What in the World Are We Up To?


That’s probably what you’re wondering these days seeing how 3 weeks between posts is becoming a regular occurrence! Here goes for an update on the Burnett clan…

After several of us kids traveled like crazy this summer, I guess Mom and Dad decided it was their turn to take off for a change.

First, Mom went with her mom and two sisters to the Northeast on their own autumn foliage tour last month. It was BEAUTIFUL.

VermontBragg Farm SugarhouseNorthfield, VTPortland Headlight, MECheryl
Mom has tons more beautiful pictures and stories about their wonderful trip. If you leave her a comment, maybe she’ll be convinced to write a post!

After just one day at home, Mom took off again, with Dad this time, on a business trip to Guatemala! They saw and experienced so many interesting things…

Headed to retreat center from golf course
Santiago (Peter), across the lakeVolcano of Fire
…including a puffing volcano. :-/
Ruina Convento de Capuchinas 1500-1600
Awww, now aren’t they cute together. Smile (You’ll want to see more pictures of this trip, too.)

Of course, with Mom and Dad gone, we kids had to make sure we had a good time and didn’t miss them too bad. ;) Things can get interesting sometimes…

Playing “Lunch Bucket Joe” with some friends after playing volleyball!

CharityBenjaminHannah's 24th birthday party
We decided that since we had the week to ourselves, we should do something specific to work on our sibling relationships. Our sibling project for the week was to draw each others’ names every day and make an effort to show that sibling love and make them feel special. All kinds of fun surprises were going around…special snacks, chores mysteriously getting done, fun little gifts, extra time spent one-on-one, and meaningful notes found on pillows. Very worthwhile project!

John-Clay is currently finishing up a 2-month shoot on a film set. Check out the Beyond the Mask website to see more pictures of the exciting project. J-C is running second camera and enjoying the challenge that comes with that. He is exhausted by now, though, so pray for strength for him to finish the shoot well. We can’t wait to see him!!

‘Tis the season!
For deer hunting, that is. Two have been harvested, so far, but I’ll let Maggie tell you that exciting story herself.

Well, I’m off to prep and pack now for the Burnetts’ annual family camping trip this weekend!! For those of you who might remember our unforgettable trip from last year, we are hoping not to top that trip in terms of weather experience, but we are sure to have a super fun family time. Smile

Until next time (sooner than 3 weeks, I hope) – may you and your family be blessed with unity and steadfast hope in the LORD!

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Moving Out


Sooo…after 25 years of living all together as a family, John-Clay and Caleb have made the first move out! For quite some time, they have been looking around for a place more convenient for Caleb’s travel commute, and one that would provide them with a chance to start spreading their own roots. A duplex about 45 minutes away was God’s provision for them. It’s an exciting transition for sure, although the pain of change is sometimes hard – mostly because it will just never be the same again like it always was…
But hey, if you’re going to get to the next season in life, you have to start sometime, somewhere, somehow! :)

Moving is never a small task, even if you don’t have a ton of stuff to move. The guys have been coming home at least on the weekend – whether to see us or to get a home-cooked meal, I’m not sure. ;)

I spy a Pendragon poster...

The house still had a strong smoke smell from previous renters, so Abbie, Charity, and Maggie went up for about 5 hours one Saturday and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned…scrubbed ALL the woodwork (including all the cabinets!) inside AND out, vacuumed, mopped, organized, cleaned the bathroom, put up curtains,…they cleaned from top to bottom, literally! Needless to say, the guys were super blessed by their huge help!

Cleaning out from top to bottom!

Ab was determined to get that whole cabinet scrubbed out…

Enjoy the spiders, Ab.

The duplex is actually really cute nice. ;) Us girls would have no problem coming up with all kinds of ideas for decorating and making it homey.

By the way, we just returned from the Big Sandy ATI conference – it was amazing!! We’ll look forward to sharing about that soon. J-C just got back from an amazing weekend at the World Changers’ Summit, so all of us girls and Benj (the new man of the house!) are going up to hang out at the guys’ place tonight to catch up on everything with each other. It’s going to be a blast. :)

And yes, we are bringing them supper. ;)

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This year’s winter has been unusually warm. Our grass is greener and taller now than it has been in a year. So…we were thrilled to get 1 1/2” of snow the other week! It pretty much all melted by the afternoon…but we enjoyed it while it lasted.

The four youngest.

Benjamin workin’ on a snowman. One of our beehives.
In the process of being made.The bee hive.

Maggie had fun with the car windows. :)
Smile!The tireswing.

 Calli loves snow.                       Charity’s snow heart.

Twins forever. :)
Maggie and I

Benjamin with his cute snowman.
Finished Steps

We have LOTS of different kinds of flowers popping up in the yard.Pansy

Have a blessed day!

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New Family Pictures!


Random pose

Family…the most precious relationships on earth!

Our family has undergone significant changes in the last 10 years.

We don’t have “little kids” anymore. Half of us are teenagers. In about 5 months, half of us will be in our twenties. Benj is the only one left shorter than Mom. :) Deep talks into the wee hours of the morning are not unusual. When a subject is broached, opinions start flying! We can’t seem to find the balance in communication – either someone gets the memo 5 times in a row, or they miss it altogether and have no idea what’s going on. Dozens of inside family jokes keep us laughing. =D With 6 licensed drivers and 5 vehicles, somebody is always going somewhere. The idea of everyone riding in the same vehicle is nearly extinct. Common topics of conversation include job opportunities, the family schedule, places we would like to go, our country, and family changes that will most likely happen in the next 5-10 years. ;)

The change in family dynamics from the days of toddlers, high chairs, early bedtimes, and various levels of height for the family picture still surprises us sometimes. We’ll all sit down at the supper table, and Mom will exclaim, “Honey, look at all these BIG people sitting at our table!!”

Having eight young adults in the house makes for an exciting life! Life is more complicated, adventurous, dramatic, emotional, and meaningful as we grow to realize how precious these relationships are. What an amazing journey as we grow up together, witness the Lord drawing each one to Himself, and see them grab a hold of the reality of Christ, the Gospel, and Eternity for themselves!

This is a special season in our lives. The incredible opportunity lies before us TODAY to listen to each other, speak an encouraging word, ask in sincerity “how are you really doing?”, spend quality time together, and work on strengthening the weak places in our relationships. We have a long way to go in some areas. May we seize this small, priceless window of time to let God deepen our love and unity!

Every family – including yours – is jam-packed with opportunities for eternal impact as God works IN us and THROUGH us!

All that to say…we have updated our Meet the Family page! Thanks to Chad Paine for taking pictures for us while we were up at Northwoods! We’re saving our favorite to go with our annual Christmas update. :)

The Girls

Twins forever

Sisters are incredible blessings!

The Guys

The Fam

Now, go love the family God has given YOU!!

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Youngest and Oldest


The family was standing around the kitchen one evening getting ready to eat when someone asked if Carinna was taller than Hannah. (They were standing next to one another.) Dad went and got the level and said, “Yup! Look at the bubble. About half an inch!” Carinna has now passed Hannah in height! Wow! The youngest daughter is now the tallest daughter.  

Notice the bubble in the level.

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