Fellowship with friends


It’s only half way through January and we’ve already been blessed with lots of company stopping by! Bontragers and Burnetts
Our good friends the Bontrager family, from Iowa, came for a few days last week. They tour around the country and Canada performing music and singing. Their visit was like a breath of fresh air for us. We played lots of fun games and had encouraging conversations. =)

I never knew that the Bontragers were SO competitive! =) Of course that makes the games all the more interesting!

Bring on the RAPID RECALL!!!

Fun, late night games of Ticket to Ride and Settlers!

“What should we do with our final 17 minutes???” Play an intense game of Dutch Blitz of course!

Grandpa reading to little miss Rebecca.

We enjoyed going to two of their concerts while they were here in the area and hope they come back to see us soon! =)

We enjoyed a visit from our next of kin, Dillon.  We played volleyball, games and all sat around talking for 6 hours. =)

Hymn sings are always fun! A friend of Dustin’s who came down for the wedding last April, recently got married. He and his wife came by along with 3 of their brothers who are helping them move to TX.

Charity, Caleb, Maggie, Carinna, Benjamin, Abbie
Earlier this month we got some free tickets to an OSU basketball game. We made a fun night of it and went out for pizza beforehand then went and cheered on our team!

Benjamin, AbbieMaggie and CarinnaCheryl, JOhnny, Charity, Caleb

Pizza Hideaway

J-C stays pretty busy, but we love when he can sneak a trip down to our place!

The Lord bless and keep each of you. Ya’ll come and see us! =)

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A trip to CO… for me?!



Here’s how it started. We were pleasantly surprised to hear that 3 of our ‘next of kin’ were coming down for a visit “on their way to CO” for a conference, and to visit Melody (who is currently in CO)…


…that’s when the idea popped into my little head that perhaps I could ride up to CO with them, to visit Melody and a dear friend, Brianna. After a few phone calls, permission granted, and the purchase of a $49 plane ticket home, I started packing my bags!

We left out Thursday morning. These ladies are very fun to travel with… =)


…and they pack really good snacks! =)



Guess what? Colorado has mountains! That was a grand sight for this Okie. =) Once we arrived in CO, we spent some time in Col. Springs with their relatives. 


Spending time with Dianna and Michelle was a treat! We enjoyed some exciting adventures together – like tracking down Dutch Bros (on foot) to get some smoothies. =)


Their kind uncle took us on a tour of Colorado Springs, including a visit to ‘Garden of the gods’ a.k.a. what I prefer to call ‘God’s garden’. Pretty fascinating rocks!


The three adventurers. =)


On Saturday we attended a conference at Kevin Swanson’s house on “Caring for the Elderly”. It was excellent. I thought they did a very efficient job covering the topic in only one day! I’m super grateful I got to attend!


Saturday night we drove up to Windsor and surprised Melody who is attending Ellerslie there. She was completely shocked. =)

I was thrilled to be able to spend a few extra days in the Windsor area, thus getting to spend some quality one-on-one time with this girl! =) She is a key tool that the LORD uses in my life to draw me closer to Himself and spur me on in my Christian race.


Did I mention they know how to pack the snacks – oh yeah!!! =)


My friend Brianna was also in CO during the time I was there, and so we enjoyed lots of time together! “Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.” Prov. 27:17


(MOUNTAINS!!!) On Tuesday Brianna and I drove to Estes Park and spent most of the day touring the fun shops. You know you have a good friend when they point you to Jesus, not to themselves, but to Jesus. I am so blessed to know her as my sister in Christ.

Honestly, I felt like this trip was a big present set in my lap from the heart of a loving heavenly Father. He arranged the details better than I ever could have. It wasn’t too long, and it wasn’t too short, it was so perfect, and I was ready to come home and happy to see my family by Wednesday night when I flew in! =)

This verse has been an encouragement to me today and I pray it will encourage you as well as you continue you to look unto Jesus!

Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.” 1 Thess. 5:24

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Another Celebration, in MN!



That’s right, our whole family traveled the 12 hours up north, to be a part of a wedding reception for Hannah and Dustin in MN. They had a great turn-out, Hannah and Dustin shared how God brought them together, we ate good food, met new people…


…and played volleyball in the church gym afterwards. =)


It was a very rare and special opportunity to have our WHOLE families (Dorninks and Burnetts) all together for just a couple of days – oh yeah!



After spending a couple of days up yonder, most of our family came back home, however Carinna and I got to stay, along with Dustin and Hannah, for a whole week longer!!!


We spent one beautiful afternoon hiking at Oxbow park.


I enjoyed walking with little miss Charity D., she has wisdom beyond her years. =)


We got to help celebrate Dustin’s birthday while we were up there! Some of us girls put together a photo scavenger hunt for us to play all together. If you’re looking for a fun group activity, I would come highly recommend this! Smile Enjoy a few of our categories…


“Think birthday”


“Act out an animal”


“I can’t believe we all fit in here!”


“Everybody’s feet off the ground”


“We’re rich!”


“Draw a green, Apples to Apples game card and act it out” This turned out pretty funny! The team on the left had the card EXCITED and the one on the right had SELFISH. Pretty classic! Smile


“Classic Hannah and Dustin” Winking smile


“Random” – they were random alright! Lol!



Planting the garden. Their planting season is a lot later than ours is. =)



Saturday afternoon we went bowling. Let’s just say I was not born to bowl! Everyone else did a great job and it was fun. =)



You know God’s blessed you with great friends when you come home after spending LOTS of time together, convicted, inspired, and with a hunger and passion to know God more! I can’t even begin to tell you about all the great, iron-sharpening-iron conversations we had! I am so grateful for the body of Christ who happen to be our ‘next of kin’. =)

Keep your eyes on Jesus!

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Mr. and Mrs. Dustin Dornink!


D.H Wedding L (643)D.H Wedding L (652)D.H Wedding L (653)

D.H Wedding L (681)D.H Wedding L (675)D.H Wedding L (802)D.H Wedding L (708)D.H Wedding L (723) D.H Wedding T (113)D.H Wedding T (139)D.H Wedding T (151)

D.H Wedding T (154)

D.H Wedding L (588)

We were so grateful and blessed to have all 4 sets of grandparents attend the wedding!

D.H Wedding L (587)

D.H Wedding L (619)D.H Wedding L (614)D.H Wedding L (627)D.H Wedding L (632)

D.H Wedding L (871)

Saturday evening after the wedding, Hannah and Dustin went out to the farm to enjoy a picnic and the beautiful sunset together.

D.H Wedding L (903)D.H Wedding L (888)

D.H Wedding L (920)D.H Wedding L (932)

Isaiah 62:5  For as a young man marrieth a virgin, so shall thy sons marry thee: and as the bridegroom rejoiceth over the bride, so shall thy God rejoice over thee.

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Here Comes the Bride!


D.H Wedding L (439)

D.H Wedding c (272)D.H Wedding c (276)D.H Wedding c (284)D.H Wedding T (338)D.H Wedding c (289)D.H Wedding c (309)

D.H Wedding c (324)D.H Wedding c (332)D.H Wedding c (340)D.H Wedding T (307)D.H Wedding c (454)D.H Wedding c (467)

D.H Wedding L (483)D.H Wedding L (503)D.H Wedding L (525)D.H Wedding L (535)

Hannah surprised Dustin by singing him a song she had written for their special day. It was precious!

D.H Wedding L (538)D.H Wedding L (542)654C9780D.H Wedding T (376)D.H Wedding T (358)

D.H Wedding T (240)D.H Wedding T (242)


D.H Wedding T (227)aDSCN5707D.H Wedding T (218)D.H Wedding L (569)

Officially, Mr. and Mrs. Dustin Dornink!

D.H Wedding L (572)D.H Wedding L (575)D.H Wedding L (581)


D.H Wedding c (501)D.H Wedding c (550)D.H Wedding c (519)D.H Wedding c (500)D.H Wedding T (14)

Instead of having cake, Dustin and Hannah had the fabulous idea of having an ice-cream bar and root-beer floats. That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

D.H Wedding c (502)654C9940

654C9898D.H Wedding c (524)654C9892

D.H Wedding c (529)D.H Wedding c (535)654C9889D.H Wedding c (539)D.H Wedding c (544)654C9873654C9916


D.H Wedding L (845)D.H Wedding T (8)D.H Wedding L (859)D.H Wedding T (174)

The whole wedding was just amazing! It was a very good day with precious memories we will treasure forever! Dustin and Hannah’s goal was for Christ to be glorified and I definitely believe that He was.

…to be continued… =) until then, I’ll leave you with these verses. Be encouraged and look to Jesus!

“My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him. He only is my rock and my salvation: he is my defense; I shall not be moved.” Ps. 62:5-6

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