What Do You Do When…


…you and Benjamin are the only kids at home???

You build a snowman of course! =)















We’ll save the best picture for last. Winking smile Before we get to that, here are a few pictures from the good ol days.

Dad and 2 of his siblings. He is the one right in front of the snowman.
This was back when we lived in Arkansas. =)

8 ft snowman
This is the biggest snowman we’ve ever built, it was about 8 foot tall! =)

So CUTE!!! =) Yeah, he’s grown up a little since then.

Ok, now back to 2014, wait for it…!!!
Ya’ll have a great day!!! =D =D =D

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When it looks like this OUTside it sure makes me feel cozy staying INside! =) It’s pretty unusual for us to get this kind of weather in December and I LOVE it!!!

Yummy food to warm up the insides! =)

The curly kids on Thanksgiving day. =) We all went up to Granny’s house this year.

J-C is keeping really busy and is thankful for the work. He is currently helping on a documentary called “Wait Till It’s Free”. And yes, that is a picture of him interviewing THE Ron Paul. =)

Caleb and Charity enjoyed attending Kimray’s Christmas banquet together last night. Don’t they look like they’re having fun?! =)

Yeah about that mistletoe…some in our family don’t need it for an excuse,others may take advantage of it, and some of us…avoid it! =)

Happy Winter-time!!! =)

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Life at the B’s house


Happy sewing mom!

Mom has taken the initiative to tackle the big project of making almost all of the bridesmaid dresses for the upcoming wedding. She is doing a fantastic job, I don’t know what we would do without her skill. Thanks mom!

nice. ;)

Charity’s practice dress for the wedding. Thankfully the REAL dress will all be in a solid beautiful blue. ;D

Quail huntin' with Granddad AND Granny!!!

The twins enjoyed spending a week up at Granny and Granddad’s farm this month. They went hunting, hauled hay, fished, and had a great time!

Hauling hayCan't beat mexican food! :)

A special night out to eat with Daddy.

Can't beat chinese food! :)

One of my very favorite things in the whole world is to be all together with my family, and that is exactly what we got to do for Valentines Day…once we figured out half the family was at a different restaurant and got that slight problem fixed. =)

Addressing invitaions...

Time to send out a bunch of wedding invitations!

One happy girl :)

Let it snow, let it snow , LET IT SNOW!

This has been a rare sight for these Okies this winter. Yay for snow! =)

Family fun night

Well I know this was a pretty random post with a lot of random pictures, but hopefully you enjoyed a taste of February at the Burnett home. =)

May the Lord continue to reveal Himself to you and overflow you with His amazing love. God be with each one of you!

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Christmas in Review :)


Hannah’s piano studio, recital.

Caroling is a fun Christmas tradition. Sometimes I think we are just as blessed (if not more) by it, than the people we sing to. =)

Hannah did a great job organizing our annual church’s Christmas pageant.

Celebrating at Granny’s house: This year our aunt had the fabulous idea to have a dessert bakeoff! Several of us girls enjoyed searching for and making a special recipe. J-C was privileged to be one of the four judges. I’m surprised they were still able to eat lunch after tasting all those desserts. =)

Look who won the bake-off!! Charity beat everyone with her “ Cup of Hot Chocolate Cupcakes”. Way to go sis!

Christmas at Grandpa and Grandma’s house: As Dad mentioned in our Christmas letter post, Grandma has cancer. Right now she is in the middle of getting radiation treatments 5 days a week, but I’m so grateful she’s feeling so much stronger.

…two love birds…

An exciting newer event for our church has been a formal candle-light service on Christmas Eve. It was a very enjoyable evening filled with lovely carols.

We broke a record in the Burnett house-hold this year…we were home all day on Christmas! …I could…get used to it! =) AND…much to my delight, God sent us snow on Christmas DAY! …I could definitely get used to that!!!

Love spending time with the big bros. =)

…two more love birds… =)

Mom whipped up another one of her famous Christmas teas for us. The food was excellent and fellowship priceless.

I just felt SO blessed this year to have my whole family under one roof (a new one at that =), and grateful because we know Jesus and have Hope.

We serve one amazing GOD who, created the universe, breathed the stars into being, holds us together, and gives us each breath we take. Yet, even though He does all these amazing things, He chose to humble himself, reveal God’s love to us, offer up His own life to bear our sins on the cross and free us from sin and a life consumed with ourselves (which doesn’t satisfy), and give us purpose-filled abundant life. I encourage you to take some time, and if you are saved, think about where you’d be and what your life would be like without God’s amazing love and grace…then take some time and give thanks to Him for Who He is and what He’s given. To God be the glory great things He hath done!

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This is a very…shall we say ‘RARE’ temperature for this part of the country! With wind chills in the negatives! BRRRR!

Maggie and Calli




Cousin Mat, Charity, and Abbie

Cousin Mat, Charity, and Abbie enjoying the snow. :)


We have a very fun tradition of being pulled behind the tractor on a sled–when it snows enough. *smirk* Here’s Maggie BEFORE she went.


……Maggie on her ride


…and Maggie afterwards. Brrr again. :)




Carinna, Abbie, and Hannah

The on-lookers.


We decided the wheel-barrow worked better than a sled.


8 seconds, Hannah, ride it for 8 seconds!!!


It was pretty dandy having our cousin pull the sled with his 4-wheel drive truck!

beans and cornbread

After it was over, we came back to the house and consumed beans, and cornbread. Yum.


Doesn’t he look cozy?!

snow ice-cream

Snow ice cream!!! It had been so long since we’ve made this. Hint…it tastes even better with Chocolate syrup and Peanut Butter. :)




The ice cream is the closest mom has gotten to this snow. =)

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