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Our annual family camping trip was going to be canceled again this year. : (
This time it was because Dad couldn’t get off work. We were going to settle for all being together at the house for the weekend like last year…but, Dustin and Hannah wanted to go camping…so, they made a plan, and those who could,
went camping earlier in the week. : )

The start of the camping crew.

It was 80° on Wednesday. Perfect for getting a little wet in the lake.

It’s so much fun to watch Evan take in and learn all the little things of life.

Everyone came for the wiener roast on Wednesday night. : )

Benjamin bought donuts for the next morning. By his drawings on the box
I think he was just a little excited. : D

Thursday we started the day off with hiking.

There are all kinds of unique creatures, if we’ll just take the time
to stop and enjoy God’s amazing detailed creation.

How many people does it take to figure out a plan?

Dustin and Maggie took an unbeaten path adventure. : )
They had fun climbing up crumbling rocks and ended up with a good view of the lake.

Playing Dominion in the back of the truck.

As you can tell, we went for EASY on the food for the trip.
We had just started eating, when it began to rain, again…

…So, we ended up piling inside the biggest tent to finish eating, and then
we watched a movie. IMG_1869

Mmmmm! Nothing like food cooked over an open fire!

My packing buddy. : )20161014_103423

On Friday we packed up, went home, unloaded, and then some of us started the weekend party with a good game of Power Grid.

Caleb’s shirt he was wearing says, “I never dreamed I would be a super cool uncle,
but here I am killing it”. Yep, you sure are.

A group game of Catch Phrase. Then a movie.

The late night partiers. (if that is even a word.)

Mom and Charity did most of the cooking for the weekend. It was a fabulous spread.

Saturday we had a two team obstacle course/relay race…
…over the picnic table, under the bars, jump rope 5 times, get a bean bag in the bucket, balance backwards down the board, fill the lower bucket up from the top bucket, then ring the bell for the next person to go.

Once your whole team made it through, your team had to make it to the finish line by working together to always be standing on a rug. This is the team that won!

Next event was the Burnett Family Bean Bag Toss Tournament.IMG_1957IMG_1948IMG_1986

It was so much fun to just BE with the whole family for the weekend. : )

Now that’s one cool dude!

The winners of the tournament! IMG_2008

More games, food, movies, and fun!

We are so blessed in our family to not only be brothers and sisters,
but to be brothers and sisters in Christ!


“Wherever you are, be all there! Live to the hilt every situation you believe to
be the will of God.”
-Jim Elliot

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Camp fires, marshmallows, wind, and family…


We went to Okmulgee again this year for our traditional family camping trip. We were so glad everyone got to come and be there! We had a total of 5 tents and 6 vehicles. So here’s lots of pictures from the trip for ya…DSC_0017
“How do we put this tent up?” 1 tent up, 4 more to go.

Benj brought along his blow-up boat and took some pretty exciting trips out in the lake! Let’s just say the wind really picked up and wasn’t blowing towards shore like normal. =/

Maggie was excited to be there but didn’t get to do alot because of having mono. She is a trooper! 

We thoroughly enjoyed having Granny and Granddad come down on Friday to spend the day with us.

Telling big stories!

Friday afternoon we played lots of baseball, catch, and croquet in the field by our camp site cause it was a lot less windy over there! =D

Playing out-field.

We brought Calli along for the first time! She went crazy over the waves, I guess she thought they were alive!

Playing 42 at night by the light of the lantern, oh yeah!

We took the games to the tent so we the cards wouldn’t blow away. =) The wind blew so hard that the lake was white-capping 3 days in a row. =)

Saturday evening we went on a hike, it was gorgeous!

It was beautiful to sit and watch the sunsets and stars every night.

Jammin it up and singing silly songs is one of our highlights! =)

Abbie and her “pet”. =)

While we were packing up on Sunday, we saw 2 bald eagles across the lake!

Happy Fall from the Burnett family!

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What in the World Are We Up To?


That’s probably what you’re wondering these days seeing how 3 weeks between posts is becoming a regular occurrence! Here goes for an update on the Burnett clan…

After several of us kids traveled like crazy this summer, I guess Mom and Dad decided it was their turn to take off for a change.

First, Mom went with her mom and two sisters to the Northeast on their own autumn foliage tour last month. It was BEAUTIFUL.

VermontBragg Farm SugarhouseNorthfield, VTPortland Headlight, MECheryl
Mom has tons more beautiful pictures and stories about their wonderful trip. If you leave her a comment, maybe she’ll be convinced to write a post!

After just one day at home, Mom took off again, with Dad this time, on a business trip to Guatemala! They saw and experienced so many interesting things…

Headed to retreat center from golf course
Santiago (Peter), across the lakeVolcano of Fire
…including a puffing volcano. :-/
Ruina Convento de Capuchinas 1500-1600
Awww, now aren’t they cute together. Smile (You’ll want to see more pictures of this trip, too.)

Of course, with Mom and Dad gone, we kids had to make sure we had a good time and didn’t miss them too bad. ;) Things can get interesting sometimes…

Playing “Lunch Bucket Joe” with some friends after playing volleyball!

CharityBenjaminHannah's 24th birthday party
We decided that since we had the week to ourselves, we should do something specific to work on our sibling relationships. Our sibling project for the week was to draw each others’ names every day and make an effort to show that sibling love and make them feel special. All kinds of fun surprises were going around…special snacks, chores mysteriously getting done, fun little gifts, extra time spent one-on-one, and meaningful notes found on pillows. Very worthwhile project!

John-Clay is currently finishing up a 2-month shoot on a film set. Check out the Beyond the Mask website to see more pictures of the exciting project. J-C is running second camera and enjoying the challenge that comes with that. He is exhausted by now, though, so pray for strength for him to finish the shoot well. We can’t wait to see him!!

‘Tis the season!
For deer hunting, that is. Two have been harvested, so far, but I’ll let Maggie tell you that exciting story herself.

Well, I’m off to prep and pack now for the Burnetts’ annual family camping trip this weekend!! For those of you who might remember our unforgettable trip from last year, we are hoping not to top that trip in terms of weather experience, but we are sure to have a super fun family time. Smile

Until next time (sooner than 3 weeks, I hope) – may you and your family be blessed with unity and steadfast hope in the LORD!

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Charity’s 18th Birthday!




Beautiful smile.

Charity’s Fun Facts:

What is your favorite snack? Cheez-its or chocolate chips-peanut butter-and molasses-all mixed up!

What is one characteristic of God He has most made known to you this year? "…He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him."

Name five things on your happy list:  Gerber daisies, sunshine, family, volleyball, small town country life.

What is one thing you are really looking forward to the most this next year? The unexpected opportunities that will come

If you could vacation anywhere you’ve never been…for a week, where would it be?  Alaska or way up in the Colorado mountains

Charity! You are such a special part of our family. We love you so much and can’t wait to see what God is going to do in your life in the coming year! He has amazing plans for your life. :) May He fill you with His fullness as you come to know His incredible love more and more. Happy birthday from your fam!!! =D

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The Unforgettable Camping trip!


Here we go!

did we bring to much stuff? ;)

When you have this many people, I guess it takes ALOT of stuff. ;)

  CharityMom and Carinna

Hannah's joyful smile!


Lunch =)

Notice their big smiles? They REALLY enjoyed their lunch! (smirk ;)

J-C MaggieDad Supper

This is delish!

If ya’ll ever go camping, you HAVE to try this one! First, cut a big slit across the top of a banana, then fill it with butter, chocolate bar, nutella, peanut butter, and marshmellows, then roast it over the fire and consume.

Abbie and Hannah trying to come up with new roasted concoctions… :)

Roasted AppleRoasted banana



Gotta love singing your heart out around the campfire. =D

Singin' together 'side by side' :)


We enjoyed catching a lot of fish-perch, crappie, and bass.

       Fresh, fried, fish.

Now that is what I call FRESH fish! This stuff was amazing!

Granny, Hannah, and Granddad

Granny and Granddad (mom’s parents) joined us on Saturday, and greatly contributed to the loads of fun we had!

Hiking trails...

Storm clouds are rollin' in.

The hiking trail we went on was stunningly gorgeous! Near the end of the trail was this beautiful view of the lake.

…take notice of the storm clouds rollin’ in…

Happy trails

Climbing the water dam

There was a really cool water dam near the camp ground we climbed, it was pretty epic!

At the top of the dam

We sang from the top… :)


Playin' croquet



Hannah =)

Grannddad won this game, by the way...

The sun was in her eyes... :)

Go Granny!

On Saturday afternoon/evening/night :), the big adventure came – in the form of a STORM. Thank the Lord, those of us who were out hiking made it back in time before it hit. Knowing that a storm was coming, and that our big tent leaks (from past experience :) Mom, and others took out some stuff and piled it in the van, so it wouldn’t get all wet.  As the storm quickly approached, we snarfed down our supper, finished filleting the fresh catch of fish, Granny and Granddad headed back, and we all piled in the vehicles to take refuge, all except for J-C and Caleb who stayed in their tent to hold it down.


This is a 15 second video, of a 30 minute time lapse to show you how quick this thing came!

Waiting out the storm

As the rain poured, it lightening and thundered, we waited and waited, Dad checked the weather on his phone, we phoned called and walkie-talkied each other back and forth to give each other updates…and ate good comfort food like chips and cookies…:) As we watched the wind pick up, we started wondering if our big tent, which we’ve had since Charity was 6 weeks old,(17 1/2 years) was gonna survive, so we got out and put more stuff in the van, shortly after, the wind whisked it up, right in front of our eyes and blew it into a tree!!! …so glad we took that stuff out! We found out the wind probably got up to about 60 mph!

We were very thankful that the baseball size hail didn’t hit us! Meanwhile, Granny and Granddad were having a VERY difficult time getting home. With the Lord’s protection they finally made it.

 Bye bye tent!

Now that it was very dark (round 10:00) and 6 of our sleeping places were slightly unavailable   GONE, Mom and Dad decided that the girls should all sleep in the van and Mom sleep in the car.

Adventure is out there!!!A sister sleepover in the van. :)

A spur-of-the-moment sister sleep-over in the…VAN…of all places!!! What a night!


Hot Chocolate  These donuts are a camping tradition.

The ol’ tent gone kasplat. Guess it was time for a new tent anyway. =)


Sunday we attended this local church, did some more hiking and fishing, and a lot of rearranging and packing-up. Our stuff needed a lot of organizing after last night.

On our way home, those in the car barely missed having a head-on collision driving on a two-lane road. They topped a hill and saw a car coming from the other direction erratically drive in their lane, to the shoulder and grass, and back to their lane. Not knowing where the car was going to end up, mom didn’t know what to do. She stayed in her lane, and the car stayed on the shoulder coming the wrong way, passing within 6 inches of the car. They think they heard the other car scraping the guard rail, and then it zipped right back in with the line of cars that it came from.  We are praising the Lord for His hand of protection and guardian angels!

Needless to say, after such a dramatic weekend, it was a very good feeling to be home ALL TOGETHER, ALIVE, WELL, AND SAFE, and in our own beds again. :) I don’t think we’ll ever forget that memorable camping trip.

Until next time…

happy trails! =)

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