Let It Begin! {JR #2}


Here’s a go for a recap of our preparations and first night of the Journey Reunion!

Northwoods Conference Center (NWCC)

This place is stunningly beautiful in all seasons of the year…especially fall!

We arrived on Tuesday evening, ate chicken fajitas on the dock with the staff, got settled into our rooms, and loosened our stiff joints with invigorating volleyball…the first of many games to be played. :)


Wednesday: It was so nice to have a whole day to set up and prepare – everything was a “calm busy”.

Benj cleaning windows 

Abbie vacuuming the lobby
There was LOTS of cleaning to be done, centerpieces to put together for the dining room tables, bouquet for the podium, and this and thats. :)

Can't you just smell the coffee? :)
I loved how these centerpieces turned out = rustic elegance. :)

We even managed to squeeze in time to get our annual family pictures. Might as well take advantage of such a beautiful location while we’re there, right? We know from experience that it’s much more efficient to have someone else behind the camera, instead of using a tripod, running back and forth to check the pictures, etc., so we were grateful that Chad Paine helped us pose and snapped the pictures for us! Sorry, you don’t get to see any of them, yet. :)

Mr. Grizzly was our lobby greeter. :)

Thursday: The cleaning crew worked hard to finish up all the last details, we set up the registration table, and people began arriving!!


Ready with name tags and schedules!
By the way, John-Clay did an AMAZING job designing the website, name tags, schedules, and all our promotional materials!! Everything looked classy, professional, and fun. :) Thanks, J-C! We’ll definitely “hire” you again next time. ;)

Reuniting with old friends and meeting new ones...
It was rewarding for us to see the excitement on people’s faces as they arrived, so happy to be there! Several had stories of miracles God worked that allowed them to come. He is so good!! What a blessing to reunite with old friends.

Mr. Norvell preaching
After so much anticipation over the last months, weeks, and days, it’s hard to explain how thrilling it was for the Journey Reunion to BEGIN! =)
That evening, Bob Norvell preached for our first session of the weekend. His message was a fitting exhortation on evaluating whether we have active revelation of God in our lives, and to be Samuels (and Samuelas :) in this world.

"Praise the Lord together singing Alleluia!"
God worked in special ways to allow the Fortune family to be there. They served in many capacities throughout the Reunion, including ministering to us in song.

Prayer time with Dr. Gothard
Dr. Gothard, who began the Journey to the Heart ministry five years ago, led everyone in an hour of prayer. WOW! It was a precious time with the Lord and each other as we all knelt and communed with God.

We could sense immediately from this first night, a beautiful spirit of unity that lasted throughout the conference. This special group had invested their time and money to get away and seek God.

Everyone wanted to be there.
Everyone wanted to go deeper.
Everyone wanted to seek God with all their heart.

And as He promised, He richly rewarded us! (Hebrews 11:6)


Photo by Maggie

“But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in
the Holy Ghost, keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.”
Jude 1:20-21

More to follow! :)

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Indian Food


While I was in Asia last fall, one of my favorite foods was an east Indian food called “roti prata” – a flaky, flat bread dipped in curry sauce. It was so delicious that I decided to attempt fixing it for the whole family! After researching and comparing various recipes online, I finally narrowed it down to what I thought would be most authentic.

The bread dough was very basic, consisting of flour, milk, water, clarified butter, and a bit of salt and sugar.

Balls of dough

Patting out 1
After letting the dough rise, I patted each ball into a large circle.

Patting out 2
As you can see, lots of oil is required to keep the dough from sticking. :)

Rolling out
Then, I rolled it out as thin as possible…

Transparent dough
You are supposed to be able to see through it. Is that transparent enough? :)

Folding 1
The next part was very interesting! You take the paper-thin sheet of stretchy dough and fold it in thirds from top to bottom and side to side.

Folding 2

Ready to fry
This gives the flat bread all those scrumptious, flaky layers. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to look pretty. :)

Finally, you fry the dough in a hot skillet and end up with a golden brown flat bread with distinct and chewy, yet crispy, layers!

Garlic, onion, ginger
The curry began with a large blend of onion, garlic, and fresh ginger. Strong stuff!

Curry spice

Curry in a bowl
The key ingredient = 5 tablespoons of curry powder. I was a little worried about how the family’s taste buds were going to handle this, but after cooking it all up with chicken, diced potatoes, coconut milk, and chili powder, they gave it a thumbs-up! In fact, it could have been a little spicier.


Dipping roti prata 
Too bad I didn’t have a few exotic fruits to complete the meal. :)

Iced hot chocolate
For dessert, I created something similar to the iced milo I had in Singapore. Basically, you pour hot chocolate over lots of ice and top it with dry hot chocolate mix and whipped cream.

Maggie thumbs up
I think that was probably their favorite part of the whole meal!

You have to go to Malaysia or Singapore to get the most authentic taste of a meal like this, but I have to admit that it turned out better than I hoped. It was definitely a culinary experience. :)

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‘Tis the Season


Our family LOVES this time of the year!

Happy Fall Ya'll!

Just want you to know, this picture doesn’t do justice to our legendary pile of leaves. It was HUGE! ;)

Benjamin Maggie

Charity will demonstrate one way to do it…




=) So.much.fun.

"This is how you jump correctly"

A few neighbor kids came over and joined us in the raking and jumping party!

Thanksgivin` Yum!

We are blessed. Thank You, Lord.


Almost all of the cousins made it to Thanksgiving at Grandma’s! We were only missing two in this picture. Food, games, food, sleep, hunting, food, games, egg nog, food….

crazy cousins

Is there any such thing as cousins who aren’t CrAzY?

Charity and Abbie

Charity and Abbie making pear sauce out of Highway 59 pears. :) This stuff is really yummy!

Cousin Mat, Abbie, Caleb

Ducks! (Pre-jerky)


Carinna’s “button buck” – we eat a lot of venison around here.

Abbie, Hannah, Charity

Anybody else like to switch out their wardrobes when the weather changes?? It’s always a much-anticipated event for us girls.

Hannah Abbie

Down came the fall decor and up went the Christmas tree, the day after Thanksgiving! By the way, the tree isn’t bent. I was tipping the top section over so I could wire the bow on. :)

Look forward to more Christmas happenings…it’s a full, fun, and blessed time of year for the Burnetts!

Dad in the leaves

The End.


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