Christmas in Review :)


Hannah’s piano studio, recital.

Caroling is a fun Christmas tradition. Sometimes I think we are just as blessed (if not more) by it, than the people we sing to. =)

Hannah did a great job organizing our annual church’s Christmas pageant.

Celebrating at Granny’s house: This year our aunt had the fabulous idea to have a dessert bakeoff! Several of us girls enjoyed searching for and making a special recipe. J-C was privileged to be one of the four judges. I’m surprised they were still able to eat lunch after tasting all those desserts. =)

Look who won the bake-off!! Charity beat everyone with her “ Cup of Hot Chocolate Cupcakes”. Way to go sis!

Christmas at Grandpa and Grandma’s house: As Dad mentioned in our Christmas letter post, Grandma has cancer. Right now she is in the middle of getting radiation treatments 5 days a week, but I’m so grateful she’s feeling so much stronger.

…two love birds…

An exciting newer event for our church has been a formal candle-light service on Christmas Eve. It was a very enjoyable evening filled with lovely carols.

We broke a record in the Burnett house-hold this year…we were home all day on Christmas! …I could…get used to it! =) AND…much to my delight, God sent us snow on Christmas DAY! …I could definitely get used to that!!!

Love spending time with the big bros. =)

…two more love birds… =)

Mom whipped up another one of her famous Christmas teas for us. The food was excellent and fellowship priceless.

I just felt SO blessed this year to have my whole family under one roof (a new one at that =), and grateful because we know Jesus and have Hope.

We serve one amazing GOD who, created the universe, breathed the stars into being, holds us together, and gives us each breath we take. Yet, even though He does all these amazing things, He chose to humble himself, reveal God’s love to us, offer up His own life to bear our sins on the cross and free us from sin and a life consumed with ourselves (which doesn’t satisfy), and give us purpose-filled abundant life. I encourage you to take some time, and if you are saved, think about where you’d be and what your life would be like without God’s amazing love and grace…then take some time and give thanks to Him for Who He is and what He’s given. To God be the glory great things He hath done!

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Tea Time


Pretty decorations

I am always looking for a way to cook up a bunch of party food,

and thought a Spring tea sounded fun…after lots of planning and

tons of baking, this was the beautiful result. :)

Spring time :)

All together :)

My beautiful family. :)

These were some of my favorites!

Picnic Stuffed Eggs                   Asparagus Ham Roll-ups

Can't have a tea without Cream Puffs!

French Vanilla Cream Puffs       Flavorful Sausage Balls

Makein' a list checkin' it twice

I really enjoy planning everything to cook, but I do have trouble

narrowing down all my options, and probably end up with too much

food, as you can tell. :)

Aren’t these flowers cute?! Carinna helped with them – I thought

they turned out very fun. :)

Charity was very sweet, and willingly assisted me all day! …well, I guess she WAS a little unsure about peeling the shrimp. ;)

Carinna is making lemon curd, and Mom is working on the decorations. She also spent a lot of time and effort on making the little “signs” you see in each of the dishes. I definitely couldn’t have put all this together without all the help I had!

Chicken Salad Crescents

Sugar Cookie Fruit Pizza           Fried Shoestring Carrots

The strawberry scones are a personal recipe, and we served them

with Lemon Curd.


Maggie made the shoestring carrots (I think she enjoyed it?) and several pitched in and did dishes.

Cheez-it Toffee

Lemon Tea Cakes                     Bunny Bait

Skewered Shrimp

Cheesy Corn Bites                   Jalapeno Popper Dip

Eat up!

Yogurt-Covered Raspberries were from Sam’s Club. ;)

If you think we were having fun here, (which we were!) you should’ve seen us afterward playing games for family fun! It wasn’t the games that were so fun, but all the laughing in between that had nothing to do with what we were playing…thanks, Caleb. ;) We sure can have a good time. :D

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Alaskan Cuisine


I’ll skip lamenting the fact that it has been __ days since we posted and get straight to fixing the problem…writing a blog post! :)

Our friend from Alaska, Barrie Greenfield, came up from Bible school in Texas the other weekend to fix some of her own Alaskan salmon for us! Some of the family were rather skeptical, since we hardly ever eat salmon (what can you expect when you live in OK?), but I think we all enjoyed it! I thought it was delicious. :)


We peppered her with all sorts of questions as she prepared it (pun intended…sort of), such as, what kind of salmon it was, how they fish for it, what other ways do they eat it, how do you know when it’s done, etc.


On the side – Garlic Knot Rolls

Roasted Asparagus – the best way to eat it in our opinion! (Thanks, Aunt Janis!)

and fresh flowers. :)

I experimented with a new dessert – puddingwiches. They’re like ice cream sandwiches, except they have a pudding type filling inside graham crackers (or Ritz, if you run out of graham). Pretty good stuff!

After listening to Barrie’s wild bear hunting stories (true Alaskan she is), we wound up playing Fishbowl for Friday Fun Night…lots of laughs. =D This was the charades round…any guesses?



The next morning, a few of us got in some target practice. Speaking only for myself, I think skeet shooting is more my forte. :)

The Sharpshooters – heh heh. ;)

More posts coming soon…right, Abbie? ;)

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January Life at the B’s


Nineteen days since our last blog post???? Please kindly ignore that fact. Actually, it doesn’t seem like we have had much of anything to post about – just normal life. :) So enjoy this random conglomeration of an update!

During Christmas and New Year’s, Dad re-did our kitchen floor using vinyl tiles.

Before (can you tell where our chairs have been? :)Kitchen floor redo


I’m so proud of my dad. Almost 15 years ago, he began remodeling this house that wasn’t even live-able. You wouldn’t be able to tell that if you walked in today! He has poured so much time, energy, and money into making it a HOME for us. Matter of fact, our house turned 100 years old in 2011! (We thought about having a celebration, but never got around to it. ;) Sure, there is always something more to fix and lots of “character” to the old place, but hey – that’s the fun of living in an old house, right? ;)

Delish with milk and coffee
More of Abbie’s delectable delights – homemade strawberry, butter cream, & chocolate donuts…YUM. Strawberry was the best. :)

Uncle Chris and Aunt Janis were at Grandma’s over the weekend, and we really enjoyed spending time with them!
Scrabble is a tradition with Uncle Chris
J-C and I competing with the Scrabble expert (aka: Uncle Chris).

Conclusion: I need to study more vocabulary words. :)

Aunt Janis, me, Carinna, Abbie, & Charity waiting a turn for one of our favorite Okie things to do…shoot guns. ;)

Charity and Carinna

Well, that’s all the randomness for now. Lord-willing, it WON’T be 19 days before we post again! :-/ God’s got some things stirring in my heart that I hope to write about soon.

Until then, keep loving Jesus!!

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The Unforgettable Camping trip!


Here we go!

did we bring to much stuff? ;)

When you have this many people, I guess it takes ALOT of stuff. ;)

  CharityMom and Carinna

Hannah's joyful smile!


Lunch =)

Notice their big smiles? They REALLY enjoyed their lunch! (smirk ;)

J-C MaggieDad Supper

This is delish!

If ya’ll ever go camping, you HAVE to try this one! First, cut a big slit across the top of a banana, then fill it with butter, chocolate bar, nutella, peanut butter, and marshmellows, then roast it over the fire and consume.

Abbie and Hannah trying to come up with new roasted concoctions… :)

Roasted AppleRoasted banana



Gotta love singing your heart out around the campfire. =D

Singin' together 'side by side' :)


We enjoyed catching a lot of fish-perch, crappie, and bass.

       Fresh, fried, fish.

Now that is what I call FRESH fish! This stuff was amazing!

Granny, Hannah, and Granddad

Granny and Granddad (mom’s parents) joined us on Saturday, and greatly contributed to the loads of fun we had!

Hiking trails...

Storm clouds are rollin' in.

The hiking trail we went on was stunningly gorgeous! Near the end of the trail was this beautiful view of the lake.

…take notice of the storm clouds rollin’ in…

Happy trails

Climbing the water dam

There was a really cool water dam near the camp ground we climbed, it was pretty epic!

At the top of the dam

We sang from the top… :)


Playin' croquet



Hannah =)

Grannddad won this game, by the way...

The sun was in her eyes... :)

Go Granny!

On Saturday afternoon/evening/night :), the big adventure came – in the form of a STORM. Thank the Lord, those of us who were out hiking made it back in time before it hit. Knowing that a storm was coming, and that our big tent leaks (from past experience :) Mom, and others took out some stuff and piled it in the van, so it wouldn’t get all wet.  As the storm quickly approached, we snarfed down our supper, finished filleting the fresh catch of fish, Granny and Granddad headed back, and we all piled in the vehicles to take refuge, all except for J-C and Caleb who stayed in their tent to hold it down.


This is a 15 second video, of a 30 minute time lapse to show you how quick this thing came!

Waiting out the storm

As the rain poured, it lightening and thundered, we waited and waited, Dad checked the weather on his phone, we phoned called and walkie-talkied each other back and forth to give each other updates…and ate good comfort food like chips and cookies…:) As we watched the wind pick up, we started wondering if our big tent, which we’ve had since Charity was 6 weeks old,(17 1/2 years) was gonna survive, so we got out and put more stuff in the van, shortly after, the wind whisked it up, right in front of our eyes and blew it into a tree!!! …so glad we took that stuff out! We found out the wind probably got up to about 60 mph!

We were very thankful that the baseball size hail didn’t hit us! Meanwhile, Granny and Granddad were having a VERY difficult time getting home. With the Lord’s protection they finally made it.

 Bye bye tent!

Now that it was very dark (round 10:00) and 6 of our sleeping places were slightly unavailable   GONE, Mom and Dad decided that the girls should all sleep in the van and Mom sleep in the car.

Adventure is out there!!!A sister sleepover in the van. :)

A spur-of-the-moment sister sleep-over in the…VAN…of all places!!! What a night!


Hot Chocolate  These donuts are a camping tradition.

The ol’ tent gone kasplat. Guess it was time for a new tent anyway. =)


Sunday we attended this local church, did some more hiking and fishing, and a lot of rearranging and packing-up. Our stuff needed a lot of organizing after last night.

On our way home, those in the car barely missed having a head-on collision driving on a two-lane road. They topped a hill and saw a car coming from the other direction erratically drive in their lane, to the shoulder and grass, and back to their lane. Not knowing where the car was going to end up, mom didn’t know what to do. She stayed in her lane, and the car stayed on the shoulder coming the wrong way, passing within 6 inches of the car. They think they heard the other car scraping the guard rail, and then it zipped right back in with the line of cars that it came from.  We are praising the Lord for His hand of protection and guardian angels!

Needless to say, after such a dramatic weekend, it was a very good feeling to be home ALL TOGETHER, ALIVE, WELL, AND SAFE, and in our own beds again. :) I don’t think we’ll ever forget that memorable camping trip.

Until next time…

happy trails! =)

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