Thinking of Grandma…


It’s hard to believe that it’s coming up on a year (Sept. 24th) since Grandma went to heaven. If you remember from last year, Grandma was working on making each of the granddaughters a butterfly quilt…using hankies as the butterflies. DSC_0074
We have some precious memories of us all working together to stich on the butterflies in the months before she died…

She passed away before the project was completed, but thanks to our Aunt Jackie, who took the initiative to get them all put together and finished, the quilts were all completed and presented to us at our family reunion in June.



What a special treasure!!!

We will hang Grandma’s own butterfly quilt in Grandpa’s new bedroom. He will be moving in, in just a couple of weeks!

We are thinking of, and missing her a lot, and as we approach the day she died, I am reminded of the words that she left us with – and that is what I’ll leave you with today:

STAY FAITHFUL! (full of faith)

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Granny’s and Gratefulness


A couple weekends ago, we had a family get-together at Granny and Granddad’s for a cousin who was visiting from Florida. Family is such a special, God-given blessing!!

The Ridge
This has been the most beautiful Oklahoma fall that we can remember having in a long time!

Catching up on life...

Granddad’s dogs have always been a special part of the farm.

Chillin' out with a hot dog
You can’t really tell from this picture, but the metal chair Benj is sitting in just decided it was tired of holding people up and kind of gave way, bending back nearly to the ground! Benj decided it made a great, natural recliner. :)

Take your pick! 
Shooting skeet was a blast. Of course, Granddad showed us all up! He’s a pro.

Cousin-in-law and cousin :) – Les and Julie are so much fun!

All of us girls love to shoot. I’m the only one left who hasn’t hunted yet, but I hope to remedy that in the near future. ;) Deer season is in full swing right now around here – one doe down and hopefully more to come!

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, we find our hearts full of awe and gratefulness to the Lord for His work in our lives this year! He is so good!!

Ten things we are thankful for…
1. Open doors for many of us to travel and serve the Lord.

2. The gentle way that God prepares our hearts for unexpected turns in the path of life.

3. Our WHOLE family was able to make the trip to Michigan and host the Journey Reunion.

4. All the special people that came through our humble abode this year. :)

5. Growing relationships with our neighbors.

6. Deepening unity in our family.

7. Provision of the Lord for our family’s needs.

8. Protection in many, many ways…I have been on 8 trips this year, not to mention everyone else in the family!

9. Good health – Abbie has been well from mono for about one year now. Praise God!!

10. The privilege of being a part of the work God is doing in the hearts of people!

What are YOU praising God for today?

“From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same
the LORD’s name is to be praised.”
Psalm 113:3

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Fireworks, Peaches, & Rodeo!


Well folks, we’ve had so much going on around here, we thought we’d give you a little update. :)

Because of the county burn ban, we couldn’t shoot off fireworks, so we went to the Pauls Valley park to watch theirs. It was the classic, all-American, 4th of July celebration! Everyone was spread out on the football field with their lawn chairs and picnic blankets, vendors were selling hamburgers and other good stuff, and there was a general, happy spirit of excitement. :) Once the sun set and the stadium lights were turned out, everybody laid out and ooh-ed and aah-ed over the dazzling fireworks while patriotic music played away! We were filled with pride and love for our country and grateful for all those who have given and are giving their lives to protect our freedom. I love America!!! We are unspeakably blessed. Thank You, Lord!

"And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air..."

A couple of our cousins joined us for the firework show…we had a grand time, as usual. Yay for cousins!! =D

This time of year also brings another festivity to celebrate in our area…

The 35th annual Stratford Peach Festival is coming up this Saturday, July 16th!


Preparations for our homemade peach ice cream booth are well under way – it takes a team!

Cutting up peaches 

Now, we can’t let the leftover, golden juice go to waste…

Such a beautiful color...

…so, jelly it becomes!

Peach jelly 

Y’all are welcome to come on down and join us for the fun day! Of course, it’s going to be scorching hot, but if you have to endure the heat anyway, why not be enjoying a cup of cold, homemade peach ice cream while you’re at it? ;) Better hurry down, though, because we usually sell out soon after lunch!

Our main goal is to let the Lord’s light shine through our testimony as we work together and interact with people. Please be praying!

Oh, and don’t forget we have a rodeo, too. It’s become tradition for our family to go on Saturday night after a long day’s work of selling ice cream. We’ve got the “rodeo itch” and look forward to some good calf-ropin’, barrel racin’, and bull ridin’!! Yeeehaaaawwwww!

Pictures to come! =)

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Spring Break


Happy spring!!!



Be prepared for LOTS of pictures from this past week!

Last Monday, most of the family went up to my Granny and Granddad’s house till Wednesday, then everyone went home except Carinna, Benjamin and I. We hauled lots of hay, hauled and split wood, and had a fantastic time!


2nd cousin

 2nd cousin
The cutest 2nd cousins EVER!!


Because of the fire-ban, we roasted our wieners in the fireplace.


cousin cooking chilli
    Cousin makin’ chili for the hot dogs. 


We ate four 9×13 pans of different desserts, plus root beer floats and ice-cream!!!!!!

Abbie at the top 

This is Abbie at the top of the windmill. (We’ve done this many, many times!)

playing fun games

Fun fellowship and games!!

the bull 


  The big… and the little.


Benjamin petting Penny.

 mandy and maggie

kisses (wink) 

Charity, Carinna, and I have all “tamed/claimed” a cow from my Granddad’s herd. This is “mine” – I call her Mandy. Isn’t she pretty? I love her to death. I’m not really touching her with my mouth, it’s just the angle, though I do kiss her. (just not on her nose/mouth =)

Mandy's brother cute! 

The most adorable calves in the world! The left picture is of is Mandy’s little brother.


Nesting at the fullest.
(The calf in the background is Mandy’s)

 feed time

    You have to watch your back when you’ve got a bucket of feed!


There was a small fire in one of the pastures, but the fire was burning against the wind, Praise the Lord!

 no fire

We are so thankful for the firefighters coming so quickly, and the fire was put out with little work!




This is a called a bad hair day!

We had such a fun time on our spring break, hope ya’ll did to!


Happy spring everyone!!!

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‘Tis the Season


Our family LOVES this time of the year!

Happy Fall Ya'll!

Just want you to know, this picture doesn’t do justice to our legendary pile of leaves. It was HUGE! ;)

Benjamin Maggie

Charity will demonstrate one way to do it…





"This is how you jump correctly"

A few neighbor kids came over and joined us in the raking and jumping party!

Thanksgivin` Yum!

We are blessed. Thank You, Lord.


Almost all of the cousins made it to Thanksgiving at Grandma’s! We were only missing two in this picture. Food, games, food, sleep, hunting, food, games, egg nog, food….

crazy cousins

Is there any such thing as cousins who aren’t CrAzY?

Charity and Abbie

Charity and Abbie making pear sauce out of Highway 59 pears. :) This stuff is really yummy!

Cousin Mat, Abbie, Caleb

Ducks! (Pre-jerky)


Carinna’s “button buck” – we eat a lot of venison around here.

Abbie, Hannah, Charity

Anybody else like to switch out their wardrobes when the weather changes?? It’s always a much-anticipated event for us girls.

Hannah Abbie

Down came the fall decor and up went the Christmas tree, the day after Thanksgiving! By the way, the tree isn’t bent. I was tipping the top section over so I could wire the bow on. :)

Look forward to more Christmas happenings…it’s a full, fun, and blessed time of year for the Burnetts!

Dad in the leaves

The End.


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