The story of how the Mr. Ferdinand came to live with the Burnetts.


There was once a 14 year old girl who got carving tools for Christmas just like she wanted. After taking them back and pitching in some money, she got some better quality tools, and proceeded to buy some basswood.  She looked up instructional videos online and started carving. First, she carved some axes. Then she tried a little man, who turned out more like a children’s Bible story character than a simple Santa Claus.
With that success behind her, she was ready for her next project, another little fellow. After several mistakes, and hours and hours of trying to get everything just so, he was finally complete.


Mr. Ferdinand 

 Mr. FerdinandMr. FerdinandMr. Ferdinand  


She thought he’d look better with color, so she painted his coat, shoes, and eyes black, his hair and pants brown, his vest green, and his shirt ivory. He had so much more personality after she was done that her older sister said, “ You should name him!” She went around asking suggestions and finally decided on a name . . . . Mr. Ferdinand.

And that’s the story of how Mr. Ferdinand came to live with the Burnetts.

 Mr. Ferdinand painted

Mr. Ferdinand paintedMr. Ferdinand paintedMr. Ferdinand painted


This is the Bible character I told you about in the story.

Bible character Bible character

Did you know that God has His own carving project? ;) …

“For whom He did foreknow, He also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of His Son…”

Romans 8:29

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Drawing lessons



Several months ago, Mom bought a DVD on how to draw realistic portraits at Drawing Portraits from Photographs. Since then, Charity, Maggie, and I have gone through the entire DVD and these are the portraits that we have drawn.

The computer doesn’t do justice to how the portraits really look.


Maggie’s subject was Mom when she was 1 years old. Maggie enjoyed going through the lessons and I think she did a wonderful job on her portrait.



Charity’s subject was herself when she was 1 1/2 years old. Charity hasn’t done a whole lot of drawing recently so we were delighted that she went through the DVD with us! I think she did an excellent job!



My subject was a recent picture of Hannah. I enjoyed the DVD a lot!



We used some heavy sketch paper to draw the pictures, but are looking forward to using some smoother paper which will help with the graininess.

If you are interested in drawing portraits, we highly recommend this DVD!

~Carinna Burnett

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Ribbons from the State Fair



Carinna and prizes in the fair 

This year was very successful at the Oklahoma State Fair! Congratulations to Carinna and Dad!


Carinna and prizes in the fair


Carinna won 1st place and Best of show in the junior division with her caterpillar oil painting . She also won 3rd place in the adult category with her horse drawing!

You did a great job, Carinna! (Thanks to Grandma for the art lessons.)

Dad won second place with his jar of comb honey! We sold out of all our spring honey, but we hope the bees will get busy so we’ll have some fall honey. :)

Looking forward to next year’s fair (and hopefully more ribbons!)


P.S. We are headed out today for our annual family camping trip. See ya’ll later.

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