At the farm


Hey, everyone! This past week, us three youngest got to spend a week at our grandparents’ farm. We got to bale and stack hay, go fishin’, ride horses, romp in a creek bed… -just to mention a few things we did- … doesn’t get much better than that! And I should warn you, a farm is photography paradise for me!


fixin' things 
Carinna fixing the motorcycle with Granddad…

riding the 90   Benj, riding the honda express 
…so we can all ride them. =)

Granny sweeping the sidewalk.

pretty! Rusty and Cowboy
My Granddad’s new renter has two horses that are staying on the farm, and we are enjoying them immensely!

me with the horses me with the horsesme with the horses
Me with Rusty and Cowboy. =)

G-dad making malts! 
Granddad makes the best malts- I’ve never tasted one that beat his!

 Carinna in the barn 
Carinna in the barn- It’s one of the best places to hang out and think! 

_dsc0440-1 _dsc0462 
Riding Rusty (sounds like a book doesn’t it? =)

Pretty horse, huh?!

Rusty was so much fun to ride, you kinda had to work him, because if you gave him to much rein, he’d try to run, so you had to hold him back, and sometimes he didn’t like it! =)

the three youngn's 
Us three youngin’s! We sure had fun!

BTW= you can always count on a horse to laugh at your dumb jokes! :P

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Farm Adventures


January 31st was the last day of duck season and thanks to Granddad, we got to go huntin’. There was one duck on each of the three ponds, and we got them all. Thanks to Calli for retrieving them for us. :)Carinna

Maggie and I went home with Granny and Granddad for a week. We played games, “pulled” calves, hauled hay for the cows, played games, cleaned house, shot skunks that were getting into the cat food, played games, caught 11 fish between two trips, petted calves, put grease in the windmill, played games, took Calli to the ponds, took pictures, went out to eat for their 58th anniversary, and many more things.
Granddad’s breed of cows are known for having big calves. So we helped a couple cows by putting chains on the calf’s feet and pulling. Sometimes they’re bigger, and we have to use other means to pull. This cow could’ve had the calf by herself but it was getting dark, and we wanted it out, so we pulled it.
Granddad is putting the chains on the feet. Pulling the first calf








This is about as fresh as you get!Fresh as you can get!










Maggie petting another calf we pulled. (while it was raining) :) The cow probably couldn’t have had this calf by herself. He was big. DSC_1071









Here he is a couple of days old.


Granddad wears striped overalls everyday.











Me greasing the windmill.
DSC_1060 copy












Calli had lots of fun with their dogs. 

So far there’s seven calves.

As you can tell we had lots of fun!

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Spring Break


Happy spring!!!



Be prepared for LOTS of pictures from this past week!

Last Monday, most of the family went up to my Granny and Granddad’s house till Wednesday, then everyone went home except Carinna, Benjamin and I. We hauled lots of hay, hauled and split wood, and had a fantastic time!


2nd cousin

 2nd cousin
The cutest 2nd cousins EVER!!


Because of the fire-ban, we roasted our wieners in the fireplace.


cousin cooking chilli
    Cousin makin’ chili for the hot dogs. 


We ate four 9×13 pans of different desserts, plus root beer floats and ice-cream!!!!!!

Abbie at the top 

This is Abbie at the top of the windmill. (We’ve done this many, many times!)

playing fun games

Fun fellowship and games!!

the bull 


  The big… and the little.


Benjamin petting Penny.

 mandy and maggie

kisses (wink) 

Charity, Carinna, and I have all “tamed/claimed” a cow from my Granddad’s herd. This is “mine” – I call her Mandy. Isn’t she pretty? I love her to death. I’m not really touching her with my mouth, it’s just the angle, though I do kiss her. (just not on her nose/mouth =)

Mandy's brother cute! 

The most adorable calves in the world! The left picture is of is Mandy’s little brother.


Nesting at the fullest.
(The calf in the background is Mandy’s)

 feed time

    You have to watch your back when you’ve got a bucket of feed!


There was a small fire in one of the pastures, but the fire was burning against the wind, Praise the Lord!

 no fire

We are so thankful for the firefighters coming so quickly, and the fire was put out with little work!




This is a called a bad hair day!

We had such a fun time on our spring break, hope ya’ll did to!


Happy spring everyone!!!

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End of summer…


Life has been pretty steady and calm around here lately…which is unusual. :) Here’s a little peek at what we’ve been up to.

Hannah and Carinna making jelly

Carinna and I made wild plum jelly – delicious.

DSC_0077 copy

This is also the time of year to go ‘possum grape picking!

‘Possum grape vines are most often found in the middle of briar patches, growing right up to the tops of trees (or in the middle of poison ivy, as Benjamin discovered), making it rather adventurous to get them.

First, you pull on your grubby clothes, gather sacks and scissors, and pile into the van for a drive down the county roads.

Carinna, Benj

Once you spot a patch of vines, you leisurely pick the few that are within arms’ length.


Then you have MORE fun as you work your way up the tree to get the ones dangling over your head. Usually, all manner of pulling, bending, hanging, and stretching is required to retrieve the prized grapes. The more people helping, the merrier. :)

(These were actually growing by Grandma and Grandpa’s gate, and were much easier to pick compared to ones that we’ve gotten before!)

Charity Make sure you have someone along as the “blog picture taker” vs. “grape picker” :D

Once you get enough grapes for a batch of jelly, it’s time to head to Grandma’s to have a “pick ‘em off the stem” party!

everybody picking

Next thing you know, all those beautiful little grapes will be transformed into beautiful jars of some of the best jelly you’ve ever had.

And no, there isn’t anything ‘possum about them at all. According to “legend”, the grapes are about the size of a ‘possum’s eye. That’s why they’re called ‘possum grapes. :)

Last night, some of us went out to G-pa’s farm to fish, shoot trap, and have a wiener roast.



Charity shooting


Abbie shooting

Caleb and Abbie

Benj shooting


Dad roasting

Meanwhile, Dad roasted hotdogs and buns.

Caleb and Abbie

“No caption necessary”


Summer is fading fast…

This week, our family has slowly been shrinking. Mom left for a 6-day vacation with her mom and sisters in KY and John-Clay is in Texas teaching at a film workshop.

Then tomorrow, Abbie and Charity fly out to attend a Journey to the Heart – a 10-day retreat for young people in Michigan. Three of us have already been to one, and were tremendously challenged and blessed. It is a place to learn how to seek God with ALL your heart and experience deep, personal revival. Please be in prayer for the girls as they travel and spend this set-apart time with God. I’m sure they will have a report to share in a couple of weeks!

P.S. For those of you interested in Lamplighter Theatre, you can now listen to the first episode of Season 2 here!!

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