and Eric

Dustin, Hannah, Evan, Ransom, + 1


Abbie is very loyal and dependable. God has given her a passion for nursing and caring for others (especially the elderly) and she currently is in Practical Nursing School. She can be very spontaneous and eager for an adventure! She has mastered the ukulele and violin! She has amazing curly hair and a great personality!

Charity is a quiet blessing to our family. She spends most of her time caring for Grandpa here at home, cleaning houses with Carinna, gardening, and mowing lawns with Benjamin. Charity enjoys photography, working out with siblings, reading and working crossword puzzles. If we could pick one word to describe her, it would be faithful. She’s quick to help, tag along, and offer to do anything for anyone. Her bright smile brings cheer to everyone around. Oh, and she makes the BEST…guacamole!

Maggie has a fun personality, one that makes friends easily, loves adventure, and trying new things…especially odd things like seafood! She is a good friend, caring, happy, and an energy giver. She enjoys photography and has acquired several jobs with that. She is artistic and would be great at doing illustrations for children’s books! She currently works part-time at a daycare and is going through EMT training this year.

Carinna is good at most everything she does and does everything with excellence. She is loyal, determined, creative, and wise. She is very artistic and loves working with her hands and trying new projects that most people would hire out to get done. She has a love for working with animals, it’s really fun to watch her work with our dog, Heidi! She is Dad’s right hand in our bee business. She loves to learn new things. And loves teaching others and watching them grow and learn new things! She is currently…well actually what she’s doing “currently” is always changing. : )

Benjamin is a true gentleman. He has a very sweet, caring heart for others and loves to give gifts and make other people feel very special. He is humble, teachable, and sensitive to the Lord. He’s is really good with younger boys, whether neighbors, cousins, friends or nephews, they all think he’s the greatest! He loves sports and will take any opportunity he gets to play basketball with someone. He also has a great love for chocolate chip pancakes! With all the work he’s done with Dad on our old house, he’s discovered he doesn’t want to get into the business of buying and flipping houses. He works hard all spring and summer to keep our lawn and our grandparents’ lawns lookin’ good! He currently has a big interest in videography and making LEGO stop motion movies.Save