Two Are Better Than One…


Happy 19th birthday Maggie and Carinna!!!

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Happy Birthday girls!!! Each of you has such a special place in our family. We are grateful for the initiative, servants’ heart, and joy you show around the house and to those you come in contact with. We love you very much and look forward to seeing you continue to grow in the LORD this next year!

Feel free to leave an encouraging note for the twins in the comments below!  =)

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All Under One Roof for a Weekend!



This weekend was half celebration and half good-byes. Smiles and tears.
Our WHOLE family was together for the twins’ birthday so we made the most of it and went swimming, shot skeet, played games, sibling talks and held little Evan!
The good-byes were because Hannah, Dustin and Evan are moving back to MN temporarily. Kind of a test move for them, but they are planning on coming back the beginning of December sometime. We are excited for them…but at the same time it’s so hard to see them leave.
So here’s lots of pictures from our time together. We had so much fun =)

Our group picture kept getting bigger! =)

Caleb ran the slinger for us and would shoot the clay pigeons we missed! He’s just that good!


For 7min. Maggie is older than Carinna and LOVES to rub it in! Just because she can.

Part of the swimming group.

Lots of nephew, son, grandson and great-grandson lovin!! He’s a sweet, cuddly, smiley baby.

We had a great conversation!

Make memories. Family is a treasure.

“For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”
Rom 8:38-39

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18 TODAY!!!


photo 3(4)


Maggie is looking forward to getting her braces off pretty soon =)

DSC_0158Carinna and Maggie

Both girls have their drivers permits and are working towards getting their licenses

Carinnacarinna smiley faceCarinna and Caleb

Carinna spends a lot of her time working with Granddad =)

img_0003carinna and maggieDSC_0459DSC_0442dsc_0175

A book that has influenced Maggie this past year, and one that she would recommend is: “Mornings With Tozer” –A.W. Tozer

A book that has influenced Carinna this past year, and one that she would recommend is: “Shadow of the Almighty:The Life and Testament of Jim Elliot” –Elisabeth Elliot

Happy happy birthday ladies! =) Life definitely wouldn’t be the same without you! We are so thankful for you both and the joy you add to our family. =)

P.S. Dear readers, please feel free to drop the twins an encouraging comment. We LOVE to hear from ya’ll! =)

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Double the Fun!


Family at Hill's Farm

Guess whose birthdays are today?! =)


A few random facts about the twins : )

Their birthplace is Nashville, TN

Big Sandy

Carinna sings soprano and Maggie sings alto 

Family at Hill's Farm

Maggie is older than Carinna by 7 minutes


Carinna has always been taller than Maggie

Carinna, Maggie

When they were babies mom had all of Maggie’s things (clothes, blankets, sippy cups…) in purple and Carinna’s things in pink. To this day those remain their favorite colors. =)


Maggie plays the mandolin and piano. She’s even been rotating with Hannah as our church pianist every other week and she does a great job!


Carinna also plays piano and is teaching herself guitar

maggie and carinna

You wouldn’t know by this picture, but both girls love to hunt!


Maggie eagerly tries new weird food…like mussel at Chinese restaurants =)


Carinna on the other hand is more of a steak and potato type girl =)Granddad, Maggie, CArinna

Both girls are hoping to get their drivers permits very soon…

Mt. Scott, Maggie

Maggie is a people person and easily makes friends


Carinna really enjoys working with animals and has done an excellent job training our dog, Calli!

Maggie, Carinna, Dianna

Both girls are excellent artists and have even sold some of their drawings. Maggie does more sketchy, cartoon, cute pictures and Carinna’s are very detailed and true to life type.


Maggie takes after mom in that she loves to thrift store shop!

Carinna and Johnny

Carinna enjoys working alongside and assisting Dad and Granddad on their projects

Maggie and Carinna

A few personality traits:

Maggie – caring, friendly, enthusiastic, spunky, ornery, and adventurous

Carinna – creative, organized, scheduled, detailed, confident, and competitive

Happy birthday ladies! What a treasure you are in our family. It is very exciting to see a lot of spiritual growth and hunger for God in you both this past year of your life. May He reveal Himself to you as you seek Him with an undivided heart.

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At the farm


Hey, everyone! This past week, us three youngest got to spend a week at our grandparents’ farm. We got to bale and stack hay, go fishin’, ride horses, romp in a creek bed… -just to mention a few things we did- … doesn’t get much better than that! And I should warn you, a farm is photography paradise for me!


fixin' things 
Carinna fixing the motorcycle with Granddad…

riding the 90   Benj, riding the honda express 
…so we can all ride them. =)

Granny sweeping the sidewalk.

pretty! Rusty and Cowboy
My Granddad’s new renter has two horses that are staying on the farm, and we are enjoying them immensely!

me with the horses me with the horsesme with the horses
Me with Rusty and Cowboy. =)

G-dad making malts! 
Granddad makes the best malts- I’ve never tasted one that beat his!

 Carinna in the barn 
Carinna in the barn- It’s one of the best places to hang out and think! 

_dsc0440-1 _dsc0462 
Riding Rusty (sounds like a book doesn’t it? =)

Pretty horse, huh?!

Rusty was so much fun to ride, you kinda had to work him, because if you gave him to much rein, he’d try to run, so you had to hold him back, and sometimes he didn’t like it! =)

the three youngn's 
Us three youngin’s! We sure had fun!

BTW= you can always count on a horse to laugh at your dumb jokes! :P

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