Moving Out


Sooo…after 25 years of living all together as a family, John-Clay and Caleb have made the first move out! For quite some time, they have been looking around for a place more convenient for Caleb’s travel commute, and one that would provide them with a chance to start spreading their own roots. A duplex about 45 minutes away was God’s provision for them. It’s an exciting transition for sure, although the pain of change is sometimes hard – mostly because it will just never be the same again like it always was…
But hey, if you’re going to get to the next season in life, you have to start sometime, somewhere, somehow! :)

Moving is never a small task, even if you don’t have a ton of stuff to move. The guys have been coming home at least on the weekend – whether to see us or to get a home-cooked meal, I’m not sure. ;)

I spy a Pendragon poster...

The house still had a strong smoke smell from previous renters, so Abbie, Charity, and Maggie went up for about 5 hours one Saturday and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned…scrubbed ALL the woodwork (including all the cabinets!) inside AND out, vacuumed, mopped, organized, cleaned the bathroom, put up curtains,…they cleaned from top to bottom, literally! Needless to say, the guys were super blessed by their huge help!

Cleaning out from top to bottom!

Ab was determined to get that whole cabinet scrubbed out…

Enjoy the spiders, Ab.

The duplex is actually really cute nice. ;) Us girls would have no problem coming up with all kinds of ideas for decorating and making it homey.

By the way, we just returned from the Big Sandy ATI conference – it was amazing!! We’ll look forward to sharing about that soon. J-C just got back from an amazing weekend at the World Changers’ Summit, so all of us girls and Benj (the new man of the house!) are going up to hang out at the guys’ place tonight to catch up on everything with each other. It’s going to be a blast. :)

And yes, we are bringing them supper. ;)

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Fireworks, Peaches, & Rodeo!


Well folks, we’ve had so much going on around here, we thought we’d give you a little update. :)

Because of the county burn ban, we couldn’t shoot off fireworks, so we went to the Pauls Valley park to watch theirs. It was the classic, all-American, 4th of July celebration! Everyone was spread out on the football field with their lawn chairs and picnic blankets, vendors were selling hamburgers and other good stuff, and there was a general, happy spirit of excitement. :) Once the sun set and the stadium lights were turned out, everybody laid out and ooh-ed and aah-ed over the dazzling fireworks while patriotic music played away! We were filled with pride and love for our country and grateful for all those who have given and are giving their lives to protect our freedom. I love America!!! We are unspeakably blessed. Thank You, Lord!

"And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air..."

A couple of our cousins joined us for the firework show…we had a grand time, as usual. Yay for cousins!! =D

This time of year also brings another festivity to celebrate in our area…

The 35th annual Stratford Peach Festival is coming up this Saturday, July 16th!


Preparations for our homemade peach ice cream booth are well under way – it takes a team!

Cutting up peaches 

Now, we can’t let the leftover, golden juice go to waste…

Such a beautiful color...

…so, jelly it becomes!

Peach jelly 

Y’all are welcome to come on down and join us for the fun day! Of course, it’s going to be scorching hot, but if you have to endure the heat anyway, why not be enjoying a cup of cold, homemade peach ice cream while you’re at it? ;) Better hurry down, though, because we usually sell out soon after lunch!

Our main goal is to let the Lord’s light shine through our testimony as we work together and interact with people. Please be praying!

Oh, and don’t forget we have a rodeo, too. It’s become tradition for our family to go on Saturday night after a long day’s work of selling ice cream. We’ve got the “rodeo itch” and look forward to some good calf-ropin’, barrel racin’, and bull ridin’!! Yeeehaaaawwwww!

Pictures to come! =)

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‘Twas The Week Before Christmas


Several years ago, John-Clay produced a 5-minute movie about remembering the true meaning of Christmas. I had fun acting in my brother’s film, even though we stayed up until 3am one night, recording the narration! I hope you enjoy it.

In an unexpected turn of events, a young boy learns the truth about Santa and sets out to honor the true King of Christmas! This heart-warming short film emphasizes Who our focus should be during the Christmas season!

You can view a short clip from the movie here.

Click Here to read more about the movie on the store site!

A while back, John-Clay also wrote up a couple Behind-the-Scenes articles about this project, which you can read here Christmas BTS Article 1Christmas BTS Article 2

For more information or to download the film, go to:

ReelCast Productions Download Store

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