Ferraro Family


Don’t you just love good Christian fellowship?! A couple weeks ago, our friends, the Ferraros came down from Illinois to visit us for several days. We thoroughly enjoyed their time spent at our house! =)

They arrived on Friday, and on Saturday, a pile of us went out to the farm and “used up a little ammo”. =)


Of course we had lots of conversations and also played tons of games – including, Occupation Telephone, which is sure to get many laughs!




Thanks to Granddad, the Ferraros were able to have a tour of our little town in the model T. =) It’s a classic!


Benj enjoyed lots of time with Joel and Benny F. They spent hours and hours playing baseball together. =)




…and you know if you come to the Burnett’s house, chances are, it may just happen to involve a bowl or two of homemade peach ice-cream. =)




Sunday evening we pulled instruments out of the cases, warmed up our voices and had one hum-dinger of a hymn sing (and a few random selections =). This was my highlight of their visit!!!



“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.” Col. 3:16

Ya’ll come! =)

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Labor Day Weekend


To start the weekend off, on Saturday we were so blessed to be apart of a friend’s wedding.
Earlier in the week, we helped them bake 530 cupcakes!! We helped with the food for the wedding making sure everything stayed filled up and popcorn kept popping.

Abbie and Maggie, along with some dear friends of ours, played music for the wedding. Abbie played her ukulele and Maggie played the Mandolin! The evening of the wedding was just gorgeous! IMG_0008
They had fireworks during their first dance, that was pretty neat!

I was in charge of the photo booth and had a great time snapping pictures of everyone as they “signed the guest book” by getting their picture taken!

On Monday we had a party at our house! We took “labor day” seriously getting ready for everyone to come! We got some much needed clean up done!

Granny and Mary Ella were “neck and neck” the whole croquet game!

Dad grilled up the burgers for everyone! Yum.

And lots of homemade peach ice-cream! 1..2..3.. 4 bowls of ice-cream!?!?!

Once it got too dark to play volleyball we moved inside and played games! Rapid Recall, 2 different “story games”, Spoons and Nertz. =D We had fun.

2 Thessalonians 3:10 – … If any would not work, neither should he eat.

Proverbs 14:23 – In all labor there is profit, But mere talk leads only to poverty.

What did ya’ll do for Labor Day?

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Fellowship with friends


It’s only half way through January and we’ve already been blessed with lots of company stopping by! Bontragers and Burnetts
Our good friends the Bontrager family, from Iowa, came for a few days last week. They tour around the country and Canada performing music and singing. Their visit was like a breath of fresh air for us. We played lots of fun games and had encouraging conversations. =)

I never knew that the Bontragers were SO competitive! =) Of course that makes the games all the more interesting!

Bring on the RAPID RECALL!!!

Fun, late night games of Ticket to Ride and Settlers!

“What should we do with our final 17 minutes???” Play an intense game of Dutch Blitz of course!

Grandpa reading to little miss Rebecca.

We enjoyed going to two of their concerts while they were here in the area and hope they come back to see us soon! =)

We enjoyed a visit from our next of kin, Dillon.  We played volleyball, games and all sat around talking for 6 hours. =)

Hymn sings are always fun! A friend of Dustin’s who came down for the wedding last April, recently got married. He and his wife came by along with 3 of their brothers who are helping them move to TX.

Charity, Caleb, Maggie, Carinna, Benjamin, Abbie
Earlier this month we got some free tickets to an OSU basketball game. We made a fun night of it and went out for pizza beforehand then went and cheered on our team!

Benjamin, AbbieMaggie and CarinnaCheryl, JOhnny, Charity, Caleb

Pizza Hideaway

J-C stays pretty busy, but we love when he can sneak a trip down to our place!

The Lord bless and keep each of you. Ya’ll come and see us! =)

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Christmas at the B’s


Christmas at Grandpa’s house.

On Christmas eve our whole family and every member of our extended family gathered at Grandpa’s house to celebrate together. This was the first time in 8 years we had ALL been together.

A fun game of Balderdash.

Grandkids and grandpa
All the cousins with Grandpa. =)

JOhnny, Janis, Grandpa, Jolena, Jimmy
This year was different and hard without Grandma being with us for the first time. We missed her! But the Lord is so faithful to gave grace through it all.

Christmas Eve Candlelight service

dee, Maggie, Abbie

We had a nice evening at church with lots of music and a thought provoking devotional by Dad.

Celebrating at Granny and Granddad’s house!

great grandchildren nativity 
With Benjamin being the youngest grandkid, it is so fun to have lots of great-grandkids coming now! There are now enough of them to re-enact the birth of Jesus!

Tracy and Hannah, both pregnant
Hannah and our cousin Tracy are due within one week of each other. Lots of baby-talk going around. =)

Benjamin, JC, Caleb

Abbie, Hannah, Charity

Johnny and Oliver

Dad loves babies and is getting warmed up to be a grandpa. =D

Twins, Maggie and Natalie, Carinna, and Nick
Twins with the twins. =)

We are definitely enjoying our new game of Rapid Recall that D&H got us for Christmas!

Charity and NatalieAbbie, Natalie, Nick
Lovin’ on the little people. =)carols

Clay crew
Grateful for all of our family!dsc00453(rev 0)

Joey, Benjamin
Benj. should win the “most valuable player” award! The great-grands LOVE to play/wrestle/tackle all over him, he is a great sport! =)

Happy new year! May the Lord bless each of you. Give all to Jesus, hold nothing back, He is the only One worth living for!

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Up on the housetop



Our house is 101 years old. Thankfully our roof isn’t quite that old, but it was high time for a replacement! After months of weighing all the options, decisions were made, the weather was right, and the big project was finally underway. Our friends, the Dorninks, came down to help us as well as some friends from church. We felt so blessed by the body of Christ coming alongside us in this way!




Many hands make light(er) work. Smile The ground crew hauled loads and loads of shingles to the dumpster.






The twins and I got a cool view from the peak of the housetop.

With 22+ people around the house, we did LOTS of cooking to keep them all fed. SmileCan’t say we didn’t eat good. Winking smile 




It was interesting to watch the guys work. The Dorninks are pro’s when it comes to roofing.


I don’t know HOW many games we played over the weekend, but it was a lot!!!

DSC_0499roof jobDSC_0491roof jobroof job

During the evenings we sang, played group games, and stayed up way too late or was that early?  But that’s just what you do with good friends, right? I mean we had to make the most of our short time! Smile

Fishbowl is a super fun game that lots of people can play.

_DSC0247_DSC0249roof job

roof job

After two and a half days of hard work, the roof was complete! Praise the Lord! Saturday afternoon, after it was finished, we divided into teams and competed in a photo scavenger hunt…then played hours of volleyball that night. Smile Here are a few pictures of the contest. 

roof job
“I can’t believe we all fit in here!”

roof job
“Who am I?”   (Hint: Melody the bookworm)

roof job
“Classic Kumbayah”

roof job
“Makes me feel like hooooome”

roof job
“Re-enact an important moment in history” – can you guess what it is?

roof job
“Think Oklahoma”

roof job
What a fabulous, fun-filled, hard-working weekend we had together. Can’t wait to see y’all again!!

P.S. The wind blew something fierce today and no shingles on the ground. Mission accomplished. Winking smile

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